Miami Continues to Find Ways to Lose!

Hello Dol-Fans!

In yet another epic collapse by our beloved Miami Dolphins, the Coaching Staff is left to pick up the pieces.

I have to wonder why? Why is our team able to lead through three quarters, then lose at the end of games? Why is the play calling so obvious, predictable, and “vanilla?” Why aren’t they employing new strategies to find ways to win instead of lose?

I realize these are deep questions for a Monday however, they’re all fair and honest questions that deserve quality attention and answers. Coincidentally, they all have the same answer; lack of genuine leadership. From the GM down to the individual player, there is no true leadership.

Coach Sparano is clearly out of ideas and vision. He can’t even dial-up a good “gimmick play” to throw opposition off. DC Mike Nolan is failing to change up the Defense late in games, allowing opposing Offenses to adjust at Half Time and win late. OC Brian Daboll has yet to call a complete Offensive game, and utilize his players effectively to their strengths. Finally the players… they’re so out of touch and confused, you could line-up any quality College team in front of them, and they’ll still find a way to lose!

Yes, we’ve finally hit “panic” in South Beach, and it’s time for drastic changes. Are you listening Mr. Ross? We have roughly one “winnable” game remaining on the schedule this season next Sunday (vs. Kansas City), otherwise we’ll (Dolphin Nation) will be in a neck and neck race with Indianapolis in the “Andrew Luck Sweepstakes” come April.