2012 Miami Dolphin Quarterbacks battle for the honor!!

Hello All,
Lil-Bit of must view Fin-fo for all my fellow FIN-addicts!!
Saturday night on ABC at 8 pm est!!

For those interested in witnessing productive quarterback play from the next Miami Dolphin Quarterback along with a face of the franchise well into the 2020's preview..

The practically guaranteed(one way or the other)2012 Miami Dolphin Quarterback in Stanfords Andrew Luck and USC's Matt Barkley are going head to head with an inner-state rivalry Pac 12 match up between 7-0 Stanford at 6-1 USC's Los Angeles Coliseum..

With being a Northern Californian in the Bay area surrounding the Stanford campus for 25 years of my life between 74-99, and Ca teams having been my second favorites throughout life.. I'm very familiar with both teams while I don't wanna bore'ya with details seeing that realistically most Fin-fans will (rightfully so in this case) have tunnel-vision to only the QB play.. I'll simply suggest that Stanfords a much better team, but it should be a classic battle and an extremely exciting opportunity for all Dolphin fans to get a glimpse into our future!!
I believe that one of these two Quarterbacks will bring to Miami in 2012 what you'll see in this high profile, ever important Big Game, no-matter who the owner, GM, Head coach, or where we pick in the 2012 draft!!

IMHO, I don't think we can go wrong with either prospect though we all know that ALuck is the ultimate and likely better than Peyton Manning was at the same point in time.. However,(seeing that Dan Marino at pick 27 ended-up being far better than the number one pick of John Elway in 1983, and Aaron Rodgers at pick 27 is far better than the number one pick of Alex Smith in 2005).. Do yourselves a favor and learn to appreciate what Matt Barkley is capable of while giving him an open-minded chance to win-over your hearts..(While hoping for the best,you have to prepare for the possibility and acceptance of not quite the best), because Indy is really bad and hasn't even come close to victory while we could'a, should'a, would'a possibly had at least a few victories..How awesome would 3-3 be?? We'd practically be on top of a world!!

Luck and Barkley's stats within the same conference are equally impressive for the most part!!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll all be watching with the excitement and anticipation of a college fan base, ENJOY the game and what's "practically guaranteed" to be THE 2012 MIAMI DOLPHIN QUARTERBACK!!

Must see TV for one and all Miami Dolphin fans!!
Saturday night on ABC at 8 pm est!!