The Real Reason for Miami Dolphin Three Game Win Streak

After an 0-7 start, I started wearing my number 54 Zach Thomas jersey, (End of story, that is it, that's the reason the Dolphins have suddenly started to resemble a legitimate NFL team during a three game "winning streak")!! It's a white jersey that's currently looking and smelling like a hunters camouflaged attire after a successful hunt of Buffalo, Redskins, and their Chiefs because I refuse to wash-off the good fortune it's brought to our beloved MIAMI DOLPHINS!! Don't you worry, I'll be gettin some Turkey and Cowboy blood on it next Thursday too, because (when it comes to the Fins I'm extremely superstitious),while in other aspects of life I'm not even a Lil-Bit "stitious",(not a word, a joke) :)!!
Shoot, "if" Porpoises walked the planet during the frontier days we might currently be communicating via a series of clicks, whistles, and sonar??

Seriously however.. The true reason our Dolphins have reached a gelatinous level is because they've now had the new playbook/scheme pounded into their brains for four months,(usually 10 months plus at this point even for a new OC/scheme)!!

The intricate parts that were brought in over the off season are becoming healthy while through practice and game repetition's they are now able to contribute to the plays initially designed for their roles!!(I've suggested since before the draft that Charles Clay has Fred Biletnikoff type hands),for those not of the 70s, Raider Biletnikoff covered his entire uniform and body from head to toe with what is now an illegal substance called "stick'em"!! As well, the new OC Brian Daboll has had a moment to learn what his veteran and new Dolphin players are capable of and how they fit while also being able to alter his original approach from that of Chad Henne to that of Matt Moore!!

Proof of some of the above can be visualized through a small sample of facts that took place in the game versus Buffalo!!

Brandon Marshall contributed zero points to my fantasy team, a good thing for Miami's sake while Reggie Bush (for the 3rd consecutive game), Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, Davone Bess, and even ( Lex Hilliard on ST's ) scored Touch-Downs!!

The Dolphins enjoyed their largest halftime lead since 2000 because at zero to three they scored 28 unanswered points before the Bills kicked a 56 yard FG as time ran out in the 2nd quarter resulting in a 28 - 6 Miami halftime lead..

Five straight three & outs for the Bills at one point in the first half!!
Back to back defensive sacks with a third sack and forced fumble on 4th down during the same Buffalo possession at midway through the third quarter with our Fins ahead at 35 - 6 !! ( Conservative )?? I think NOT !! Second game in a row with multiple interceptions due to the aggressive pressuring of the opposing QB!!
First divisional home victory since 2009, (a 7 - 9 Sparano coached team that ended the season with 9 starters on IR)!!
First three game win steak since 2008, (an 11 - 5 Sparano coached team that had Zero injuries for the entire year), not even a hang-nail, and also led the league in every intangible category that exist!!
First "special teams" blocked punt returned for a TD and six points since 1990!!
Porpoises hittin like wild Bison turning Buffalo into the fatty-type of ground beef!!

Wasn't that funnnnnnn?? GIGGITTY, GIGGITTY :) !!

Other than during a 72 hour meltdown in frustration of a failed 2 point play that cost the Fins a victory vs Denver.. I've been one that has totally supported Tony Sparano from day one, while I've been on Ireland's butt for a couple years (for the most part) due to his acquisitions not being able to stay healthy and/or on the roster therefore not being able to contribute to what was envisioned for them!!

I'll tell'ya what folks, I'll save it for the comments section as well as the appropriate times it'll be required, but I already have enough ammo to convince Ross to keep both Ireland & Sparano, while "if" our Fins continue to play and win in an as of late fashion, I'll have zero difficulty in convincing even the most down on the regime fans :) !!

THANX for an open-minded reading!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, GO M I A M I D O L P H I N S !!!!!