Losing Isn't Everything - It's the Only Thing

Miami Dolphins fans are quiet this week as they suffer through the Suck for Luck blues… What good is winning now they are asking each other? We had a chance at the best QB prospect to come out in 15 years and we blew it, we won! This is the state of the once proud franchise and its fickle fans, hoping to lose.

After whipping boy Chad Henne went down, Brandon Marshall rose to the bashing forefront. What’s the deal with Marshall catching passes, a touchdown even and Reggie Bush, the audacity of him, blowing around the end for a 28-yard score! Not to mention the poser Matt Moore and his 147 QB rating, that hasn’t happened in Miami since Dan Marino threw 48 TDs. The wannabe TE, Anthony Fasano catching two TD passes.

Oh the thrill of defeat and the agony of victory, who do we have to blame for this fiasco? It has to land squarely on the shoulders of Tony Sparano. Hey Tony, didn’t you get the memo, the Dolphins were sucking for Luck you Guinea bastard! Just when Dolphin fans thought the team was going to do something right and lose every game, they had to blow it! Now they could actually win enough games to miss out on every top QB prospect in the draft and be left with Matt Moore, or heaven forbid, Chad Henne.

Only the Dolphins could orchestrate such disappointment on its faithless fans. How hard can it be to lose? This coach and these players took away the only dream Miami fans had, being complete and total failures. Look at the Lions, they sucked so long it was inevitable they would get enough number one draft picks to eventually get good, but not Miami, noooooooo, they just couldn’t take one for the fans. They couldn’t continue to give fans reasons to bitch, they couldn’t continue to give reasons to hope that sucking for Luck would actually come true. Once again, they shattered the dreams of Dolphin fans everywhere.

The pure callousness of this team to its fans by winning a game will go down in the annuals of Dolfan misery. Losing isn’t a privilege, it’s a right, Dolphin fans deserve worse than this, after all the years of winning they deserve to lose, and they have earned it. They have run enough coaches, players and GMs out of town to proudly wear the crown as the biggest losers in the NFL. The gloom of winning is everywhere in Miami and will surely grow when the Dolphins find a way to win more games this season.

What could have been… What could have been…