Should the Miami Dolphins "Suck For Luck"?

So by now I am sure that you have heard about "Suck for Luck." It is the somewhat funny, somewhat serious notion that an NFL team would allow their entire season to be thrown away in order to get the first overall pick in the NFL Draft and select Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

The movement is gaining ground among fans of losing teams, including the Miami Dolphins. Someone has even created a twitter account named @SuckForLuck that has started to pick up a lot of followers.
Suck for Luck?

What I want you guys to tell me is, do you "subscribe" to the Suck for Luck campaign, or do you believe that you should always win no matter what?

I have to say that Andrew Luck sounds like a great incentive for losing. He's predicted to be the next Peyton Manning after all. It is obvious that the Dolphins aren't going to the playoffs this year, so why not?

Well, I'll tell you why not. Losing on purpose takes away from the integrity of the Miami Dolphins and the NFL. You think the Dolphins season ticket holders are mad at their team now? Imagine how mad they would be if the team lost on purpose after they paid good money to go to the games? You would see a lot of fans in Miami permanently turned off from their team if that team started losing on purpose.

Is Andrew Luck going to be a great NFL quarterback? Most likely yes. He really could turn whatever team he goes to into a perennial playoff contender, but is it worth losing your real fans in the process of getting him? What you would be left with is a bunch of bandwagon fans who just like the Dolphins because they win.

So I say play it out. If the Dolphins are the worst team and end up with Luck, then good for them. At least they tried and didn't give up. If Miami doesn't get Luck there will be other quarterbacks that are more than capable. It isn't like Luck is our only chance to be a playoff contender again, and it isn't worth giving up the integrity of a team for him.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know your thoughts about Suck for Luck.

I am also going to have a Suck for Luck poll up on the right side of the page, so be sure to put in your vote.

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