Matt Barkley Might Be Coming to the NFL After All

Matt Barkley has sent in his paperwork to the NFL Draft Advisory board to see what they think about him and his draft prospects, according to Pedro Moura of ESPN.

From what I gather, this isn't anything really significant, but it does tell us that he is still considering the NFL. I kind of expect him to stay in college another year, but this is a good sign. At least he is taking the steps to go to the NFL. It might not be anything huge, but it is notable nonetheless.

On a separate note, I wanted to say that I have become less and less impressed with Robert Griffin III the more that I watch him. I don't see him making NFL throws. He may have a big arm, but he doesn't have a very accurate arm. A running quarterback can only do so much when he is inaccurate. The fact that he can run so fast makes him an exciting prospect, but not one that I want the Dolphins to get.

I am not quite positive yet, but I think that I have Kellen Moore ranked above Griffin III. I need to watch more film on Moore to be sure, but I get the feeling that he is a better passer than Griffin.

That's all I've got for today. Let me know your thoughts.

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