So what do you think?

Did anyone see the show NFL 32 Monday? If not, I will fill you in.

It seems there is quite a bit going on in Miami's locker room. According to NFL 32 there was a wide range of emotions behind closed doors after the Browns game. It was reported that Karlos Dansby was going off yelling (they didn't say at who or what it was about) and Reggie Bush was sitting at his locker talking calmly about the game. Reggie Bush also chirped to the Media that the team hasn't been having very good practices leading up to the games.

I can understand why Dansby was upset, what I don't understand is why Bush wasn't as upset as Dansby, and why Reggie would say something about the practices to the media. I'm not sure if any of that locker room stuff means a thing come game day. In today's world in the NFL does it mean anything if there is a rift in the locker room? I am not saying that there is because I don't know.

When the team looks to have more talent than in the past few years, and they start the season off with 3 losses. It seems to me something is wrong somewhere. If it were something as simple as players not getting along wouldn't they be able to fix that?