Gator Day in Miami... Stupid

The Great Gods of football are laughing at the Miami Dolphins… They are sitting up on Mount Lombardi with a divining rod directing Matt Moore’s pass to hit Revis between the numbers. The snakes of Kenny Stabler (Medusa) willing the words from Marshall’s “heads” out of his mouth. There is no way to make this stuff up.

Gator day in Miami, with Tim Tebow making his first start of the season, explain that? It’s like a steamroller coming down Mount Lombardi with no brakes, aiming straight at the Dolphins. Is it the curse of Joe Robbie? Is George Halas twisting pins in his aqua and orange voodoo doll? Maybe beating Buffalo 20 times in a row set off an epic chain of karma that can only be broken by complete humiliation.

The worst team in the NFL is dedicating a game to a college team from 3 years ago. The QB from that team walking into a starting role in the Dolphins own stadium. The Hurricane team not being celebrated plays its home games in that very stadium and is a rival. The Gators are farther from Miami than Tampa, the next celebration will be for the Bucs Superbowl victory 10 years ago!

It’s like Darrell, Darrell and Darrell, stupid, stupider and stupidest… The assumption is that people with billions of dollars must somehow be smarter than the rest of us, but as Forest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Real Dolphin fans can only throw their hands up and lament how far this franchise has fallen. The prospect of making short-term money is worth alienating every local fan that ever walked through those turnstiles. There is no way to make this stuff up. It can only come from pure stupidity.