Miami - Dallas Match-up

Live from Dallas Texas, Dolphinshout reporter Johnny On-The-Spot... The rain has cleared in Dallas, but they'all can keep the 37 degree weather. Some folks are walking around in shorts and can easily identify the enemy among them in the ski jacket and thermal undies or it could be the huge Dolphin emblem on the back, I'm not sure!

The cold stares have nothing on the cold, cold and are unable to penetrate the layers of clothes... Even the really glaring looks, bounce right of the aqua and orange Long Johns protecting me like Kevlar. The weather will climb into the 50s at game time but the Dolphins will be warm and cozy in the Arlington Palace. Strangely, the Cowboy fans are docile, as if expecting the worst.

The love affair with Tony Romo has turned into a, "what have you done for me in the playoffs lately," romance. Interestingly, I have only seen women wearing Romo jerseys, I can't decide if they like him or if they identify with him as one of their own. His fickle performances could lead the men on his team to wonder if they know him at all. The mileage he got from finishing the game with a broken rib and punctured lung seems to be wearing off.

The key to the game could be which Tony shows up, the good Tony or the bad Tony... It will be up to the Dolphin defense to bring out the bad in Tony. Relentless pressure will reveal the menopausal side of Romo and force him into making mistakes. Given time, Romo will light up, like giving a female a new pair of Cowboy boots on Christmas morning.

The Cowboy defense will be keying on Reggie Bush, like the national media, the Cowboys are not even sure they are playing a game on Thanksgiving. The only name they can think of Reggie Bush because of the 165 yards receiving he laid on them while with the Saints. The real match-up will be Terence Newman against Brandon Marshall. Marshall played the role of decoy against the Bills, but it will be Bush who keeps the Cowboy's attention and allows Brandon to make plays with his size advantage. Marshall must make the most of this opportunity.

I expect this game to be closely contested. The records don't reflect it, but these teams are very evenly matched. Matt Moore has thrown 6 TDs and 1 INT in the last 3 games and must continue to protect the football. Like every game for the Dolphins, this is a must win and they must continue to play sudden death football. Carlos Dansby has been a terror from sideline to sideline and he has breathed life into the Miami defense. If Dansby brings it, the defense will follow.

The keys... Bring out the softer side of Romo, get Brandon Marshall off early and release the Dansby dog pound.

This has been, Johnny On-The-Spot reporting live from Dallas Texas.

Miami 34 - Dallas 30