What do the Miami Dolphins Have in Matt Moore?

In his first game against real competition that I have really watched attempting to determine whether he is the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback of the future, all I can say is that I am still not quite sure about Matt Moore.

Moore played pretty well against Dallas, but he still made some big mistakes and wasn't able to put the game away late. He was behind on a few throws, and if he hadn't fumbled the snap that gave the Cowboys the ball in the first half then we might be talking about a 4-game win streak for the Dolphins instead.

I am pretty sure that the Dolphins will be drafting a quarterback in the first round to be their starter as opposed to drafting one and expecting him to compete with Moore. Matt Moore still has a good shot at winning the starting job next year, but I don't see it happening. He is a good quarterback, but not great. He may have been able to lead the Dolphins to three wins by a big margin in the last three weeks, but the teams he got those wins against currently have a combined 12-18 record this season.

I do not dislike Matt Moore. I think that he has been great for the Dolphins. He has been able to get the ball into the right hands, something I don't think that Chad Henne was really able to do well enough. I just don't see him as a franchise quarterback.

One thing that Moore was able to do pretty well was throw the ball deep. What I noticed, though, is that he was a little under on most of his throws, which caused a lot of jump balls. Thankfully, the Dolphins receivers were able to come out with the ball.

I want to know what you guys think about Moore. Do you see him as better than any of the other quarterback prospects?

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think.

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