Matt Moore is Making Miami Dolphin Fans Take Notice

The Dallas Cowboys eliminated the Dolphins from the playoffs on Thanksgiving, but there are reasons to remain optimistic or at least continue watching. Matt Moore is one of them, his QB rating is 87.8 and he’s thrown 8TDs and 5 INTs but since the start of November, he’s been one of the best QBs in the NFL.

In November, Moore completed 67% of his passes and threw 7 TDs with just 1 INT, his QB rating was 112.7 over the course of going 3 – 1. Moore had only one sub-par game against the Cowboys but even in that game he complete 59.4% of his passes, threw 1 TD and had a QB rating of 99. Maybe Dolphin fans should sit back and take notice, this guy could be the real deal.

His leadership has clearly been the difference in the resurgent Dolphins. Not since Dan Marino has Miami, had the pleasure of seeing a QB put up these kinds of numbers over the course of a month. While many still talk of drafting a QB, the Miami Dolphins need to find out exactly what they have in Matt Moore. It’s time for Dolphin fans to quit bitching and start watching.

The Dolphins have 5 more games left and it is vital to the future of the organization to make an accurate assessment of Moore. His play over the course of these games will determine the team’s strategy going forward and ultimately could save the jobs of the coaching staff and the GM. However, Moore has been here before and followed stellar play with a let down that found him out of Carolina following the 2010 season.

In the last 5 games of the 2009 season Moore threw 8 TDs and just 2 INTs with a 98.5 QB rating, leading the Panthers to a 4 – 1 record. The Panthers drafted Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd round of the 2010 draft. The Panthers started 2010 1 – 6 and Moore was benched after throwing 5 TDs and 10 picks with a dismal 55.6 QB rating. He would never suit up for the Panthers again as John Fox chose to go with Clausen. This is why it is imperative for the Dolphins to see where Moore leads them over the course of the final 5 games.

The Dallas game highlighted the weaknesses in Moore’s game that may have led to his problems in Carolina. There was no pressure on him when he finished the 2009 season and he played loose, making accurate throws. The pressure of being the starter in 2010 and having Clausen in the wings led to tentative play and a tendency to guide the ball instead of throwing it. The Dolphins were desperate to win in Tony Sparano’s return to Dallas, and Moore tightened up. He reverted to guiding the ball and threw numerous inaccurate passes behind open receivers.

The bad snap that ultimately led to the loss was one he would have gathered in, if he had been playing relaxed and confident. The Dolphins need to see if this performance is indicative of what to expect for the rest of the season and beyond, or will Moore return to playing at the level he showed prior to the Dallas game. At 3 – 8, there is no real pressure on the Dolphins, but Moore knows his play will be the barometer for where he goes from this point in his career.

If he leads the Dolphins to huge wins over division rivals New York and New England, he could cement his future as a legitimate NFL starter. If Miami falters back to the team that began the season 0 – 7, Moore’s future chances to start in the NFL will be gone. Moore will need to lead the team to at least a 3 – 2 record in the next 5 games to solidify an opportunity to return as the Miami starter. A better record and he could even change the way Miami approaches the 2012 draft.

The question for Miami fans is, what would you like to see happen? Would the fans prefer to see Moore wash out and leave the Dolphins with no choice but to draft a QB in the 1st round? Would you like to see Moore continue to play the way he has in November and lead to team to spoiler victories? If Moore continues to play well and Miami finishes the season strong, could it save Tony Sparano’s job? Is drafting a QB imperative even if Moore and Miami finish strong?

Taking a little closer look at the future gives Miami fans a reason to continue watching. It should be interesting to see the direction Moore’s career takes and the remaining 5 games will define that, not only for Matt Moore, but for the Miami Dolphins as well.

Random Thoughts

I think most of us know the season is over and once again all we have to talk about is the draft. Isn't that sickening to you ?

Tony is most likely gone, of course we are not sure of that but I don't see how they can keep him on. All one needs to do is look at the empty seats at home games. Based on those empty seats I think Ireland will be out the door along with Tony. My feeling is Boss Ross would like to keep Ireland on board, but those empty seats are talking to him and I think he will listen to them.

If Tony is let go I can see Norv Turner coming here. Oh please tell me that I am wrong.

I have seen some of you watching to see if Green Bay remains unbeaten. My thoughts are, does it really matter ? Many Moons ago the Dolphins went undefeated. That made them the second NFL team that went undefeated. The Chicago Bears did it before the Dolphins. The difference being that Bears team had one tie game that year. Which in turn made the Dolphin team that I had season tickets to, the only " Perfect Team " in the NFL.

My thoughts are, it doesn't matter if the Packers go undefeated. They can never beat perfect. Some thing that is perfect can never be taken away. No team can be any more than perfect, no matter how many games are played in a season. I actually wouldn't mind if some day some team had another perfect season. Maybe if another team did it, this team would lose the albatross that team has hung on this team so many years ago. So be my guest Green Bay and have your perfect season, if you can. For one season the Miami Dolphins were perfect, and you can't take that away even if you do that yourself.

Watch College Football QB Prospects Here

Hey guys. I figured that I should put up links to games with the top quarterbacks in college so you guys can study them and determine your favorites.

Here are the games.

Landry Jones - Oklahoma Sooners Noon

Kellen Moore - Boise St 2:00

Robert Griffin III - Baylor 7:00

Andrew Luck - Stanford 8:00

Matt Barkley - USC 10:00

Let me know if I forgot anyone

What do the Miami Dolphins Have in Matt Moore?

In his first game against real competition that I have really watched attempting to determine whether he is the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback of the future, all I can say is that I am still not quite sure about Matt Moore.

Moore played pretty well against Dallas, but he still made some big mistakes and wasn't able to put the game away late. He was behind on a few throws, and if he hadn't fumbled the snap that gave the Cowboys the ball in the first half then we might be talking about a 4-game win streak for the Dolphins instead.

I am pretty sure that the Dolphins will be drafting a quarterback in the first round to be their starter as opposed to drafting one and expecting him to compete with Moore. Matt Moore still has a good shot at winning the starting job next year, but I don't see it happening. He is a good quarterback, but not great. He may have been able to lead the Dolphins to three wins by a big margin in the last three weeks, but the teams he got those wins against currently have a combined 12-18 record this season.

I do not dislike Matt Moore. I think that he has been great for the Dolphins. He has been able to get the ball into the right hands, something I don't think that Chad Henne was really able to do well enough. I just don't see him as a franchise quarterback.

One thing that Moore was able to do pretty well was throw the ball deep. What I noticed, though, is that he was a little under on most of his throws, which caused a lot of jump balls. Thankfully, the Dolphins receivers were able to come out with the ball.

I want to know what you guys think about Moore. Do you see him as better than any of the other quarterback prospects?

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think.

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Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Matchup Live Chat

I'm not sure how many we will have today, but I will put the chat up any way. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all have a blessed day with family and friends.

Here is a link to the game.

Thanksgiving Day Preview: Dolphins at Cowboys

Canamdolphin has posted his latest game preview on Cold Hard Football Facts for the Miami Dolphins game against the Cowboys on Thursday.

Since there is no way to discuss his post on the other site, what I encourage you guys to do is go and read the post, and then do your discussion here.

So here's the link. I hope you guys will come back so we can discuss all of those numbers.

Thanks for stopping by.

A time for Thanks.

Yep it's that time of year again. A time to get all teary eyed and give thanks to your Family and what good health you have or have left. A time to over indulge in just about every thing you can think about. And yes a time watch our Dolphins blow the hell off the top of Dallas. I hope !!!

What we haven't done or at least maybe not as much as we should have, is say thank you to Paul. I don't know if Paul wants me to say this or not, but what the hell I'm going to say this anyway. Paul is a student at the University of South Carolina. Yes, that's right. He is young one by some of our standards. He has never lived in Florida, as far as I know he has only visited down here one time. That was in the pre-season of this year, where he was invited by the Dolphins to see a game, visit the Davie facilities, and my favorite met a few of the Cheerleaders. " Lucky Dog " In short that is his Bio as far as the Dolphins go.

He has also brought a very dedicated group of Passionate Dolphin fans together so we can piss and moan about our Phins. He also assembled a diverse group of writers which keep us entertained not only during the season but during the off-season also. If you haven't been here during that time you need to continue checking in here when the season is over. Because the talk never ends. Over the past year more and more fans have been checking in and leaving there input. Those of us that write really are glad to see that, even though you may not agree with us.

If it were not for Paul starting the Dolphin Shout. None of us would know each other, and have an outlet to Bitch about our Dolphins.

Paul has put allot of his time in this site, and now is the time to thank him for the Dolphin Shout. So here is my Thank You Paul. You've done a great job with this, and I hope everyone feels the same way I do. C'mon Dolphin fans send Paul your thanks. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW !!!!

Have a great day with your families Tomorrow and as always Go Dolphins !!! Gary

Miami - Dallas Match-up

Live from Dallas Texas, Dolphinshout reporter Johnny On-The-Spot... The rain has cleared in Dallas, but they'all can keep the 37 degree weather. Some folks are walking around in shorts and can easily identify the enemy among them in the ski jacket and thermal undies or it could be the huge Dolphin emblem on the back, I'm not sure!

The cold stares have nothing on the cold, cold and are unable to penetrate the layers of clothes... Even the really glaring looks, bounce right of the aqua and orange Long Johns protecting me like Kevlar. The weather will climb into the 50s at game time but the Dolphins will be warm and cozy in the Arlington Palace. Strangely, the Cowboy fans are docile, as if expecting the worst.

The love affair with Tony Romo has turned into a, "what have you done for me in the playoffs lately," romance. Interestingly, I have only seen women wearing Romo jerseys, I can't decide if they like him or if they identify with him as one of their own. His fickle performances could lead the men on his team to wonder if they know him at all. The mileage he got from finishing the game with a broken rib and punctured lung seems to be wearing off.

The key to the game could be which Tony shows up, the good Tony or the bad Tony... It will be up to the Dolphin defense to bring out the bad in Tony. Relentless pressure will reveal the menopausal side of Romo and force him into making mistakes. Given time, Romo will light up, like giving a female a new pair of Cowboy boots on Christmas morning.

The Cowboy defense will be keying on Reggie Bush, like the national media, the Cowboys are not even sure they are playing a game on Thanksgiving. The only name they can think of Reggie Bush because of the 165 yards receiving he laid on them while with the Saints. The real match-up will be Terence Newman against Brandon Marshall. Marshall played the role of decoy against the Bills, but it will be Bush who keeps the Cowboy's attention and allows Brandon to make plays with his size advantage. Marshall must make the most of this opportunity.

I expect this game to be closely contested. The records don't reflect it, but these teams are very evenly matched. Matt Moore has thrown 6 TDs and 1 INT in the last 3 games and must continue to protect the football. Like every game for the Dolphins, this is a must win and they must continue to play sudden death football. Carlos Dansby has been a terror from sideline to sideline and he has breathed life into the Miami defense. If Dansby brings it, the defense will follow.

The keys... Bring out the softer side of Romo, get Brandon Marshall off early and release the Dansby dog pound.

This has been, Johnny On-The-Spot reporting live from Dallas Texas.

Miami 34 - Dallas 30

Dolphin Shout Live from Dallas Texas

Reporting live from Dallas Texas, this is your Dolphinshout correspondent, AKA Johnny On-The-Spot. Fortunately the Dolphins will be playing indoors at the opulent Jerry Jones Palace, where outside temperatures hovering in the 40's and cold rain will have no affect on playing conditions.

The last time Miami came to Texas on Thanksgiving, snow poured through the hole in Dallas Stadium and covered the field with 4 inches of ice. The Cowboys led the Dolphins 14-13 with just seconds remaining when Jimmy Jones blocked Pete Stoyanovich's 40 yard game winning field goal attempt. While the ball slipped across the ice, Leon Lett made the boneheaded decision to try and scoop it up. The ball squirted away and Jeff Dellenbach recovered, giving Miami another attempt that Sweet Pete made good on. Leon Lett Miami win that day, but if the Dolphins wish to pull out a victory this visit, they will need to make a storm of their own.

The mood in Dallas is interesting, the fan base seems unsure whether to embrace Tony Romo or throw him in the Red River. It is understandable as Romo often follows good games with bad and seasons never end with the Cowboys in the playoffs, much less hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy. Miami fans know all too well what it is like to have a great QB, but no rings to show for it. Romo is not elite as Marino once was, but the results are similar.

After a 44-7 dismantling of the Bills, the Cowboys were able pull out a 27-24 overtime win against the Redskins. Miami beat the Redskins 2 weeks ago 20-9 and then gave the Bills a 35-8 beat down of their own last Sunday. The Dolphins and the Cowboys are coming off two games against the same opponents and Cowboy fans know from the scores of those games, no one is laughing at Miami anymore.

Prior to the Miami - Bills game on Sunday, the mood in Dallas was much more dismissive of the Dolphins, the mood is less cocky and a little more tepid today. Miami went into a prevent offense in the second half against the Bills or the score could have much more lopsided. The Dolphins handled the same Redskins that took Dallas to overtime. Miami is playing like a team with nothing to lose, the Cowboys are playing like a team with everything to lose.

Dallas fans, like all things Texas, have a bit of swagger but there are clear worry lines creasing the foreheads of the faithful. It's a great sign, Miami may not be getting much respect on the 4 letter network but the fans know a team rising from the ashes when they see it. As the lone Dolphin fan watching the Dolphins - Bills game and then the Cowboy - Redskins game, the locals were clearly hiding the women and children... The beast from the east is on the loose!

Consecutive wins over KC, Washington and Buffalo has Miami fans wondering whether the Dolphins have beat up on teams sinking faster than the Titanic or are the real deal. This game against the Cowboys will be the barometer of what Dolphin fans can expect the rest of the season. A win here and Miami will finally earn some respect and maybe even a few post-game highlights, a loss and a lot of "I-told-you-so" will follow.

The playoffs started 4 weeks ago for the Dolphins. If they wish to continue this improbable run, it is vital to leave Dallas with victory...

Live from Dallas Texas, this has been Johnny On-The-Spot!

The Real Reason for Miami Dolphin Three Game Win Streak

After an 0-7 start, I started wearing my number 54 Zach Thomas jersey, (End of story, that is it, that's the reason the Dolphins have suddenly started to resemble a legitimate NFL team during a three game "winning streak")!! It's a white jersey that's currently looking and smelling like a hunters camouflaged attire after a successful hunt of Buffalo, Redskins, and their Chiefs because I refuse to wash-off the good fortune it's brought to our beloved MIAMI DOLPHINS!! Don't you worry, I'll be gettin some Turkey and Cowboy blood on it next Thursday too, because (when it comes to the Fins I'm extremely superstitious),while in other aspects of life I'm not even a Lil-Bit "stitious",(not a word, a joke) :)!!
Shoot, "if" Porpoises walked the planet during the frontier days we might currently be communicating via a series of clicks, whistles, and sonar??

Seriously however.. The true reason our Dolphins have reached a gelatinous level is because they've now had the new playbook/scheme pounded into their brains for four months,(usually 10 months plus at this point even for a new OC/scheme)!!

The intricate parts that were brought in over the off season are becoming healthy while through practice and game repetition's they are now able to contribute to the plays initially designed for their roles!!(I've suggested since before the draft that Charles Clay has Fred Biletnikoff type hands),for those not of the 70s, Raider Biletnikoff covered his entire uniform and body from head to toe with what is now an illegal substance called "stick'em"!! As well, the new OC Brian Daboll has had a moment to learn what his veteran and new Dolphin players are capable of and how they fit while also being able to alter his original approach from that of Chad Henne to that of Matt Moore!!

Proof of some of the above can be visualized through a small sample of facts that took place in the game versus Buffalo!!

Brandon Marshall contributed zero points to my fantasy team, a good thing for Miami's sake while Reggie Bush (for the 3rd consecutive game), Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, Davone Bess, and even ( Lex Hilliard on ST's ) scored Touch-Downs!!

The Dolphins enjoyed their largest halftime lead since 2000 because at zero to three they scored 28 unanswered points before the Bills kicked a 56 yard FG as time ran out in the 2nd quarter resulting in a 28 - 6 Miami halftime lead..

Five straight three & outs for the Bills at one point in the first half!!
Back to back defensive sacks with a third sack and forced fumble on 4th down during the same Buffalo possession at midway through the third quarter with our Fins ahead at 35 - 6 !! ( Conservative )?? I think NOT !! Second game in a row with multiple interceptions due to the aggressive pressuring of the opposing QB!!
First divisional home victory since 2009, (a 7 - 9 Sparano coached team that ended the season with 9 starters on IR)!!
First three game win steak since 2008, (an 11 - 5 Sparano coached team that had Zero injuries for the entire year), not even a hang-nail, and also led the league in every intangible category that exist!!
First "special teams" blocked punt returned for a TD and six points since 1990!!
Porpoises hittin like wild Bison turning Buffalo into the fatty-type of ground beef!!

Wasn't that funnnnnnn?? GIGGITTY, GIGGITTY :) !!

Other than during a 72 hour meltdown in frustration of a failed 2 point play that cost the Fins a victory vs Denver.. I've been one that has totally supported Tony Sparano from day one, while I've been on Ireland's butt for a couple years (for the most part) due to his acquisitions not being able to stay healthy and/or on the roster therefore not being able to contribute to what was envisioned for them!!

I'll tell'ya what folks, I'll save it for the comments section as well as the appropriate times it'll be required, but I already have enough ammo to convince Ross to keep both Ireland & Sparano, while "if" our Fins continue to play and win in an as of late fashion, I'll have zero difficulty in convincing even the most down on the regime fans :) !!

THANX for an open-minded reading!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, GO M I A M I D O L P H I N S !!!!!

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Live Game Chat

I am probably not going to be able to watch the whole game, so let me know how it goes.

Here is a link to watch the game.

Buffalo and Miami Match-up

A 44-7 shellacking at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys has the Buffalo Bills playoff hopes looking grim after a 4-1 start and finds them 5-4, in a freefall. A Buffalo offense that averaged more than 30 points a game during the team's 5-2 start has averaged only 9 in back-to-back loses. The Bills managed only 287 total yards in a 27-11 home setback to the New York Jets in Week 9 before gaining only 271 in the week 10 debacle in Dallas. Buffalo has also turned the ball over a combined seven times in those two defeats.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown five interceptions and managed only 337 passing yards in those losses. The Bills are clearly looking at this game in Miami to get back on track to the playoffs. They are 1 and 1 in the division, coming back to beat the Patriots 34-31 in week 3 and losing to the Jets. This is a must win game if Buffalo is to regain momentum in the closing stretch of the season.

The Dolphins are riding a two game winning streak, and after averaging just 13 points through 7 weeks, Miami averaged 26 in those two victories. The defense that was giving up 23 points a game through 7 weeks has allowed an average of just 6 the past two weeks. Matt Moore has sparked the offense and Carlos Dansby has made a huge impact on the defense after taking over the play calling duties from Kevin Burnett. These are two teams going in opposite directions.

The playoffs have already begun for the Dolphins; a single loss now will virtually remove Miami from any hope of the post-season. A game that will mean little around the NFL has huge implications for these two teams. For the Dolphins to win they must understand, this and every game after is sudden death. The Bills season is also riding on beating a team they are supposed to defeat if they are playoff caliber. Both teams should come out of the gate looking to make a statement with their seasons riding in the balance.

Three weeks ago, the Dolphins were a running joke around the NFL after a local reporter coined the phrase, Suck for Luck. Sunday, the Bills know they will be playing a team with renewed confidence. The Dolphins must continue to spread the ball around and not revert to a predictable offense that runs on 1st down every series. By pulling the Bills out of the box early the Dolphins can open up both the running and passing game. Getting into unfavorable down and distance situations will allow the Bills to pressure the passer and create turnovers. Spreading the offense early and throwing safe passes will force the Bills to defend the entire field and open up opportunities for the inside running game.

On defense, the Dolphins must take away the pre-snap read, forcing Ryan Fitzgerald out of easy pass and catch opportunities. The extra second it takes the Buffalo QB to find a receiver will unleash Cameron Wake and Jason Taylor. Dansby and Burnett must continue the great coverage they have shown on TEs the past two weeks. By dropping a little deeper in coverage, they have kept the TEs in front of them and made the plays they were not making earlier in the season. Tyrone Culver has stabilized the secondary and while the coaching staff continues to work Reshad Jones into the defense, these players must not allow receivers to get behind them and make sure tackles at the second level.

The Dolphins were finally able to overcome a 7 game home losing streak by beating the Redskins. During the streak, they played emotionless football at home, to maintain the momentum they must play like their season is on the line. Confidence and emotion are the keys to a Miami victory. They must not allow an early setback to break the confidence they have built in two consecutive victories. The Dolphins can win this game if they believe in themselves on defense and do not become predictable on offense.

Miami 31 – Buffalo 10

Just How Good is Anthony Fasano?

Other than Chad Henne, I don't know if there is another player on the Miami Dolphins that people have such mixed opinions about like they do with Anthony Fasano. Some people want him replaced, and others want him to stay as the main guy.

Which side do you fall on?

Do you want Fasano as the starting tight end or do you want Miami to make an effort to find someone to replace him?

Tight end is becoming an increasingly important position. A lot of the top teams have great tight ends, and you don't have to look farther than the Dolphins own division to see their importance. The Patriots just might use their tight ends better than any team ever has ever, and Jets TE Dustin Keller is a very important part of the New York's offense. Now that the NFL has moved to a much more pass-happy league, we will continue to see tight ends grow in importance.

What we need to know is, is Anthony Fasano good enough to be a starting NFL tight end?

I sure think he is. Fasano is a great tight end that can make great catches. I don't say it much on this blog, but I am a huge supporter of his. When he has a good quarterback that uses him correctly, he can be one of the best producing tight ends in the league. He is great in the red zone, and Chad Henne never seemed to understand that. Chad Pennington knew that, and Matt Moore obviously knows that now. In the Kansas City game he had two receptions for two touchdown passes. Moore understood what kind of a weapon Fasano is, and he capitalized by feeding him twice for scores.

I really do think that Anthony Fasano is a top 10 tight end. He just needs the opportunity. (Side note) While I am the furthest thing from being sold on Matt Moore as Miami's starting quarterback of the future, I do acknowledge that he knows how to use his weapons, Fasano included.

We'll see what Fasano can do to end out the season. Don't be surprised if he scores more touchdowns than any other tight end from this week until the rest of the season.

I would like to add that I wouldn't mind if Miami added another tight end to compliment Fasano. It works for the Patriots, so why not try it here? Tight ends can be great for a young quarterback, so why not have two?

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow me on twitter @PaulDSmythe.

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One Man's Defense of Three (likely soon to be four) "never-to-be" Regimes

A walkabout that's had our Miami Dolphins going in circles for the last eight years like a dying man lost in the desert in dire need of finding a water source!!

Ricky Williams' Untimely July 2004 decision to walkabout cost the Miami Dolphins their one legitimate shot (since Danny Marino) at an Elite NFL Quarterback in Aaron Rodgers entering the 2005 draft, while also destroying the integrity, charisma, and stability of a once proud franchise!!

Summarized; The regimes of Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, and Bill Parcells should have never crossed our path!! Not to suggest that the majority of fault to today's status is any of those mentioned regimes doing or undoing..
(Well, maybe Saban, Cameron, BP and Ireland)?? But, Tony Sparano is trying his butt off, and would never turn his back on us just because things haven't gone as planned,(ie; R Williams, Jimmy Johnson, Saban, and BP)!!

I summarized above because a map might be required before entering the maze below :)!
Had #34 not walked we'd of had our super-star game breaking tailback with Ricky Williams in his prime and not been in need of selecting Ronnie Brown (nor would we of even considered him) in the 2005 draft with Ricky already on board.. Had he not walked (seeing that we were coming off of an extremely productive 10-6 2003) we'd of likely had a decent 2004 resulting in a 2005 pick somewhere between our actual number two pick and the late teens to mid twenty's with only the missing piece of an Elite Quarterback needed for the 2005 draft, season, and beyond..

In that particular 2005 draft where we picked Ronnie at number two, the second ranked quarterback in that draft behind the number one pick of Alex Smith happened to be the one who's become "super elite" Aaron Rodgers picked by the (who didn't even need a QB) Green Bay Packers with the twenty-forth pick.. Rodgers was projected to be picked around number ten while agonizing in the green room until GB's "fateful" selection of him.. Had Williams not walked, and we picked somewhere around GB at 24 in 2005 (which would have meant we went to the 2004 playoffs if not divisional rounds) after not qualifying at 10-6 for the 2003 playoffs.. Aaron Rodgers would have been the one missing piece to get our consistently winning team at the time over the top in 2005,or o6, or o7 and so on which would have carried over to this current date at least to some strong extent, especially with A Rodgers!! While, if Ricky had stayed and we actually did (as projected) proceed to the 2004 divisional rounds (rather than 4-12) and not had a shot ahead of GB to pick Rodgers in o5, that 2004 winning season would have carried over toward today to some extent also!! Sooo Ricky screwed us every which way including loose in eliminating our more than likely opportunity at the 2004 playoffs, and in an opportunity at A Rodgers,(either of which that would have been prosperous to today's team), while both could have happened together, neither took place because of Ricky Williams!!

In the same Ricky Williams instance the historic stability the franchise had exhibited during it's first thirty-eight years had been instantly lost due to Ricky's departure and disregard to the organizations city, owner, Head coach, staff, leaders, players, and fans, resulting in the downfall of Dave Wannstedt as well as consistent charismatic integrity throughout the organization and winning seasons combined with playoff appearances on a pre-determined basis!!

In the 2004 draft just before RW's adventure we (Wanny) traded-up for Vernon Carey, and picked-up a FA O-lineman or two in the preceding Free agency period to sure-up the OLine for the sake of the face of our franchise Ricky Williams!! JP Losman was the only QB available to us near the pick of Vernon Carey!!

Because of Ricky's farr from scheduled retirement!! Wanny in trying every option to somehow, someway, replace the loss of Williams' production was instantaneously forced to spend 2005's third round pick on the likes of Running back LaMar Gordon in hopes of keeping his pre-season favored team in the conversation as the 2004 AFC Super Bowl representative!! Lamar Gordon was an up and coming star at St.Louis but he didn't last an entire season with us due to a career ending injury..
Had Ricky not walked, that third round pick could have been used as ammo to secure the acquisition of A Rodgers and/or to strengthen the surrounding offensive cast of what could have been Aaron Rodgers at QB, and Ricky Williams in his prime at Tailback as the core, while the Defense was already top notch!!

However, because of Ricky's last second selfishness Wanny was forced to resign at 1-8 mid-way through the 2004 season resulting in runnig back-less NCAA specialist Nick Sabans forced selection of an SEC (who'd a thunk-it) tailback named Ronnie Brown, while not being of the understanding of how much Miami Dolphin fans as well as an NFL team needed the likes of an Aaron Rodgers type to fill the void of our beloved number 13!!(An "understanding" that Wanny couldn't possibly have helped but become aware of)!! Dave Wannstedt(who the fans chased ouuta town due to the cost of Ricky's absenteeism) with Jay Fiedler at QB had a higher winning percentage than Jimmy Johnson with Danny Marino!!

IMHO, had RW not walked Dave Wannstedt would have kept his job, couldn't have possibly passed on Aaron Rodgers in 2005, and would today be our multiple Super Bowl winning head coach along with more than deserving players such as Zach Thomas, JT, etc, etc, owner Wayne Huizenga, and we the adoring fans!!

Because of Ricky Williams (including the demise of Wanny) we've been through "three (soon likely to be four) what never should have been regimes" in the last seven years!! You can't develop a consistent winning mindset when the rules/schemes/personnel get changed every 2 to 3 years on average!!
It's said that when an NFL team misses on a first round QB it'll cost'em at least five years to recover without changing regimes, It's also suggested that with every regime change you're looking at five plus years until each new regime can get their mentality and personnel in place!! Who knows the recovery time included under new ownership, but I'd suggest that wouldn't have taken place either if not for Ricky's stroll!! So with a humorous look at it, Ricky put us some 20yrs in the hole because he IS the reason Wannstedt's regime failed, we've changed ownership, been through 3 additional regimes since, and still haven't landed an elite QB!! Because of Ricky Williams we (Saban) missed on an opportunity at Aaron Rodgers with a stable regime(of which should have remained Wannstedt)around him!! A regime that should likely be on this day the longest tenured regime in the league, while at the same time until present day we would have remained the winning est most stable team in the league and likely multiple Super Bowl Champions to boot!!

Scratch A Rodgers.. Just with the contracted Williams in his prime at tailback for the 2004,05,06,07 seasons would have been enough to propel those seasons to an exciting level due to probable playoff appearences (where anything can happen), while never ever allowing the team to reach a low of becoming the butt of late night television host!!

The day Danny rightfully so retired I said "it's the beginning of the end", then we momentarily recovered in replacing his star power with Ricky Williams, things were lookin good and then that super-nova exploded casting our world into an undesirable dimension that can't be navigated away from without a new star being born to light the way!!

I realize it's all irrelevant at this point but felt it necessary for the true leading culprit of our eight year demise and organizational instability to be unveiled, and I'm as blind as everybody else in still lovin the guy!! OHHHH what could have been??

Thanx for an open-minded reading, GOFINS!!

The Suck-for-Luck Draft Lottery

The tanking Indianapolis Colts could be responsible for drastic changes in the NFL draft. As NFL rule changes turned the league pass happy and QB centric, teams have moved away from the age-old strategy of grooming young QBs. If a team can win now and then an injury can place them at the top of the draft, parity becomes a parody of NFL follow the leader. Suck-for-Luck could change the NFL forever.

The NFL has compromised parity by relaxing rules in the passing game. Watching the Colts tank each week has made the fans of teams hoping for a chance to draft Andrew Luck wonder how a team a team could go from 10-6, to the worst team in the league in one season. Prior to this season, the Colts reeled off 9 consecutive seasons with at least 10 wins. The easy answer is the injury to Payton Manning but the reality goes far deeper.

Manning has been a great QB, there is no questioning that but when a team must rely on a single player to go from the playoffs, to losing every game, there is something drastically wrong in the NFL. Manning got the Colts off to a fast start each week by throwing the ball. They used lineman who excelled at pass blocking and the running game consisted of draws and misdirection. They designed a defense to play with a lead, and chose smaller, faster pass rushing DL to rush the opposing passer along with cover DBs.

Manning went down, and this strategy blew up when their back-up QB could not duplicate Manning’s passing attack. Indianapolis designed an entire team around the talents of one player. Rule changes have created a game dominated by one player and turned the league into teams that have great QBs and teams that do not.

Parity, intended to give struggling teams the opportunity to select the best college talent goes out the window when losing a great QB, makes a good team exceptionally bad. All of a sudden, a perennial winning Colts team can lose a QB and be in position to select another great prospect in one season. Well-coached teams without that special player remain the middle of the pack, drafting out of the range of the best QB talent.

Rule changes have created an upper echelon of great teams needing only to lose a single player to be in position to select high in the draft. Because of this lack of QBs, middle of the pack teams continue to struggle and must get horrendous or miraculously stumble on a Tom Brady. Teams could actually begin to lose games intentionally or create short-term strategies that will guarantee higher draft picks if they lose one pivotal player.

This has happened before in professional sports. Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal turned the NBA into a league dominated by the presence of a single player. The NBA began to fear teams were actually tanking at the end of the season in order to ensure a higher draft pick. The league countered by instituting a draft lottery. The worst 12 teams in the league have more chances at the number one pick in proportion to how poorly they perform. A QB centric NFL is leading to an NFL draft lottery.

The NFL might jump at the exposure it could get from televising a draft lottery several weeks prior to the draft. The thought of such a lottery, never imagined in previous years, becomes a reality in a QB centric league. Owners of marginal teams could demand an equal opportunity to draft at the highest level. Resentment over the Colts going from Manning to Luck would be enough to expose the idea of parity as a farce. Even though there is no guarantee Luck or any QB could reach Manning’s level, teams will draft them anyway as was seen by the four QBs taken in top of the 2010 draft.

The rookie salary cap increases the chances of the lottery because the set prices for draft picks does not as severely penalize teams for making poor choices. Teams in need of the pivotal player will take chances and there will be a run at the QB position in every draft. More teams will follow the Colts and create strategies based on instant rewards without worrying about grooming for the future.

The Colts have opened a complex issue, if this writer is aware; others have noticed the same trend. Don’t be surprised if the name Andrew Luck is not remembered for being a great QB, but is synonymous with being responsible for the creation of an NFL draft lottery.

Matt Moore? Karlos Dansby!!

Matt Moore, Matt Moore ?? Whod a thunk it.. Not me that's for sure. I was in Disney ( WDW ) when I heard the Dolphins had picked up Matt Moore, and my first thought was. Matt Moore ? why didn't they pick up Mickey Mouse ? Well our Mickey Mouse is playing pretty darn good, maybe I should rephrase that. Matt Moore is winning some games, and I will discard the Mickey Mouse reference from now on.

All year long we have been talking about someone stepping up and being a leader on this team. Well folks 2 players have done that Matt Moore and Karlos Dansby. "They are the leaders." Dansby is all over the field, he had 10 tackles, 2 for losses, 1 pic, and man that was a big one in the 4th quarter. Matt Moore took over from that point and marched the team down field for a clinching score. The entire year we have had problems in the final quarter of our games, not this week. Matt Moore and Karlos Dansby took care of that problem, and it was a welcome change.

Now lets not get delusional the team still has it's problems, but I'm not going to get into them today. Today is feel good day, so I'm going to take advantage of it. The Miami Dolphins have rejoined the NFL and it was great to see them !!

Who stood out in your eyes ?

Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins Live Game Chat

Will Miami start a winning streak?

Here is a link to watch the game.

The Problem in Miami is Jeff Ireland

Steven Ross has some decisions to make this off-season and if he looks closely at the Dolphin roster, the answer is clear. Schedules and draft position are designed to penalize good teams and allow lesser teams the opportunity to compete. Drafting below the top ten, puts a premium on the ability of NFL personnel directors to evaluate talent. The better evaluators can find gems outside the top ten; Jeff Ireland has not shown that aptitude.

Prior to the KC game, the Miami Dolphins struggled to make plays on both sides of the ball. The team has played hard, but the lack of big plays has allowed opponents to remain in striking distance and eventually, make the plays that led to victory. Chemistry is the mysterious component of a football team that evolves when leadership develops into an identity. Identity can usually be tied to a dominate player, a leader other players rally around and personify.

There is a great deal of parity in talent levels around the NFL, better teams have at least one impact player that gives the team an identity. Miami has no such player the team can identify with and therefore, has no personality. While the player personnel department has brought some talent to the football team, they have failed to select true impact players. When television networks announce the weekly match-ups, there is no face of the Dolphins.

Mike Nolan is a good coach but his defenses don’t carry the team because there is no identity on that side of the ball. Players like Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher or even Darrelle Revis personify their defenses. Miami was supposed to be dominant on defensive this season, but no player such as, Carlos Dansby, Vontae Davis or Cameron Wake has blossomed into the impact player the Dolphins had envisioned. The defense played well against KC but only after the offense stepped up and showed the way.

The same situation exists on offensive, there is no franchise QB, Brandon Marshall or Reggie Bush have not made the impact to be the face of the offense. In game planning against the Dolphin offense, teams do not have to scheme around the talents of a special athlete. Miami’s offense is predictable because no player specifically alters game planning. Teams game plan based on keeping impact players in check, without such a player, Miami is easy to defend.

The slow starts during Tony Sparano’s tenure correlate directly to this inability to find an identity on either side of the ball. Most teams take on the personality of a dominate player. The Ravens personify Ray Lewis, while the Patriots are a product of Tom Brady’s success. The special player can be on either side of the ball and the entire will team feed off that identity. It doesn’t have to be a specific player, it could be a no-name defense but the identity is important and Miami struggles every year to figure out who they are.

Look at what has happened to the Colts to see how important this chemistry is. Built around the talents of Payton Manning, the team has floundered like a rudderless ship in his absence. On many teams, the QB is the face of the franchise but it doesn’t have to be the QB. Larry Czonka was once the face of the Dolphins, Lawrence Taylor was the face of the Giants. This where the GM has failed in Miami, he has not been able to recognize special players.

Bill Parcells knew the right words when he said the NFL is a talent acquisition business, but he was unable to evaluate talent well enough to select impact players. Steven Ross will have to make a decision on whether to keep Jeff Ireland after this season. That decision should take into account the impact players Ireland has not been able to recognize. Owning a team without an identity should give him an honest answer. Tony Sparano has never had a talent he needed to build around; the wildcat was a product of a team without a personality.

The chances of Sparano remaining the coach of the Dolphins following this season are remote, but Sparano is not the root of the problem in Miami. Jeff Ireland has clearly not recognized players with special talent. Some of it is luck, like Tom Brady, but luck will only land an occasional gem. The inability to select impact players over the course of years has kept Miami from rising to success. Four years is enough time to see Jeff Ireland is not a great talent evaluator.

In a recent interview, Jimmy Johnson echoed these words when he said Miami needed to find a talent evaluator before worrying about a coach. Surrounding a young hungry coach with talented players is his formula for success. His words were profound advice to Steven Ross. Ross must simply ask himself, who is the face of the Dolphins? When he cannot answer the question, he will know the root of his problem.

His name is Jeff Ireland…

Will Reggie Bush Continue His Good Play?

In the Miami Dolphins past two games Reggie Bush has had a combined 262 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. He ran for over 100 yards in a game for just the second time in his NFL career two weeks ago and was 8 yards shy of another 100 last week.

A few weeks ago I had just assumed that the Dolphins would either release or trade him at the end of the season, but that may not be the case anymore. He has played really well as the premier back with Daniel Thomas injured, and I think that if he keeps this up Miami will keep him for next season.

What I want to know is do you guys think that he will continue to play like he is playing, or were the past two games just against bad run defenses and we can't expect more like that from Bush?

I hope that Bush can continue what he is doing, and I think that he might be able to. He is already on pace to run for more yards than he ever has in a season in his career. He is running between the tackles very well, which is something he has never really done well before.

The only thing "standing in his way" is the fact that Daniel Thomas will be coming back. Thomas is a great runner that has been a real pleasant surprise. He is very physical and more than capable of pounding it out for a few extra yards. That isn't to say that he isn't very fast, though, because he is.

Bush may continue playing the same way that he has been playing these past couple of weeks, he just won't get as many touches or opportunities.

I do have to say, though. I am very happy at what we have at running back. At the beginning of the season I was worried about the Dolphins run game a little because we had an unproven rookie and a "washed up" running back who could never seem to run between the tackles.

Obviously, I feel much better know. Hopefully we will keep both backs for at least another season.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think.

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Losing Isn't Everything - It's the Only Thing

Miami Dolphins fans are quiet this week as they suffer through the Suck for Luck blues… What good is winning now they are asking each other? We had a chance at the best QB prospect to come out in 15 years and we blew it, we won! This is the state of the once proud franchise and its fickle fans, hoping to lose.

After whipping boy Chad Henne went down, Brandon Marshall rose to the bashing forefront. What’s the deal with Marshall catching passes, a touchdown even and Reggie Bush, the audacity of him, blowing around the end for a 28-yard score! Not to mention the poser Matt Moore and his 147 QB rating, that hasn’t happened in Miami since Dan Marino threw 48 TDs. The wannabe TE, Anthony Fasano catching two TD passes.

Oh the thrill of defeat and the agony of victory, who do we have to blame for this fiasco? It has to land squarely on the shoulders of Tony Sparano. Hey Tony, didn’t you get the memo, the Dolphins were sucking for Luck you Guinea bastard! Just when Dolphin fans thought the team was going to do something right and lose every game, they had to blow it! Now they could actually win enough games to miss out on every top QB prospect in the draft and be left with Matt Moore, or heaven forbid, Chad Henne.

Only the Dolphins could orchestrate such disappointment on its faithless fans. How hard can it be to lose? This coach and these players took away the only dream Miami fans had, being complete and total failures. Look at the Lions, they sucked so long it was inevitable they would get enough number one draft picks to eventually get good, but not Miami, noooooooo, they just couldn’t take one for the fans. They couldn’t continue to give fans reasons to bitch, they couldn’t continue to give reasons to hope that sucking for Luck would actually come true. Once again, they shattered the dreams of Dolphin fans everywhere.

The pure callousness of this team to its fans by winning a game will go down in the annuals of Dolfan misery. Losing isn’t a privilege, it’s a right, Dolphin fans deserve worse than this, after all the years of winning they deserve to lose, and they have earned it. They have run enough coaches, players and GMs out of town to proudly wear the crown as the biggest losers in the NFL. The gloom of winning is everywhere in Miami and will surely grow when the Dolphins find a way to win more games this season.

What could have been… What could have been…

The Keys to a Miami Dolphin Victory

Matt Moore threw 3 TD passes Sunday; two went to Anthony Fasano and one to Brandon Marshall. What makes those plays even more startling is, each was thrown on first down. The previous 7 weeks saw a highly predictable Miami offense, particularly on first down. The runs were so prevalent, opponents had taken to playing man coverage on every first down snap. It took 8 weeks for Miami to self-scout and break this tendency but the change clearly allowed Miami to dictate the tempo of the game.

At 3 of 10, the Dolphins third down proficiency remains at the bottom of the league, but what is lost in that stat is the 14 first downs Miami converted on downs other than third. The Dolphin offense began the game passing the ball 12 times and running only 3. In past games, Miami tried to establish the running game even though the defense was playing man coverage and crowding the box with 8 and sometimes 9 defenders. Most of the first down passes came in play action, which held the linebackers and safeties for that critical second it took receivers to find an opening.

The change forced the defense to back out of the box and by the end of the game Miami had thrown the ball 23 times and ran 24 in near perfect balance. By not forcing the run into the teeth of the defense at the beginning of the game, Miami forced the defense to back out of the box and then was able to run the ball. This offensive management in taking what the defense gave is what was missing earlier in the season. Lining up Anthony Fasano in a position to protect the tackle and then running him into the pattern caught the Chiefs off guard, allowing Fasano to find gaping holes in the defense. Matt Moore showed maturity in the pocket and was able to use his eyes to move safeties away from his intended target.

Bill Walsh was a master at understanding his own tendencies. He would script 15 plays for his offense from the same formations he had previously used, only this time the play was completely different. Defenses key on formations and personnel groupings. When coaches and players talk about film study, this is what they are looking for, identifying plays based on those keys. Great offensive minds study themselves, they understand when defenses have found keys and they use those keys against them. The Dolphins did that this week.

This game showed a maturation of not only Matt Moore, but Brian Daboll as well. Several processes hindered the Dolphins along the way to this performance, the lack of OTAs to install the offense early, instability on the offensive line, and the change at QB. The players now seem comfortable with Daboll’s offense, the OL has found some semblance of continuity and Matt Moore has hit his stride. It was said during the lockout, the teams with stable coaching staffs and veteran players would do better than teams with new systems. A look around the NFL will show this has held true.

The Dolphins can repeat this performance if they do the work to understand themselves. The Redskins will look at this tape and see the Dolphins went away from their tendencies and will formulate a defense based on what they see on film. The trick is not for Miami to change its plays every game, but to disguise those plays with formations and motion altering defensive keys that telegraph play calls. Matt Moore must recognize man coverage on early downs and put his team in a position to be successful by checking to the pass.

Miami can continue to win, if they understand themselves and they use their own tendencies to their advantage. If the Dolphins take a one game approach and try to use the same plays without making changes, they will find a defense prepared for their game plan. It is not necessary to change the plays; it is changing the keys to those plays that is critical to success. As Plato once said, “to understand others, one must know thyself.”

Ranking The Other Quarterback Prospects Not Named Andrew Luck

Now that the Miami Dolphins are not likely to be lucky enough to draft Andrew Luck after yesterday's dominating win, it is time to focus our attention on the other quarterback prospects that the Dolphins will have to choose from.

Now, of course, the Dolphins are only one game "behind" the Colts so they aren't out of luck yet, but I would be very surprised if the Colts won more than one game this year. They are bad, and I only see a few games ahead for them that are even remotely possible for them to win.

1. Matt Barkley - USC
I will start off with my number one non-Luck prospect, and that is Matt Barkley. Barkley can make a lot of really good throws, he has really nice touch on his throws, and he places the ball very, very well. He doesn't make many jaw-dropping deep throws, but he doesn't really need to.

One thing that I really like about Barkley is his composure. He is very patient and waits for the play to develop instead of just taking off. He is good at shaking off tacklers with his shoulders, but he needs to learn to move up in the pocket under pressure to avoid the tackler instead of relying on his shoulder move.

Barkley is a junior, so there is a chance that he stays for another year, but I doubt that he will because USC won't be eligible for a Bowl game next year.

2. Robert Griffin III - Baylor
My second non-Luck passer is Robert Griffin III. Griffin is a really fast quarterback. Think Michael Vick speed, but even faster. He isn't as elusive as Vick, but he has faster top-end speed than Vick. He has a strong arm and can make a lot of throws. His touch isn't amazing, but he puts the ball where it needs to be.

Griffin is a really bright kid, which might sound like a good thing, but his intelligence might actually hurt the Dolphins. Griffin is a junior, so he will likely stay another year to get his degree, which means he won't even be available to be taken.

3. Landry Jones - Oklahoma
That leads me to my third non-Luck quarterback prospect: Landry Jones. I want to reiterate that I do not think that Landry Jones will be a good quarterback in the NFL. He makes no throws that impress me. All he does is throw short little passes that his receivers and backs turn into big gains.

Still, though, I have to put him here at three because of his production. I can talk all day about how he doesn't make any big throws, but the fact of the matter is that he produces. I have to recognize that. He is the quarterback making the throws that he needs to for a great college team.

That's all I really have on quarterbacks for now. One of those three is probably who we will be seeing in a Miami Dolphins jersey next season. I also considered Kellen Moore just because he puts up great numbers and wins a lot, but I don't know too much about him so I won't pretend to.

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Luck Train Falls Off the Track

Sorry all you Luck suckers, today the Miami Dolphins’ Luck train will officially jump the tracks and we can thank Vontae Davis for the inspiration. By disciplining Davis, Tony Sparano finally showed he has a backbone. The rigid spine will reverberate all the way through the locker room.

We will find out at some point what the altercation was about, but the speculation here is that Marshall told Davis to be a man and get on the field. It’s natural, Davis would take exception to these remarks considering the source is allergic to the end zone, but in the big picture, it was Sparano’s action that will change the tide.

Sparano should have told Marshall to sit after single handedly losing the Jets game by mysteriously running out of bounds, but Tony only made lame excuses. Jason Taylor has been virtually invisible this season, but is still acting like he is some kind of team leader, when Sparano should have told him to put his play where his mouth is, he did nothing.

When Sparano should have tried anything to get Mark Columbo off the field, he told us Columbo was playing well. It was like telling the entire Dolphin Nation that we are clueless and this guy is actually good… Earth to Tony, Columbo sucks! It’s like when he told us Gibril Wilson was playing well, or the wildcat was the next big thing to sweep the NFL.

It did a sweep all right; it swept the Dolphins in a vortex right down the toilet and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Tony actually showed a spine and the Dolphin players will follow suit, funny how that works, coach makes excuses for his team losing and the team keeps losing. Coach steps up and disciplines a player for not playing through an injury and the team steps up.

I expect the Dolphins to win this game, I have said this earlier in the season, but this time I feel there is a reason other than my wishful thinking. The Luck train stops here…

Go Fins!!!

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs Live Game Chat

Whether you want the Miami Dolphins to win or lose, here is a link to the game.

Yes, I am in Favor of "Suck For Luck" and Yes, I am Still a Miami Dolphins Fan

I have officially joined the ever-growing "Suck for Luck" crowd. I am now in favor of the Miami Dolphins doing what it takes to get the first overall pick in next year's draft and select Andrew Luck.

Yes, that means that I am rooting for the Miami Dolphins to lose. Do I hate rooting against the Dolphins? Absolutely, but it is a necessary evil. The sacrifice of one season that is already lost is worth it when the reward is 15 years with a franchise quarterback regarded as the next Peyton Manning, John Elway, or Aaron Rodgers.

I have been studying quarterbacks, and I can say with absolute certainty that Luck is head and shoulders better than any other prospect. I like Matt Barkley, and I have him ranked as my second best quarterback prospect in this draft, but he is nowhere near Luck.

As a side note, I would also like to add that I don't think that Landry Jones is as good as most people view him to be. I just don't know what they see in him. I don't know the numbers for this, but I feel like 90% of his throws are to a receiver who is either behind the line or no farther than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. He doesn't have to make very big throws ever. The offense Oklahoma runs is all about short passes, and it makes Jones look like a superstar.

Luck, on the other hand, makes his entire offense look good. Instead of being a product of the offense like Landry Jones, the Stanford offense is a product of Andrew Luck's abilities. Luck has the rare ability to pick apart defenses with any receiving group. I think of him like Tom Brady in that regard. Brady doesn't need big time receivers and he can throw for 517 yards and four touchdowns against the Dolphins, and I don't think that Luck does either.

If you take this current Miami Dolphins team and put Andrew Luck on it, you have a playoff team. I would argue that with Luck the Dolphins would be 6-1 right now, with their only loss coming in the season opener against the Patriots. Every other game this season is winnable with a quarterback like Luck in the game.

What I want to know from those of you who don't agree with Suck for Luck is this: What does Miami have to gain from winning a game or two this year? I honestly don't know and want to know what someone who wants the Dolphins to win sees in a win that would likely take Andrew Luck away from Miami.

I also wanted to clear something up about the whole "Suck for Luck" movement. This has been said before, but some people don't seem to get this point. Us fans who are in favor of sucking for Luck don't actually expect players and coaches to give up. We understand that no player or coach who is paid a lot of money to do their job would ever willingly lose. We are just rooting for them to not be good enough to win. I do not expect a player to just not play to their fullest abilities in a game or a coach to intentionally call the wrong play. That would be insane to expect.

So now I want to hear what you guys have to say about "Suck for Luck." I am planning on being heavily involved in the discussion for this post unlike most times, so expect more of my input.

Thanks for stopping by, and get to discussing.

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And the Winner of the Miami Dolphins Colored Headphones is...

Anthony Rizzo.

Congratulations to Anthony on winning these incredibly nice Fanny Wang Miami Dolphins headphones.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and look for more in the future. I feel like this giveaway had a great response, so I am probably going to do more things similar to this one.

Anthony please contact me either by email at or on Facebook.

Thanks again everyone, and be sure to check back for other cool giveaways. I don't know exactly what I will be giving away or when I will do it, but stay tuned. You could be the next winner.

Is it the Offseason Yet?

Doesn't it seem like the off season already. There is nothing to get excited about, we pretty much know what is going happen to week to week. We have talked about the reasons why this happening, and we are pretty much in agreement about it.

All we have to look forward to is who the new coach maybe, whether the front office people will still be with the team, and will the new guys blow the whole team up and start over.

I guess there is still the Suck for Luck thing we can talk about. But even that is sickening to me.
My goodness why can't this team get straightened out ?

Decoding the Dolphins Demise in 2011

Hello Dol-Fans!

When you look at the 2011 Miami Dolphins… what do you see? The obvious answer is an 0 – 7 team that’s struggling in every facet of the game, and battling to be in the front-running for the “Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.”

That’s a correct answer, but that’s only scratching the surface of the real reasons for this season’s epic meltdown.

So what’s the root cause(s) of this colossal collapse?

After analyzing the situation, I wish it were an easily recognizable single problem that could be immediately remedied (i.e. firing the coach, naming a new starting QB, etc…). Unfortunately, it isn’t, and requires several major overhaul changes.

Here are just my top five problems that need to be addressed to turn the tides, and reverse our Dolphins demise:

Lack of Leadership and Direction – From the GM down to the playing field, there is no clearly defined leadership or direction. Look at any successful NFL franchise, and you can immediately pinpoint the leaders and their direction. The most obvious example would be the undefeated Packers, so I’ll defer to one of the biggest turnaround surprises of 2011, the 49ers – John Harbaugh (HC), Alex Smith (QB) and Frank Gore (RB), Patrick Willis (LB), and Ted Ginn Jr. (KR/PR) are the keys. Easy! Harbaugh instilled new confidence and swagger in his team, game plans according to his players strengths, and mixes it up enough to keep the opposition guessing. Alex Smith is a far cry from an “elite QB” but he’s not asked to be “elite;” just a game manager. Feed the ball to Frank Gore, and complete the simple passes to the open receivers. Patrick Willis is to lead his D in “smash mouth” fashion and be more physical than their opponents, and Ted Ginn Jr. is to ensure the Offense gets quality field position from kickoffs and punt returns. It’s simple, it’s logical, it’s clearly defined, and it works (as evidenced by their 6 – 1 record thus far)! Isn’t it ironic that Majority Owner Stephen Ross was courting John Harbaugh last summer, and we used to have Ted Ginn Jr. in Miami before releasing him? “Things that make you say, hmmm.”

Lack of Mental Toughness - There’s no mental toughness remaining on this team! Teams that come from behind and teams that jump out to early leads and withstand late comebacks, are mentally tough (i.e. Packers and Lions). They’re able to take their oppositions best shot, and win anyway. The Dolphins have failed to do that since Sparano’s first year as a Head Coach, and quite honestly… I’d credit Bill Parcells for that season anyway. It’s a conscious decision that every coach and player must make on game day, or kiss that game goodbye.

Lack of Confidence - The current roster no longer believes they can win, and it shows in every 4th quarter of every game. You can sense it in their body language, and see it on their faces. They have that collective “oh no… not again” look late in second halves. Opposition feeds on that fear, like sharks with blood in the water! Until there’s confidence breathed into this football team, they’re doomed to fail.

Poor Strategy - The Organization is attempting to win a games in the “modern football era” by playing “throwback” football. You can no longer rely primarily on “pounding the rock” 40+ times to win football games. Teams have evolved into quick strike offenses,which can rack points up in a hurry. Miami doesn’t have a quality passing QB, nor do they have the ability to shut quality passers down. This outdated strategy is doomed to fail.

Lack of Cohesion – Teams with long losing stretches begin to point fingers and blame each other (as I addressed in a previous blog). Once that happens, either drastic measures need to be taken to resolve the issue, or you might as well cut your losses,and leave. With the aforementioned lack of leadership, I believe we might as well toss those tailgating tents in the garage, and call it a season. I hope for better, but history hasn’t been on our side in this department.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying Dol-Fans… I still hold out some hope for our beloved team, but reality is telling me not to “hold my breath” for miracles this year.

Maybe once these areas have been properly addressed, we’ll begin to see our Dolphins contend for League Championships. Here’s hoping!

Hey, does anyone have John Gruden or Brian Billick’s phone numbers? We have a crisis in South beach!

Vote for Brandon Fields for the Pro Bowl

Pro bowl voting has started recently, and I need your help to get at least one Miami Dolphin on the team.

So, I am calling on all of you guys to help me vote for Dolphins punter Brandon Fields to make it into the Pro Bowl.

He might be the only player on the team that deserves the honor, which is why we need to avoid further embarrassment for Miami by voting him in.

Here is the link:
Pro Bowl Voting

Try to vote at least ten times for him, because we need to make sure he gets in.

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Looking at Potential NFL Coordinators to Coach The Dolphins

The Coach’s series continues, The Coordinators…

The sheer number of NFL assistant coaches makes any analysis an exhausting proposition and one the Miami Dolphins should not take lightly. Narrowing the search to several highly qualified candidates presents some very interesting choices but in no way should these be thought of as the only and perhaps even the top names. Of the names mentioned on, these coaches stood out for head coaching positions, if not in Miami than certain by other NFL teams.

The Dolphins have clearly had trouble fielding an offense and the next coach must change the offensive dynamic. With the Dolphins’ season spiraling out of control, a rookie QB is certain to join the next coach in Miami. With this in mind, the next coach should one who has worked with QBs and has had success mentoring them at the next level. With the exception of one, the names chosen here reflect that critical need.

Without further adieu, the coordinators…

Rob Ryan is the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. He is the son of famed defensive coordinator and head coach Buddy Ryan and the twin brother of current New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan. After minor coaching stops through the ranks of college football, Ryan was hire by Oklahoma State as defensive coordinator in 1997. In 2000, Bill Belichick gave him his first pro coaching job as linebacker coach for the Patriots. In 2004, Ryan landed his first defensive coordinator job with the Oakland Raiders. In 2009, he was hire as Cleveland Browns’ defensive coordinator and in 2011; he took the same job with the Dallas Cowboys.

Ryan comes from a prodigious family tree but his defenses have never lived been up to the standards set by his father and his brother. Buddy Ryan coached the famous Bears defenses of the 80’s and is known for perfecting the 46 defense. His brother coached the great Ravens defenses. In 8 years as a defensive coordinator, Ryan’s highest ranking in points allowed is 13th. His average ranking over those 8 years is 22nd. He is currently ranked 18th with the Cowboys.

Ryan’s flowing gray locks, his boisterous on the field manner, along with his pedigree give him a persona that seems to resonate with fans around the league. It is hard to place Ryan in the head-coaching job for the Miami Dolphins. He seems more hype and circumstance than a great coach, but there is no magic formula except the record of a coach in his previous positions. With an average ranking of 22nd in 8 years Ryan has not established himself as an elite coordinator. Miami would be taking quiet a chance if they were to hire Ryan, at one point, he may get a chance, but the situation in Miami would not be a good place to start.

Bruce Arians
is the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Kansas City Chiefs hired him in 1988 as a running backs coach after 6 seasons as the head coach at Temple University. In 1993, he took over as offensive coordinator at Mississippi State for 3 seasons, and then moved on to the Saints for one season as the tight ends coach. He then spent one year as OC at Alabama.

His big break in the NFL came as the quarterbacks’ coach of the Indianapolis Colts in 1998. He was responsible for mentoring Peyton Manning in Manning’s first two NFL seasons. His success with Manning led to the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns in 2001. During his stint with Kansas City, he worked with Bill Cowher. He reunited with Cowher in 2004 when Cowher hired him as the wide receivers coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2007, Cowher promoted him to the offensive coordinator job of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Arians is now responsible for coaching two of the best QBs currently playing in the NFL, Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. Arians will get an opportunity as a NFL head coach, soon. He’s been a head coach in college and coordinator in the NFL. He has two Super Bowl rings with the Steelers. Having worked under a great leader in Bill Cowher, he was actually running backs coach for Paul Bear Bryant at Alabama prior to coaching at Temple. Arians knows how to win and that could place him on the Dolphins radar. The only draw back with Arians may be is age, at 59 his coaching days could be winding down.

Bill O'Brien's first coaching position was at Brown, where he coached tight ends in 1993 then inside linebackers in 1994. He would then spend the next eight seasons at Georgia Tech. First as an offensive graduate assistant, then running back coach, all the way to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2001 and was named an assistant head coach for the 2002 season. Not offered the head-coaching job, he left Georgia Tech in 2003 to coach running backs at the University of Maryland. In 2005, he accepted the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coaching position at Duke University.

O'Brien was hired as an offensive assistant in 2007 by the New England Patriots after two seasons with Duke. In 2008, Belichick promoted him to wide receivers coach. With the departure of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel, he became the team's quarterback coach and offensive play-caller following the 2008 season, then offensive coordinator this season. O’Brien has been on a fast track in his coaching career raising first though the ranks at Georgia Tech and now through the New England Patriots.

At 42 years of age, O’Brien will be the next head coach to spring from the well of Belichick. He is a relentless worker who is responsible for developing the two tight end offense the Patriots have grown into the past two seasons. Having worked with Tom Brady he has seen first hand what makes a great NFL QB. O’Brien is another coach who should be on the short list for the Dolphins; his familiarity with the Patriots is a definite plus. The knock on O’Brien is he does not have any head-coaching experience at any level.

Pete Carmichael Jr. is in his sixth season with New Orleans Saints. Serving as QB coach his first 3 seasons, he is now in his third season as the Saints’ offensive coordinator. The Saints offense has ranked first in the NFL in yardage in three of the last five seasons and that traces back to Carmichael’s work with Drew Brees. Carmichael called every play in a 62 - 7 domination of the Colts, a game that saw Brees to throw five touchdowns, and included nearly 240 rushing yards.

Carmichael is somewhat of an honorary offensive coordinator as head coach Sean Payton has called the offensive plays since arriving at New Orleans in 2006. After five years in the college ranks, Carmichael’s NFL career began with the Cleveland Browns in 2000 as an offensive assistant and tight ends coach. In 2001, he moved on the Washington Redskins as a quality control coach and then spent 2002-03 with the San Diego Chargers as an offensive assistant quality control coach, before a promotion to wide receivers coach in 2004 and 2005.

At 40 years old, Carmichael is a rising star in the NFL coaching fraternity. Drew Brees came of age under his tutelage and his close work with Sean Patton has created one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. He is not widely known outside New Orleans, but he is no secret in the NFL and his next move could be head coach, though offensive coordinator, play caller is more likely. He is worth keeping an eye on in Miami because he is a young, up and coming coach with a bright future.

Joe Philbin is the current offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. He joined the Packers as an offensive line coach in 2003 after numerous college stops and is in his fifth season as offensive coordinator. He is somewhat Jimmy Johnson like with B.A. in sociology and a master's of education in administration and supervision.

He has coached both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and his offense has ranked in the top 10 in total yards and total points. Along with the Patriots, Green Bay is one of only two teams in the league to accomplish that feat during his four years. Green Bay’s point total is fourth in the league over that span, trailing only New England, San Diego and New Orleans. Green Bay has reached the playoffs in three of Philbin’s four seasons.

Like Bill O’Brien, Philbin has adapted his offense to use multiple TEs in wide formations. His use of zone blocking has created an offensive line that is nimble and can protect Rodgers as he moves in the pocket. Philbin once quipped, "football's a pretty simple game, learn how to work with the guy next to you. I don't see that being a big issue." Philbin is 50 years old and has 6 children, though highly qualified for the next step he may not be a good fit for the Dolphins. He is a consummate family man and the glamour of Miami may not be a good fit for his family coming from the small town of Green Bay Wisconsin.

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