Matt Moore? Karlos Dansby!!

Matt Moore, Matt Moore ?? Whod a thunk it.. Not me that's for sure. I was in Disney ( WDW ) when I heard the Dolphins had picked up Matt Moore, and my first thought was. Matt Moore ? why didn't they pick up Mickey Mouse ? Well our Mickey Mouse is playing pretty darn good, maybe I should rephrase that. Matt Moore is winning some games, and I will discard the Mickey Mouse reference from now on.

All year long we have been talking about someone stepping up and being a leader on this team. Well folks 2 players have done that Matt Moore and Karlos Dansby. "They are the leaders." Dansby is all over the field, he had 10 tackles, 2 for losses, 1 pic, and man that was a big one in the 4th quarter. Matt Moore took over from that point and marched the team down field for a clinching score. The entire year we have had problems in the final quarter of our games, not this week. Matt Moore and Karlos Dansby took care of that problem, and it was a welcome change.

Now lets not get delusional the team still has it's problems, but I'm not going to get into them today. Today is feel good day, so I'm going to take advantage of it. The Miami Dolphins have rejoined the NFL and it was great to see them !!

Who stood out in your eyes ?