4 Years Later

4 years ago the Dolphins were a very bad team weren't they ? So I am going to make a few comparisons. First off will be the coaching and front office personnel. It is easy to see that Tony Sparano is better than Cam Cameron, but not by much. Randy Mueller I would say was better than Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells together. The team that Randy and Cam put together was mostly Sabin's players. Randy was in the process of dumping the baggage and making cap space for the future. When the trifecta came on board they had a clean slate and no cap issues to work with. They have no excuses for what has happened to this team, this entire mess is of their doing.

The scouting department is practically the same, there have been 2 changes to personnel and one of the scouts was promoted to the top spot from within.

Cams coaching staff was a joke, and what we have at this time is no better. Our QBs were Cleo Lemmon and John Beck for the most part. I think Chad Henne is better than either of them, but Matt Moore !! is not. Running backs at that time were R and R, not much of a difference in what we have today in Bush, Thomas, Slaton, and Hilliard. WR, were Camarillo and Ginn from what I remember, but Marshall, Hartline, and Bess, haven't lit the world on fire either. The O-Line had 2 players Hadnot and Satalie (spelling), at this time we have Long, Pouncey, and Incognito. With Long hurt this line is no better than they were.

On Defence I can't remember a single player on the D-Line from that team oh wait JT was a DE, and the way these guys are playing today I don't want to remember a single player. The LBs were for the most part Thomas, and Thomas again, today we have Misi, Burnett, Dansby, and Wake, all of which are under performing. The CBs again my memory fails me for that team, the only thing I can say about this group is I wish I could forget who they are. For Safety we had Bell and ?, and today we have Bell and ?

So, 4 years later here we sit at 0 for the year, the same as that team was. Search your memory banks and then tell me we are any better this year than at that time ? 4 years and very little has been fixed. Every problem that plagued that team Plagues this team as well. Awful player evaluation, inept coaching, poor execution, no QB, no play makers, and no leadership any where either on the field, sidelines, or front office. So what has changed ?