Without a QB The Dolphins will Continue to Lose

I don’t usually write in the first person because it is not an analysis of the facts, it is an emotional dissertation of one’s feelings. These are my feelings after watching the Dolphins play against the Texans. Emotion or lack there of, is the reason Miami lost this game. The team came out flat again, the coaches were unable to get this team fired up yet again.

Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland did nothing with the QB position in the off-season. They decided to live or die with Chad Henne and now, they will be looking for jobs. I refrained from criticizing Henne because QBs take several years to understand the nuances of the NFL game. I refrained from criticizing Sparano because NFL coaches are only as good as their QB. Well, the Dolphins chose Henne and it is too late now to realize he will never be a great NFL QB.

The Dolphins drove the ball up and down the field only to fall victim of a QB who could not come off his primary receiver in the most critical area of the field. Henne made plays, the coach will come out and defend Henne, and what else can he do, but the bumbled field goals should never have happened. Henne threw uncatchable passes, he locked on to receivers instead of making a progression, and he allowed himself to be sacked in the redzone.

The redzone is where great QBs make a living, sorry, that’s just the way it is. Great QBs find a way to get the ball to the open guy and Chad Henne is not a great QB. He never will be. I have spent three years hoping Henne would learn, but there is no learning how to win. Winners find a way to get the ball in the endzone. I don’t care about arm strength, I don’t care about talent, it’s about the will to win and Henne does not have it. It is not going to happen and shame on Sparano for not recognizing his NFL head coaching life was tied at the hip with the QB he selected.

Houston is one of the top offenses in the NFL and they are going to score points. Being relegated to lame field goals game after game simply leads to losing. I don’t see this changing; I don’t see some miraculous change in a QB who cannot get the ball in the endzone. It all points to a team that will be no better than 500, and never will be until they can score touchdowns.

I consider myself one of the true diehard Dolphin fans and I’ll continue with the misery of being one, but I will not do so in silence. Tony Sparano made the choice of sticking with Henne and now he must pay the price. The problem is, there is no other option and we, as Dolphin fans can only wait once again, for next year. Wait for a new coach, a new QB, knowing change only leads to more waiting… I miss you Don Shula.