With The NFL Season A Week Away, What Will The Miami Dolphins Be Able To Accomplish?

I have held off of making predictions so far this offseason, because I wanted us all to see what the Miami Dolphins really looked like. Now that we have a good idea of what they can do, I want to make some predictions.

In these predictions I want you guys to say what record you think Miami will have, what players will do especially well, and whatever else you would like to predict that is notable. Here are my predictions so you can have some sort of idea of what I am talking about:

I believe that the Miami Dolphins will go 10-6.

Chad Henne has shown control over his team, and quarterbacks with the control that he has always do better. He has also made some nice passes that he would have never made last season and his development this offseason has been nothing short of spectacular. Every aspect of his game has improved.

With that improved quarterback we have a dynamic running back, an extremely underrated receiving corps, one of the best defenses in the NFL, and a manageable schedule. Here is a list of some games that the Dolphins should win with relative ease:

  • Week 3 at Cleveland
  • Week 7 against Denver
  • Week 9 at Kansas City
  • Week 10 against Washington
  • Week 11 against Buffalo
  • Week 13 against Oakland
  • Week 15 at Buffalo
That is seven games right there that the Dolphins should win. All they have to do to reach 10-6 is win three out of the other nine games against New England (x2), Houston, San Diego, NY Jets (x2), NY Giants, Dallas, and Philadelphia. If Miami can beat the Patriots and Jets once each, then all they have to do is beat the Texans, Chargers, Cowboys, or Eagles once.

I like those chances. 10-6 is a very real possibility thanks to our new and improved QB and our schedule.

The players that I think will do the best are the ones that you would expect. I think Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall will both excel because of the connection that they have made. I think Reggie Bush will be a top playmaker this season. He will be a focal point of the offense, and I am excited to see what he can do.

On defense I think that both Vontae Davis and Sean Smith will be considered for the Pro Bowl and one of them will make it. Their names will become household names like Darrelle Revis, and then people will begin to respect Miami's defense more.

Overall, I think that things are looking good for the Miami Dolphins this season. Hopefully I am somewhat right.

Thanks for reading, now give me your predictions.