We Need to Show Our Support as Miami Dolphins Fans

One thing that has stayed pretty consistent during these past few seasons is a large portion of the Miami Dolphins fan base has been negative and unsupportive of their team, which we can't have. We need to support our team, and show them that we believe in them instead of acting like they don't deserve us.

Fans are obviously going to be passionate. I'm not saying don't be passionate about your team. Is it fine to get mad at specific players or the team as a whole for making mistakes? Sure it is, but you need to continue supporting them. The players need our support. Insulting them on twitter or however else you can contact them doesn't help any. Most other teams in the NFL have great fans that support them. Why can't we have it like that in Miami?

I'm not going to lie. I wasn't exactly too supportive during the beginning of this past offseason. My main disagreements were the hiring Brian Daboll and passing up of Ryan Mallett in the NFL Draft. I just assumed that those moves were only going to hurt the team, but that's the thing. I was wrong and they weren't. Bringing in Daboll has been great for the offense and Chad Henne looks like the quarterback we all hoped he could be last year, so we don't need Mallett.

I am not an NFL coach, scout, or general manager, and I am assuming that most of you aren't either. I am a blogger that likes to talk about my team and discuss whatever they do. I don't have any actual connections with the Miami Dolphins. Most of you are fans that are just as passionate as me and want to talk about your team as well. So, unless we are being paid to do the jobs of the people we talk down to, we should be supportive of what they do and assume that they are doing what is best for the team, because they know infinitely more than us about everything that goes on.

Do coaches, scouts, and general managers get it right every time? Of course not, but I am willing to bet that they would get it right more often than any of us. Some of us may really know football, but I doubt that any of us are as good as the men being paid by NFL teams. These guys are the best in the world. They'll make mistakes, but their chances of making mistakes are much lower than anyone else's chances.

So, I am calling you guys to join me in supporting our team, not putting them down. We have a great team, they just need our support. Our offense is playing really, really well, and our defense is much better than they showed against New England. What's not to like?

We have a great chance to make the playoffs this year. Just look at the schedule that I have a link to at the top of the page. I can see a lot of games that we have a great chance of winning, and we have a good shot at winning the rest. If the Dolphins defense can play like they did last year, then Miami can play against anyone else in the league. Miami's defense had one of its worst defensive performances in probably the history of the team and they still only lost to arguably the most efficient offense in the NFL by two touchdowns. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound too bad.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. I am going to be going down to Miami this weekend to watch the Dolphins against the Texans, so I can't guarantee that I will be able to post every day, but I will do my best.