Miami Dolphin Fans Suck

Judging from my own inequities, I have no right writing this, but at some point, things need alliterating.

Miami Dolphin fans suck!

There’s nothing to hide, we are all guilty of the same transgressions. We place our foolish opinions above the team we profess to live and die by. The negativity has been oppressive and yet we wonder why our team is oppressive.

We’ve dissed Chad Henne, destroyed Tony Sparano, called out Jeff Ireland, hung Steven Ross out and prophesied our own demise. We’re so jaded, the players have begun to look at each other and wonder who’s in and who’s out. We are insistent on finding blame. We look to see which half is empty and we attack it with such vehemence the half-full gets caught up in the whirl down the drain.

We are the problem.

Think about it… Is Mark Sanchez any better than Chad Henne? Have we beaten the Patriots with many of the players still on this team?

Can a community make a team better, and conversely, can a community make a team worse?

Polarization: When two factions, so intent on being right, forego the common good to prove one side is more right than the other...

The fans, the media, the bloggers (me) are unwilling to exemplify the good when it is so much easier to exemplify the bad. It’s as though we expect our heroes to drag us out of a hole we are not willing built a ladder for ourselves.

Our own misery pulling our team into the pit with us…

Enough already!!!


Can we think positive and not revert to doom and gloom at the first sign of adversity. I understand, we’re at the height of adversity, but maybe now is the time fans start building a ladder out of the hole. Maybe it’s time that we realize, our words can hurt like the plunge of a stinger and yet, our pollen can make honey…

We are as culpable for our team’s success as the organization is because we are all part of the same community. We can choose to lament our failures in quiet resolution or we can use our failures to perpetuate our fall. No owner, no player, no coach can make as much impact on a winning attitude as the community standing behind them.

Stand up you negative bastards!

Throw your karma in the ring; the only part of it you have control over is being positive or negative. It’s a game; why not use your collect will to hope for victory instead of guaranteeing defeat.

Bring it… All you talkers… Bring it… I’m a fool… I still believe…

Bring it!