Random Thoughts

I think most of us know the season is over and once again all we have to talk about is the draft. Isn't that sickening to you ?

Tony is most likely gone, of course we are not sure of that but I don't see how they can keep him on. All one needs to do is look at the empty seats at home games. Based on those empty seats I think Ireland will be out the door along with Tony. My feeling is Boss Ross would like to keep Ireland on board, but those empty seats are talking to him and I think he will listen to them.

If Tony is let go I can see Norv Turner coming here. Oh please tell me that I am wrong.

I have seen some of you watching to see if Green Bay remains unbeaten. My thoughts are, does it really matter ? Many Moons ago the Dolphins went undefeated. That made them the second NFL team that went undefeated. The Chicago Bears did it before the Dolphins. The difference being that Bears team had one tie game that year. Which in turn made the Dolphin team that I had season tickets to, the only " Perfect Team " in the NFL.

My thoughts are, it doesn't matter if the Packers go undefeated. They can never beat perfect. Some thing that is perfect can never be taken away. No team can be any more than perfect, no matter how many games are played in a season. I actually wouldn't mind if some day some team had another perfect season. Maybe if another team did it, this team would lose the albatross that team has hung on this team so many years ago. So be my guest Green Bay and have your perfect season, if you can. For one season the Miami Dolphins were perfect, and you can't take that away even if you do that yourself.