Steve Ross Isn't Going To Make The Same Mistake Again

Yesterday, there were reports on that the Miami Dolphins had contacted Bill Cowher about the Dolphins Head Coaching job. I know we all remember the Jim Harbaugh crap last offseason, and I was afraid that Steve Ross was making the same mistake this time with Bill Cowher, especially when the news is coming from such a reliable source.

But, according to Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel, Ross said that the report was "Not true". Here is his full quote:
"Not true, I'm not going to reach out to anyone while Tony is the coach. I hope he wins and stays the coach. Neither I nor anyone involved with me has contacted Cowher, his agent, or anyone around him."
It's a good thing, too. No coach would want to come coach for the Dolphins if their boss has a habit of shopping for another coach to replace him while he is still working. Ross has obviously learned from his mistakes and isn't going to do anything until Tony has been let go.

If I had to make a prediction, though, I would say that Steve Ross hires Cowher to coach the Dolphins this offseason. He will let Tony finish out the season so he can hopefully get Andrew Luck, and then he will fire Sparano for Bill Cowher.

That's just what I think though. I obviously can't see into the future (or can I?)

By the way, if anyone wants to watch the Stanford-USC game tonight that can't I will have a link to a stream for you guys. I think they're showing it in Miami, but not in some other areas, so I will have it here as well as a live chat, just like if it were a Dolphins game.

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