What Is Wrong With This Miami Dolphins Team?

No matter what, the Miami Dolphins always find a way to lose.

It doesn't matter if they are playing the New England Patriots and allow Tom Brady to throw for over 500 yards. It doesn't matter if they are playing the Houston Texans and give away a very winnable game. It doesn't even matter if they play a team that they should clearly be better than in the Cleveland Browns.

No, it doesn't matter because there is a good chance that the Dolphins are going to find a way to lose.

What I'm having trouble with is the fact that I can't really pinpoint the problem with this team. There are so many different problems that there isn't one that I can really blame the loss on. Should I blame this loss on our spotty defense? Our inability to score touchdowns in the red zone? Our missed and blocked field goals? Our coaches pure delight when we have to settle for field goals? Our lack of any sort of killer instinct that puts teams away? Our costly fumbles by both backs? Our inability to force turnovers? Our inability to just win no matter the cost and no matter the method? This team's apparent lack of passion and desire? This team's inability to put together a complete game?

I mean, it is just ridiculous. I hate to say this because I like Tony Sparano, but I just don't think that he is cut out to coach this team. The Dolphins are going to keep him for at least this week, but beyond that is questionable. I believe that he and Jeff Ireland need to go. I don't feel like a lot of our players are the problem. I actually think that we are a very talented team. We just need better leadership.

I really hate talking like this three weeks into the season, but I can't help but feel like it is already over.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. Am I right that this season is pretty much over or not?

Suck for Luck anyone?

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