Jeff Ireland is the Worst GM in the NFL

Jeff Ireland’s FAs and trades have set the Miami Dolphins back 5 years. The Dolphins will fire Tony Sparano, but Ireland should feel the wrath of Miami fans. The game against the Chargers highlighted Ireland’s gaffs. Kevin Burnett may as well not be on the field. Brandon Marshall dropped every critical pass thrown his way. Reggie Bush did nothing and the Dolphins lost again.

Ireland’s acorns are mere saplings, without one true playmaker in the bunch. Mark Columbo needs a cape like a matador waving OlĂ© as rushers stream past. Needing to find a QB he left us, not only with Matt Moore, but without a 3rd team QB at all! When other teams groom QBs Miami can’t even field a 3rd string player. Jason Taylor was a great pick-up having all of zero sacks in 4 games.

Miami needs to run Jeff Ireland out of town with a crowd of pitchforks chasing him. He is the worst GM in the NFL. He has not signed one playmaker in 4 years, how long does it take to realize the guy is way over his head. Every team in NFL has at least one go-to player, but Ireland is incapable of finding that kind of talent.

Dez Bryant is making circus catches in Dallas and Ireland asks him if his mother is a hooker? Ireland is a joke and Sparano is just a goat paying for Ireland's complete incompetence. Bill Parcells thought this guy was good enough for this job? Parcells is a belligerent jerk, and Ireland was the one person willing to kiss his butt long enough to land a sweet job he is not qualified for.

Every fan in Miami should be looking at the real reason Miami is not playing up to expectations. The reason is because Ireland has not sign one player who can make a difference in 4 years!

4 years Mr. Ireland!

He should not be given one more day. Let Sparano finish the season but do the right thing and fire Ireland today.