Luck Train Falls Off the Track

Sorry all you Luck suckers, today the Miami Dolphins’ Luck train will officially jump the tracks and we can thank Vontae Davis for the inspiration. By disciplining Davis, Tony Sparano finally showed he has a backbone. The rigid spine will reverberate all the way through the locker room.

We will find out at some point what the altercation was about, but the speculation here is that Marshall told Davis to be a man and get on the field. It’s natural, Davis would take exception to these remarks considering the source is allergic to the end zone, but in the big picture, it was Sparano’s action that will change the tide.

Sparano should have told Marshall to sit after single handedly losing the Jets game by mysteriously running out of bounds, but Tony only made lame excuses. Jason Taylor has been virtually invisible this season, but is still acting like he is some kind of team leader, when Sparano should have told him to put his play where his mouth is, he did nothing.

When Sparano should have tried anything to get Mark Columbo off the field, he told us Columbo was playing well. It was like telling the entire Dolphin Nation that we are clueless and this guy is actually good… Earth to Tony, Columbo sucks! It’s like when he told us Gibril Wilson was playing well, or the wildcat was the next big thing to sweep the NFL.

It did a sweep all right; it swept the Dolphins in a vortex right down the toilet and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Tony actually showed a spine and the Dolphin players will follow suit, funny how that works, coach makes excuses for his team losing and the team keeps losing. Coach steps up and disciplines a player for not playing through an injury and the team steps up.

I expect the Dolphins to win this game, I have said this earlier in the season, but this time I feel there is a reason other than my wishful thinking. The Luck train stops here…

Go Fins!!!