Would you cheer for Tebow ?

If you were able to see this game. Would you cheer for Tebow when he stepped on the field this weekend ? I find repulsive to cheer for any player that isn't wearing the Miami Dolphins colors. That includes Wes Welker whom So. Florida fans still have a love affair with. Read what this guy had to say about Tebow.

" Former president of the Broward County Gator Club. "I don't want him to win, but if he makes some great plays it's worth the price of admission." "If someone's going to beat us, it might as well be him. We're getting kind of used to that around here."

We have gone around and around about loyal fans on this site, and most of the times I defend the fans that are fed up with the team, because I feel the same as they do. One thing you will never see me do is cheer for a player on the other team. This is one game I am glad I am not going to. Mostly because if I sat next to someone that attempted to stand up when Tebow entered the field, I would kick him in the knee caps.

You can chant suck for Luck as much as you want, you can hope the team loses for that reason. I don't like that, but I can live with that. What I can't deal with is someone praising or cheering for a player on the other team to score TDs and run all over the Dolphins defence, when they are wearing a Dolphin jersey or Dolphin gear.

So if you are one of those fans that cheer for the Dolphins, and this week you cheer for Tebow. Thank your lucky stars that I am not sitting next to you. Because one of us is leaving the game early on a stretcher.