Here's to the Dolphins Winning Out

It’s an odd time for Miami fans as they ponder what the future holds for the Dolphins. The opening seven loses made it easy to speculate how the Dolphins would approach selecting a new coaching staff. Chad Henne’s season ending injury in the midst of the losing streak left Miami in the hands of a journeyman QB whose initial starts were uninspiring. The defense, which was supposed to be the strength of the team, was hovering near the bottom of the league and the entire team was in disarray.

With the Suck-for-Luck campaign in full bloom, the Dolphins found a spark, the coaches figured out winning game plans, Matt Moore began a pro bowl run at QB and the defense suddenly stifled opponents. In all the Dolphins now look like a formidable team that could seriously challenge all comers. However, with four games to play, even winning out will leave Miami with an 8-8 record and watching the playoffs from home.

The certainty of a new coaching staff and a first round QB has now led to debate about whether Sparano could earn another season and Matt Moore could become a franchise QB. It is hard not to root for Sparano and Moore, both have been ostracized to the point of exhaustion, making many people gravitate toward the underdogs they have become. Nevertheless, three straight seasons have found the Dolphins starting so slow, it has virtually eliminated them from the playoffs by mid-season.

It’s hard to reconcile the slow starts with giving the staff another chance. It has split the fan base into two distinct groups, those who believe Sparano should get another chance if the team wins 3 or 4 more games and those who are actually hoping the team will lose to seal Sparano’s fate. It is natural there will be folks on both sides of the debate, but one thing is certain, winning beats losing in any scenario.

Waltzing into work after winning is so much better than dreading the comments waiting after another loss. Grinning at fans from opposing teams instead of wearing a sneer all day makes the week just a little more tolerable. Ultimately, fan opinion may play a part in the direction the team takes after the season, but perhaps it is better to allow that to come in its own good time.

As fans, we impatiently wait 6 months each off-season for the season to begin and now it seems we are impatient for it to end. The Dolphins have won 4 of 5 and are playing some of the best football in the league. It’s not time to worry about what next year will bring, it is time to wear our colors with pride. The future could hold many things, but living in the present is much more enjoyable.

This is a call to Dolphin fans everywhere, carry the banner down into the fight! It’s not time to worry about the fate of Tony Sparano or Mat Moore, it’s time relish the feeling of your favorite team riding the tide of victory. The burgers are better, the beer is smoother and the world is sunnier after a win.

So, this fan hopes the Dolphins win every remaining game, the rest will take care of itself and give us plenty to debate during the long boring wait for football to begin again.

Go Fins!