Just How Good is Anthony Fasano?

Other than Chad Henne, I don't know if there is another player on the Miami Dolphins that people have such mixed opinions about like they do with Anthony Fasano. Some people want him replaced, and others want him to stay as the main guy.

Which side do you fall on?

Do you want Fasano as the starting tight end or do you want Miami to make an effort to find someone to replace him?

Tight end is becoming an increasingly important position. A lot of the top teams have great tight ends, and you don't have to look farther than the Dolphins own division to see their importance. The Patriots just might use their tight ends better than any team ever has ever, and Jets TE Dustin Keller is a very important part of the New York's offense. Now that the NFL has moved to a much more pass-happy league, we will continue to see tight ends grow in importance.

What we need to know is, is Anthony Fasano good enough to be a starting NFL tight end?

I sure think he is. Fasano is a great tight end that can make great catches. I don't say it much on this blog, but I am a huge supporter of his. When he has a good quarterback that uses him correctly, he can be one of the best producing tight ends in the league. He is great in the red zone, and Chad Henne never seemed to understand that. Chad Pennington knew that, and Matt Moore obviously knows that now. In the Kansas City game he had two receptions for two touchdown passes. Moore understood what kind of a weapon Fasano is, and he capitalized by feeding him twice for scores.

I really do think that Anthony Fasano is a top 10 tight end. He just needs the opportunity. (Side note) While I am the furthest thing from being sold on Matt Moore as Miami's starting quarterback of the future, I do acknowledge that he knows how to use his weapons, Fasano included.

We'll see what Fasano can do to end out the season. Don't be surprised if he scores more touchdowns than any other tight end from this week until the rest of the season.

I would like to add that I wouldn't mind if Miami added another tight end to compliment Fasano. It works for the Patriots, so why not try it here? Tight ends can be great for a young quarterback, so why not have two?

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