Must Win for Tony Sparano

I believe this is a pivotal game for Tony Sparano and the Miami Dolphins. The Jets - Dolphins rivalry stirs up Miami fans more than any other game on Miami’s schedule. The Bills and the Patriots games are important but Miami fans hate the Jets.

I remember Miami losing to the Jets in Joe Robbie stadium during the Marino era. At the end of the 3rd quarter and I had to relieve myself. It was one of those games where the Miami defense made Ken O’Brien look like a world-beater even with Marino throwing for some ungodly numbers. The lines were about 10 deep and this obnoxious Jets fan (are there any worse?) started mouthing off. He was talking so much smack the guy in front him, told him to STFU or he would kick his ass. The Jet fan continued and without warning, the guy in front of him decked him. Hit him in the mouth as hard as I have ever seen a man hit.

The idiot Jet fan went down like a sack of potatoes and the men in the bathroom went crazy. They kicked him, punched him, just beat this jerk to a pulp. I didn’t participate because I was blocked out by the main mass, but I often think I would have taken a shot if I could have gotten close enough. It’s not something I’m proud of but it illustrates the pure hatred Miami fans have for the Jets.

This is the passion Tony Sparano and the Dolphins must understand when playing this game. Miami fans are generally docile and used to fans from other teams being around them in the stadium. The Jets are a different story, fights breakout in the stands every time the teams play in Miami. This game is in New York so none of that will happen but the passion of the Miami fans watching will not change.

If the Dolphins do not show up for this game, I believe Miami fans will be calling for Sparano’s head. If the Dolphins cannot show passion against the Jets, they do not belong in the NFL. Miami has been going through the motions on the field this season and it is time to get out of the funk and play this game as if it is their last. Losing badly could mean just that, because Miami fans will question the heart of every player.

I’m calling out the Miami Dolphins, if you have any heart, if you have any will to win, then show up for this game. There are no excuses for not playing hard. Play this game for us, your loyal fans who have followed you through thick and then. Beating the Jets can give us one reason to continue believing. All we ask is play with passion! Don’t give us lip service about being thrown out in the second quarter. Get on the field and show all of America there is still a heartbeat in Miami.