A time for Thanks.

Yep it's that time of year again. A time to get all teary eyed and give thanks to your Family and what good health you have or have left. A time to over indulge in just about every thing you can think about. And yes a time watch our Dolphins blow the hell off the top of Dallas. I hope !!!

What we haven't done or at least maybe not as much as we should have, is say thank you to Paul. I don't know if Paul wants me to say this or not, but what the hell I'm going to say this anyway. Paul is a student at the University of South Carolina. Yes, that's right. He is young one by some of our standards. He has never lived in Florida, as far as I know he has only visited down here one time. That was in the pre-season of this year, where he was invited by the Dolphins to see a game, visit the Davie facilities, and my favorite met a few of the Cheerleaders. " Lucky Dog " In short that is his Bio as far as the Dolphins go.

He has also brought a very dedicated group of Passionate Dolphin fans together so we can piss and moan about our Phins. He also assembled a diverse group of writers which keep us entertained not only during the season but during the off-season also. If you haven't been here during that time you need to continue checking in here when the season is over. Because the talk never ends. Over the past year more and more fans have been checking in and leaving there input. Those of us that write really are glad to see that, even though you may not agree with us.

If it were not for Paul starting the Dolphin Shout. None of us would know each other, and have an outlet to Bitch about our Dolphins.

Paul has put allot of his time in this site, and now is the time to thank him for the Dolphin Shout. So here is my Thank You Paul. You've done a great job with this, and I hope everyone feels the same way I do. C'mon Dolphin fans send Paul your thanks. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW !!!!

Have a great day with your families Tomorrow and as always Go Dolphins !!! Gary