Dolphin Shout Live from Dallas Texas

Reporting live from Dallas Texas, this is your Dolphinshout correspondent, AKA Johnny On-The-Spot. Fortunately the Dolphins will be playing indoors at the opulent Jerry Jones Palace, where outside temperatures hovering in the 40's and cold rain will have no affect on playing conditions.

The last time Miami came to Texas on Thanksgiving, snow poured through the hole in Dallas Stadium and covered the field with 4 inches of ice. The Cowboys led the Dolphins 14-13 with just seconds remaining when Jimmy Jones blocked Pete Stoyanovich's 40 yard game winning field goal attempt. While the ball slipped across the ice, Leon Lett made the boneheaded decision to try and scoop it up. The ball squirted away and Jeff Dellenbach recovered, giving Miami another attempt that Sweet Pete made good on. Leon Lett Miami win that day, but if the Dolphins wish to pull out a victory this visit, they will need to make a storm of their own.

The mood in Dallas is interesting, the fan base seems unsure whether to embrace Tony Romo or throw him in the Red River. It is understandable as Romo often follows good games with bad and seasons never end with the Cowboys in the playoffs, much less hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy. Miami fans know all too well what it is like to have a great QB, but no rings to show for it. Romo is not elite as Marino once was, but the results are similar.

After a 44-7 dismantling of the Bills, the Cowboys were able pull out a 27-24 overtime win against the Redskins. Miami beat the Redskins 2 weeks ago 20-9 and then gave the Bills a 35-8 beat down of their own last Sunday. The Dolphins and the Cowboys are coming off two games against the same opponents and Cowboy fans know from the scores of those games, no one is laughing at Miami anymore.

Prior to the Miami - Bills game on Sunday, the mood in Dallas was much more dismissive of the Dolphins, the mood is less cocky and a little more tepid today. Miami went into a prevent offense in the second half against the Bills or the score could have much more lopsided. The Dolphins handled the same Redskins that took Dallas to overtime. Miami is playing like a team with nothing to lose, the Cowboys are playing like a team with everything to lose.

Dallas fans, like all things Texas, have a bit of swagger but there are clear worry lines creasing the foreheads of the faithful. It's a great sign, Miami may not be getting much respect on the 4 letter network but the fans know a team rising from the ashes when they see it. As the lone Dolphin fan watching the Dolphins - Bills game and then the Cowboy - Redskins game, the locals were clearly hiding the women and children... The beast from the east is on the loose!

Consecutive wins over KC, Washington and Buffalo has Miami fans wondering whether the Dolphins have beat up on teams sinking faster than the Titanic or are the real deal. This game against the Cowboys will be the barometer of what Dolphin fans can expect the rest of the season. A win here and Miami will finally earn some respect and maybe even a few post-game highlights, a loss and a lot of "I-told-you-so" will follow.

The playoffs started 4 weeks ago for the Dolphins. If they wish to continue this improbable run, it is vital to leave Dallas with victory...

Live from Dallas Texas, this has been Johnny On-The-Spot!