Game recap

I don't exactly know what to say about that game. If I were going recap the game with one sentence I would say. Think back to the play of Brandon Marshall and I think that will say it all. Didn't it seem the entire team played as he did ?

Yes there were some glimpses of good play ( not hope ). Jake seemed to me to play a bit better this week, not great but better. Hey at this time I'll take what ever I can get !! That was about all I can say good about the offensive line. There was a Reggie Bush sighting he actually caught a few balls had one nice run, and fumbled a time or two. The passing game !! Well what is there to say about that. Matt honed in on Brandumb Marshall like I do when I go fishing for Pompano. Why look for any other fish when Pompano is what I want. Did Bess ever get targeted, or Fasano ? That was simply an awfully offensive game plan. Daboll is trying to rectify that mistake of having been the 30th ranked offence in the league last year, and figured he can put the Dolphins at rock bottom. Matt Moore ? Matt Moore ? need I say more ? Which brings me back to Marshall. If people are going to go after someone this week with a tongue lashing this guy served his own head up on a platter. For now I will leave him up to you guys.

The defence. They quit on the team, or at least it seemed to me that they did. The defensive line was offensive, the linebackers although the inside guys played a little better this week the OLB did a vanishing act, Misi made a few plays. Mark Sanchez would have been in big trouble if the Dolphins could have put any pressure on him at all. Unfortunately the DL was wearing Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility. ( The damn thing works !!! ) The defensive backs didn't look to bad, I think Davis being back helped then a little. I have one tip for Sean Smith. Please locate Brandon Marshall, and then find some Pop Warner coach that can teach both of you the fundamentals of catching a football. I think that covers it. I will leave you on a high note !!!

Brandon Shields should be going to the Pro Bowl...