Miami Dolphin Playoff Game??

Hey Dolphin-Addicts..
Hope your Holiday season beyond football has been nothing but joyful :) !!

Well, we're all aware that our Miami Dolphin 2011 football season didn't go quite as well as we had hoped it might!! With our beloved team being eliminated from playoff contention early-on due to momentary instances of lacking focus during one or so plays in each and every loss, it's been a tough year to bare being soo-close, but yet, sooo farr from victories and/or the playoffs!!

However :) !! With the upcoming week 17 1pm match up our Dolphins will be playing in a playoff atmosphere vs Miami's most disliked rival in a game of which that rival has to win or be eliminated from their 3 year long boisterous guarantee of a 2011 playoff and Superbowl appearance!!

Those rivals have to win at our house, (which is a possibility) seeing that they have soo much more on the line!! However, our Fins will not go gracefully in a dress rehearsal preparation of being in a playoff atmosphere that will matter to our franchise towards the end of the 2012 season, while going-up against a division foe that lacks any class whatsoever offers the Fins another reason to rise above and beyond the occasion!!

The NFL's loud-mouths also need the Titans to lose at Houston in a 1pm match up,(which is a high possibility).. Houston at 10-5 is hoping to steal the #2 seed from both Baltimore, and/or Pittsburgh at 11-4 should Houston win at 1pm and both the Ravens and Steelers lose in separate 4pm contest.. Not a likely scenario for Houston, but they will be playing to win!!

Our week 17 opponent will also need the Bengals to lose a 4pm contest vs an inner-division rival Baltimore Ravens team who as suggested above will also be playing to win due to the numerous seeding scenario possibilities..While the game is in Cincy the Ravens are a better team, soo though the game is even more critical to Cincy, the Bengals losing (is a serious possibility)!!

Those gyzzz coming to Miami also need one team of two to lose in either Oakland vs San Diego, or Denver vs Kansas City in 4pm inner-division match ups,(another very likely possibility)!!

For myself at this point in any season, other than winning for a Miami Dolphin playoff position the only other extraordinarily exciting scenario second to that would be eliminating a team the likes of the one that's coming to our house in week 17!! I'd like nothing more (on this particular up-coming Sunday) than to have them prematurely (by 4 pm) feel the pain that we've felt for much of 2011, (then we can move-on toward what we'd like for o12) !! While seeing that so much more was expected of them (in their own minds), their season will end-up being every-bit the disappointment and failure if not more of one than that of our own season, especially if we're the one's that deliver the deathly blow to their heart!!
We didn't really expect a 2011 Super Bowl Championship, right?? Right!! So this is as good as it gets :) !!

It's quite possible that Tennessee, Cincinnati, and either Oakland or Denver will lose!! So it could very well be up to our Dolphins to give us some sense of happiness about who's in or not in the 2011 playoffs??
May I suggest that we fans root our butts off for our Miami Dolphins like never before this up-coming Playoff Sunday between 1 - 4 pm??
Even from afar YOU CAN HELP WILL OUR TEAM to kickin the classless crappers of the HATED Holiday Spirited yew nork nyets!!

In spite of it all, it's been a fun season of hangin with all of you!! I look forward to conversing with everybody through the coaching search, Free Agency, the draft, and franchise QB acquisition, while I'll also be spreading the faith in our Dolphins toward the 2012 season all the way up to and through that seasons playoffs!!

But first, lets over wind the rubber band that powers that lil airplane referred to as mean green, and put'em outta their misery!! While in victory over a ""guaranteed"" playoff bound, Superbowl winning team, our team and we the fans will be reassured at least to some extent of great hope for a prosperous Miami Dolphin 2012!! WhatDaYaSay??

THANX for an open-minded reading, GOFINS!!