Tim Tebow To Start Against Miami Dolphins

Tim Tebow has been named the Denver Broncos starter for their game against the Miami Dolphins in just over a week and a half.

Why is this important to us? Well, it could mean one of two things. It will either mean that Miami's defense will be able to hold the Broncos offense to minimal production and lead the Dolphins to a win (unlikely), or it will mean that Tim Tebow will lead Denver to a victory and gain even more support from his large fan base, thus embarrassing Miami even more (more likely).

The game against the Broncos isn't looking to good. Tebow will be making his first start of the season after an exciting second half last week, and on top of that it will be Gator day, in honor of the National Championship Florida Gators team that Tebow was QB for.

So, even though Denver isn't that great I am still expecting them to beat Miami.

That's all I've got for today. What do you think about Tebow coming to Miami?

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