Miami Welcomes Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle

The new coordinators for the Dolphins should bring a fresh look to the team and they come with a lot of experience that will help Joe Philbin as he begins his NFL head-coaching career. While Sherman has NFL head-coaching experience, Coyle is a bit of an unknown after spending 11 seasons as a defensive assistant in Cincinnati, 9 of those as DB coach.

In 2011, Texas A&M began the season as a top 10 ranked team, but the season began to unravel after consecutive loses to OSU and Arkansas, both ranked in the top 20. They beat Baylor but then lost to OU and Kansas State and a 25 to 27 loss to rival Texas, landed Sherman out of a job. The Aggies started the 2010 season 3–3 but won their final six games to finish 9–3 and become bowl eligible. With Ryan Tannehill at QB, A&M had a high flying pro-set offense, but defense was the Aggie downfall.

Prior to coaching the Aggies, Mike Holmgren hired Sherman as the Green Bay TE coach for the 1997–98 seasons and promoted him to offensive coordinator in 1999. When Mike Holmgren resigned to accept the Seattle Seahawks head coach position, Sherman was hired as head-coach of the Green Bay Packers. From the 2000 to 2004, Sherman led the Packers to five consecutive winning seasons and three divisional titles in 2002, 2003, and 2004, Sherman was fired by the Packers on January 2, 2006, after a dismal 4–12 season.

Before coaching in the NFL, Sherman served as an assistant coach at five different colleges, including Texas A&M, where he coached the offensive line for seven seasons. Right after college, Sherman first met Joe Philbin while coaching him as a TE at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts from 1979–80. That bond is what led to Sherman’s hire in Miami.

At Texas A&M, Sherman abandoned the zone read option offense, and installed the pro-style West Coast system he learned from Mike Holmgren. Sherman runs a balanced offense using West Coast formations, similar to what Brian Daboll established in Miami. This means the Dolphin offense will have much the same look as we saw in 2011 but with a few wrinkles from the Green Bay playbook. Plenty of 4 and 5 receiver sets with motion on 3 to 5 step drops for a fast-paced quick passing game.

The run game could suffer a bit from Sherman’s use of a zone-blocking scheme not utilized previously in Miami. Zone blocking requires quicker offensive lineman that block an area versus blocking a man. Look for Miami to bring in a number of offensive lineman and players like Vernon Carey will probably be let go. Long, Incognito and Pouncey will remain, but the right side of the line will have new faces.


Coyle began his college coaching career in 1978, after one year as a high school coach, as a graduate assistant at the University of Cincinnati. In 1980, he moved to Arkansas, where he served as a coaching assistant for one year, before moving on for a year at the US Merchant Marine Academy as the defensive coordinator. From 1982 to 1985, Coyle was an assistant coach at Holy Cross, before becoming the team's defensive coordinator from 1986-1990. During his time as the Holy Cross defensive coordinator, the school had the winningest Division I-AA team in the country, going 49-5-1 over those five years. (Wiki)

From 1991 to 2000, Coyle served as defensive coordinator at Syracuse, Maryland and Fresno State. In 2001, Coyle was hired by the Cincinnati Bengals as the team's cornerbacks coach. In 2003, with the hire of Marvin Lewis as the team's head coach, Coyle was promoted to defensive backs coach. Since Kevin Coyle was promoted, the Bengals defensive backs have posted 133 interceptions.

Coyle has coached Pro Bowlers Deltha O'Neal, Tory James, Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall and helped lead Cincinnati to a top-ten defense two of the past three seasons. His experience as a DC in college and 11 years coaching in the NFL have prepared him for the move to defensive coordinator in Miami. The Bengals used primarily a 4-3 defense under Mike Zimmer, but are expected to run a hybrid system using both 3-4 and 4-3 concepts.

The key to the direction of the Dolphin defense will be known with the decision to sign or release Paul Soliai. Without Soliai Miami will not have a seasoned nose tackle and a major cog in the 3-4 defense. Rookies rarely can handle the position as evidenced by how long it took Soliai to become a franchised player. Miami has depth at defensive line but no one player that can replace Soliai. If Soliai leaves as a free agent, Miami will turn to a 4-3 as the primary defense.

The loss of Jason Taylor could also predicate this switch as Miami loses one of its pass rushing LBs. Coyle will also make up for the loss of veteran DB coach Todd Bowles. After years in 3-4 the Dolphin roster could facilitate the change to a 4-3. Coyle is somewhat of an unknown at the coordinator position and Miami will have an advantage early in 2012 as teams try to figure out his schemes.

It’s new dawn in Miami with a new head-coach and two new coordinators. With any regime change, the players will have no history with the staff and there are certain to be personnel changes. The Dolphin offense showed promise under Brain Daboll and the defense played well for Mike Nolan. With a new look and a new attitude, the fans can expect a change from the slow starts as opponents have no history and Miami begins anew.

It will be an interesting season for the Miami Dolphins…

Foot in mouth.

No this has nothing to do with Rex Ryan.

I would guess by now most of you have seen or heard about what Brandon Marshall said about the Dolphins, or their QB after the Pro Bowl. If not, here is jest of what he said.

" Down in Miami, getting a feel for different quarterbacks, had three or four of them throughout my two years there,” Marshall said during a sideline interview. "Quarterbacks make it easier for me. These guys are putting it in the right places and I’m making plays. It’s easy right now. "

" Elite quarterbacks put [the ball] in the right spots "

These were direct quotes to a question posed to him about him catching 4 TD passes in the Pro Bowl as opposed to why he only caught 6 TD in the regular season.

While I find it refreshing that a player will say what is on his mind, I find myself wondering why he would say something like that to a National audience. Was he not thinking or is he just plain stupid ?

What ever the reason he split out of Hawaii early Sunday night saying he wanted to meet with new coach Philbin on Monday. His plans from what I heard were to leave the next day or so. I'm guessing that he needed to leave early once he realized how this must have looked to the team management and do some damage control. It was either that or he needed surgery to have is foot removed from his mouth.

Peyton Manning Struggling To Get Healthy

Peyton Manning is struggling to get healthy, according to Peter King during NBC's pregame show yesterday before the Pro Bowl.

Also according to King, Gil Brandt's (Senior Analysts of "gut feeling" is that we have seen the last of Peyton's playing days in the NFL.

Unfortunately, it appears that we have seen the last of Peyton Manning playing in an NFL uniform. It is a shame, but there's nothing anyone can do to change it. As most of you know, Peyton was my first choice as quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Now that that isn't going to happen I would be more than happy to take Matt Flynn as a consolation prize. He is a great fit in Miami, and I believe that the will thrive with the weapons that the Dolphins have.

Here is a video of Matt Flynn's 6 TD game from Week 17 of this season just to get you guys warmed up to him. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think about the latest news involving Manning.

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Brandon Marshall Wins 2012 Pro Bowl MVP

Brandon Marshall has been named the 2012 Pro Bowl MVP. He had 177 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.

Check out the video of his third, and definitely coolest, touchdown of the game.

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Miami Dolphin fans QB Choice is...

I would like to thank everyone for their excellent input! The results of the poll indicate Flynn as the popular choice, although I’m sure KV voted from 4 different computers!

Matt Flynn……………..……31 (40%)
Matt Moore…………….….. 16 (21%)
Peyton Manning….……... 14 (18%)
RG3…………....………...….. 7 (9%)
Andrew Luck…….………... 5 (6%)
Chad Henne……………….. 2 (2%)
Ryan Tannehill……………. 1 (1%)

Riverdog made a very profound statement when he said, “We will know what Philbin thinks of Flynn very early in March. If Miami doesn't make a pitch for him right away, Philbin doesn't think that much of him.” This is absolutely true and gives Miami a distinct advantage in knowing the worth of Flynn. If Philbin thinks he is the guy, he will be a Dolphin, because there is no one in the NFL who knows Matt Flynn better than Joe Philbin.

“Everyone states Flynn hasn't proven/played enough to be considered... Well lets see now, GIII hasn't even stepped in an NFL locker room & everyone's willing to jump on the GIII hype.” (Finzone) The draft is like Christmas to NFL fans, all the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and everyone of them is perfect until the season starts. Fans love draft choices because of the unknown, once the box is unwrapped and turns out to be good or bad doesn’t matter as much as the promise under the tree.

Larryrife said, “if Flynn is a bust he sets you back a lot less then RG3 would. By trading away your picks, you are losing out on a lot of potentially great players.” I agree with Larry and so does Rick, “At least Peyton or Flynn will be free agents and would cost a ton of money but no picks.” Matt Burr’s thoughts are conservative but make a lot of sense, “get Flynn and use our pick to sure up the other side of the line so we can have two great tackles and a great center.” KV’s thinking like a GM with, “I'm nabbing Flynn (in early March) just in case the deal for RG3 (in late April) doesn't come together!!”

Thorny said, “Manning, I love this guy, but too old, too risky, and seriously one great hit from a wheel chair. I really can't see this being a good option at all.” Paul chimed in with, “would prefer Manning, then Flynn, then RG3. I honestly think RG3 is overrated, but I would be all right if they get him.” I removed Manning in the last article due to Thorny’s concerns, but there are many fans thinking he would be good option. Dolfan Jesse said, “Peyton Manning turns the Dolphins into an instant playoff contender. By the time Peyton retires, maybe in 3-4 years (granted no more surgeries), the Tom Brady era will also be coming to an end and it will loosen up the competition within the division.”

Previously I made it clear, Manning is a great QB, aside from the unease about his injury potential, I don’t think Miami would be at the top of his wish list. As a free agent, Manning will have his choice of where he wants to play. He’s made millions in his career and has endorsements worth millions more, money is a secondary priority. Should his brother win the Super Bowl next weekend, Peyton is going to have one thing on his mind, getting back to the dance.

Miami’s roster is geared toward a possession passing game, but with Reggie Bush, the Dolphins have an excellent option coming out of the backfield. The much maligned offensive line was built for the running game. And finally, the defensive line is designed to stop the run first and pass rush second. Defensively Miami does not fit a quick scoring offense. Mike Sherman grew up in a West Coast system and though Manning could probably adapt to his weapons, there are other teams, like the Jets (in close proximity to his brother) that are better options and I think he will choose one of those.

I think Thorny says it all, “Moore, what can I say, I would much rather have Moore as the Qb for this team starting 2012. Look he played lights out once he started to gel with the team and the offense took on a totally different dynamic. Wow, I thought Moore was a chump he prove ME WRONG BIG TIME.” Polly agrees with Thorny, “I feel Moore deserves a chance, with good coaching and training camp, I think he will be a QB that can lead the team. They really rallied with him under center.”

Sgt Flex brings up a great point, “I say keep Matt Moore for a chance, but remember what happened to him in Carolina, and why Dallas let him go in the first place?” I need to remind Sgt that Carolina poached Moore off Dallas’ practice squad. There is no denying Moore showed a lot of potential, after a rough start, he made the most of his opportunity. He is under contract for 2012 and he will be in the mix, it is completely up to him whether he wins the job in Miami.

Several folks on this blog know, I predicted Miami would sign Moore prior to last season. The reason was because Ireland brought him in at Dallas and was very unhappy when Carolina poached him. For me, it was because of exactly what Thorny saw, when the guy is given an opportunity, he makes the most of it. Many QBs washout after suffering adversity, Moore just keeps coming back. I like him a lot and whatever happens with the other QBs, Moore makes me feel Miami will better in 2012. As Hooterize said, “Flynn has one good game and he's a godsend? I hated the getting of Matt Moore last year but he's earned my respect and a chance to compete.”

The thought here is Andrew Luck will never make it to Miami. There is probably some outrageous scenario that could make it happen, but I don’t see the Dolphins trading away the future for Luck, even if they feel he is worth it, they won’t do it. That means RG3 is the only option for our 1st pick. I know there is a lot of Tannehill talk and I’ll get to that in a bit, but I don’t see Tannehill at 8/9 in this draft.

Roeblount had this to say, “RG3 is one of this guys who has a high ceiling and because he is so smart he will be able to pickup the offense. He's impressed the likes of Dan Marino, Kim Bokamper, Troy Drayton, Kordell Stewart and Trent Dilfer. So what does that say about the kid, a lot.” RG3 has great potential but I have to agree with Eddie Boswell when he said, “there are at least two other teams that need quarterbacks that are ahead of Miami in the draft so my first pick is Matt Flynn. You get a good prospect as a franchise QB and you don't have to sacrifice a draft pick or a number of them to get a potential franchise QB.”

Canamdolphin agrees with this train of thought, “Flynn in free agency and the 3rd-ranked QB in the draft. Let Moore and Flynn compete and let the rookie watch and learn. Shore up the right side of the O-line through free agency or the draft. Find the best players available.” And then I also like Sgt Flex’s thinking, “get a new safety in the second and then grab Kellen Moore after that. He is a proven winner.”

Jimmy sums up the problem with Tannehill, “why have I heard a lot of excitement about Tannehill? I don't think there is any way he will get out of the first round with so many teams looking for a QB this year (and so few good ones available). I don't see any way of the dolphins getting him unless they take him at 8/9 (quite a reach) and they would most likely have to trade up into the 1st rounds to get him later on if not at 8/9. I realize he played with Sherman and everything. With all the talk about not wanting another 2nd round QB, why the fuss about Tannehill?”

I would not be surprised to see Kellen Moore as a later round pick. For those folks who mentioned Pat Devlin, I’m sorry to say Devlin is a project, he has some skills, but he does not have the confidence needed in the NFL. He left the University of Pittsburgh because he could not beat out Tyler Palko. I don’t think many folks would call Palko a franchise QB, Devlin will be a journeyman backup. Maybe he needs a chance, but I hope it comes somewhere else because if we see Devlin under center, it will mean things have gone terribly wrong in Miami.

Philbin came in with a plan and I’m certain that plan includes Matt Flynn competing with Matt Moore, so KV’s, “FlyMM” is Miami’s QB plan for 2012. In the end, I have to go back to Riverdog’s quote, “We will know what Philbin thinks of Flynn very early in March. If Miami doesn't make a pitch for him right away, Philbin doesn't think that much of him.” If Philbin has the conviction in Flynn all the rest of the talk is wasted because Philbin will do what it takes to get Flynn. Knowing Stephen Ross wants to bring this team back to prominence I’m certain one of his questions to potential coaches was, “what will you do about the QB situation?”

I’m not going out on a limb by predicting Philbin told Ross, “Flynn is the QB Miami has been looking for,” and with Flynn, Philbin will bring the Lombardi trophy back to Miami!

NOTE: To the folks whose comments I did not use… Dolphinshout will do this again and I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions! I tried to correct typos, but I may have missed some…

Vote on the Franchise QB------------------>

The Dolphins begin 2012 with a fresh start, a new coaching staff still in the making and new hope from the beleaguered fan base, but the same problem still haunts the franchise since Dan Marino, finding a franchise QB. Rehashing the multitude of QBs since Marino is like trying to find a destiny only to realize the circular journey has returned to the starting point, year after year. Whether it is untimely draft position, wrong choices or just plain bad Luck, the song remains the same.

2012 finds the Dolphins in the familiar position, without a true franchise QB and limited opportunities to acquire one. There are four possible options this year and new coach Joe Philbin’s career success will be defined by Jeff Ireland’s ability to finally make it happen. The big four this year are, two draft choices, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin, and two free agents, Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. There is also a lingering hope that Matt Moore could come into his own, and carry the banner.

Each of these five has warts whether it be a lack of talent, physical issues or a prohibitive price tag. Each of these choices has positives that merit them being on this list, but for Miami the wrong choice will lead to more years of misery and fan discontent. The intent here is to come to a conclusion as to which player best suits the Dolphins this season and in the future.

Matt Moore is under contract in Miami for another season and the Dolphins should honor that commitment regardless of what they do with the other options. Moore had a good season after a rough start with four consecutive losses. The team rallied around him and he won their respect, if not the fans. He ended the season with an 87.1 QB rating that featured 16 TDs and 9 Ints. He played miserably in October after no training camp and few reps as the backup to Chad Henne. His 87.1 rating was brought down by those first 4 games but his season took off from that point.

In November and December, his play improved to the point where he belongs in this discussion. His improvement is reflected in his 103.3 QB rating with 14 TDs and 3 INTs over that span. He ranked among the leagues best QBs during that period and only his play against the NY Jets, 63.1 QB rating with 1 TD and 2 INTs in a winning January effort kept his season numbers from being even higher. Moore has plenty of room to improve, but he earned the opportunity to compete in 2012. Regardless of the other choices, Moore will be on the roster.

Peyton Manning did not play a single down in 2012 after being sidelined by a career threatening injury. Manning underwent a single level fusion in the cervical (neck) area of his spine, the third surgery in about 1.5 years. Manning’s career peaked in 2004 with a prolific 121.1 QB rating, 49 TDs and 10 INTs. He led the Colts to a Super Bowl victory in 2007. Manning has won 4 NFL MVP awards and led the Colts back to the Super Bowl in 2009.

Manning career numbers speak for themselves, but how does that relate to the Miami Dolphins. The most pertinent question is Manning’s health. A cervical spine fusion takes about 12 months under normal conditions for the bones to fuse, but the nerve damage is the cause for concern with Manning. The cervical nerves are responsible for the movements of the upper body, when those nerves are damaged, weakness of the arms and neck follows. The nerves will regenerate over time, but there is no guarantee Manning will ever regain the strength and range of motion needed to play QB in the NFL. If he does recover, there is always the possibility of re-injuring the neck. After 3 surgeries, the next instance will surely end Manning’s career.

For Miami, the risk is too great. The Dolphins may need a franchise QB, but they are not at the point where one player will take them to the Super Bowl. For Manning, time is of the essence, if he is get another shot at the big dance it will have to come with a team that is ready to win now. Miami is not that team. Miami may make Manning an offer but in his own best interest he will choose to play elsewhere and it could be the best thing for the Dolphins. Manning will not be a Dolphin in 2012.

Andrew Luck would be the dream selection for many teams in the NFL, but remove his name from the running, there is no way the Colts will not release Manning and start fresh with Luck. There could be outrageous trade offers for the 1st pick in the draft, but after knowing the impact of having a Peyton Manning, Luck will land in Indianapolis.

That leave two plausible candidates out of the five presented here, Robert Griffin III and Matt Flynn. That will be the debate for Dolphinshout. Dolphinshout will listen to your opinions on which of these two is the right choice and your reasoning. Consider your reasons well and bring to Dolphinshout your most compelling thoughts on which should be the choice and why.

Once the best Dolphin fans on the web have analyzed this, I will write the conclusion based on your thoughts and of course my own limited wisdom.

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Wants Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is on the top of Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' wish list, according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

Volin goes on to say that the Dolphins would be very happy to get Green Bay's Matt Flynn instead, but their Ross' first choice for Miami is Manning.

Stephen Ross wants a franchise quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. That much is very obvious. He knows what it takes now to win football games, and I have a feeling that he will be willing to pay really big money to win those games.

I'm not sure what kind of contract offer Peyton Manning will get from the Dolphins, but I would not be surprised if the offer sets some type of record for a quarterback.

Before Manning enters free agency two things have to happen for Miami to be able to offer him a contract. First, the Colts need to be willing to release him. He is due $28 million if they keep him next year, which is a very steep price that they aren't expected to pay him when they can just sign Andrew Luck. Next, he needs to prove that he is healthy enough to play. That could be the biggest obstacle. After all, he did miss all of last year with his neck injury. He needs to be sure that he is healthy before he can play again.

If both of those things happen, then I want Miami to get him no matter the price. I don't care how old he is. Just look at his numbers during the last few seasons that he played and tell me honestly that you don't want that. Here's the link to his full stats: Peyton Manning.

Say whatever you want about Manning, but the fact of the matter is this: he was able to win a ton of games with a surrounding cast that wasn't as nearly as good as the Dolphins current roster. AND, if he stays healthy we could have him for another 3-5 years. I don't know about you, but that sounds amazing to me. Adding Manning would turn us into instant Super Bowl contenders, and I firmly believe that.

I know Coach Philbin said that he doesn't believe in a team being just "one player away", and he may be right, but they are one "top 5 greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL" away. Manning is like Brett Favre after he left Green Bay times two. He still has a few great years left in him. I'll take that all day.

I hope I am preaching to the choir on this one, but I don't think that I am. Let me know what you guys think. Do you agree with me? If not, why?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Really Isn't as Bad as Everyone Thinks

Now that everyone has had time to calm down a little after the news that Jeff Fisher decided to coach the Rams instead of our Miami Dolphins I would like to say something. I will probably have a lot of people who disagree with me, so I encourage you to post your responses below. Now here it goes:

Despite what a lot of Dolphins fans believe, Jeff Ireland is actually a good General Manager.

You don't hear that much nowadays do you?

But hear me out. Ireland has built an extremely talented team. Miami is a quarterback away from being a top NFL team, and that is a credit to Ireland.

Ireland has built a great defense with a lot of great pass rushers, solid linebackers, and talented young corners. Of the four teams left in the playoffs this season three of them (Giants, Ravens, and 49ers) have great defenses that they have relied heavily on. In an age where passing offenses are the norm it is actually defenses that have, for the most part, carried their teams to the championships, and the Dolphins have a top ten defense thanks to Ireland.

Ireland's only real mistake is not getting a true starting quarterback. One who, as Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel would say, is a killer. Ireland has gotten quarterbacks with good arms, good accuracy, and good size and height, but he hasn't brought in a quarterback with the most important attribute. The ability to do what is needed to do to win. The ability to go in for the kill. The ability to put together a drive when it is needed most and when the pressure is on. No quarterback Miami has is a killer in that sense (hopefully not in any other sense, either). Matt Moore looked like he might be a killer at first, but he doesn't look like it anymore. Moore is a good quarterback just like Chad Henne, but also like Henne, he isn't a good killer.

My hope this year is that Ireland is able to give us a quarterback who knows how to win no matter the situation. If the Dolphins can get that then they will be in the playoffs next year. It's as simple as that.

Now, I know how a lot of people hate Ireland. If you told every Dolphins fan on the planet that they could choose one player, coach, or personnel member to be removed from the team then 75-90% of them would say Ireland.

He just isn't a much liked person, and I understand. He almost never talks to the media or does interviews. He seems to always take in Dallas Cowboys rejects. He had that whole situation with Dez Bryant before the 2010 NFL Draft. He gives the impression that he doesn't care what the fans think, and that's because he doesn't. He only cares about building a good football team.

One thing I really like about Ireland is that he sticks to his guns. He doesn't deviate from the plan too much, and I like that.

So, you can hate on Jeff Ireland all you want, but he has actually built a really good team and I am confident that he will find us the quarterback that Miami needs this offseason.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.

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Check Out The Miami Dolphins New Head Coach Joe Philbin [Video]

Here is the introductory press conference for Joe Philbin, the new Miami Dolphins head coach.

Miami Dolphins to Hire Joe Philbin

The Miami Dolphins are going to hire former Packers Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

This is great news, and I'm very excited that the Dolphins decided to hire him. I believe that he was a better choice than Jeff Fisher to coach in Miami.

If I had to make a prediction I would say that I think the Dolphins are going to try and add Packers QB Matt Flynn as well. This is very exciting news.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think.
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Joe Philbin Could Win in Miami

After missing on the only viable experienced head coach, the Miami Dolphins have narrowed the search down to three candidates, Todd Bowles, the motivator; Mike McCoy, the coach who changed his offense to fit a QB or Joe Philbin, the coach who has a system. Comparing these three against some of the NFL's greatest coaches could be the key in making the proper selection. Three great coaches with distinctly different styles can shed some light on what to expect from these candidates, Vince Lombardi, Don Shula and Bill Walsh.

Vince Lombardi was the ultimate motivator. His ability to use inspirational language to get every ounce of talent out of his roster is likened to some of history’s great leaders. Some of the phrases Lombardi used are so iconic they have passed into the vernacular of American culture. “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.” The list of these quotes goes on and he delivered these words like an orator on a stage, rousing his teams to unbeatable levels.

Vince Lombardi led the Packers to 5 NFL championships and 2 Super Bowls. His players would run through stonewalls after some of his impassioned speeches, but it wasn’t the game day inspiration that made Lombardi special, he was a man who lived by these credos everyday. By passing his astounding will to win on to his players, everyday, he was able to make them believe they were an unstoppable force and for a 10 year period in professional football, indeed they were.

Shula is the winningest coach in NFL history, he was able to mold teams from the collection of players he had on the roster. When he had a bruising back like Larry Csonka and a consummate game managing QB like Bob Griese, he molded a running attach that was unparalleled in the NFL. By adding one player, WR Paul Warfield, he was able to open up the deep passing game for an unstoppable mixture of talent. His offense beat teams down until they brought house and then Griese went over the top to Warfield. It was nearly impossible to defend that combination.

When Dan Marino fell in his lap, he transformed his offense into the most prolific passing attack ever seen at that time in the league. He used lightning quick WRs, coupled with pass catching TEs to take advantage of Marino’s amazingly quick release. Shula does not get the credit, but his offense ushered in the modern NFL passing game. He took his teams to an unprecedented 6 Super Bowls and 1 NFL championship. He was even able to do it with a two-headed QB named David Woodley and Don Strock. He may have only won two SBs but getting there with such an eclectic mixture of talent is a prime example of his amazing ability to adapt to the talent he had on the football team.

Bill Walsh was a man with a plan, he was the definitive system coach. He changed the NFL by creating the unique system now known as the West Coast Offense. Instead of molding talent or using motivational language, he created a system and then found players who fit. This approach was completely different from Shula or Lombardi, because by narrowing down the type of player he needed, he was able to find jewels where others saw blemishes.

Joe Montana was a 3rd round pick, Jerry Rice was from tiny Mississippi Valley State and no one except Walsh saw him as a 1st round draft pick. Walsh wasn’t looking to build a team around players, he was looking for players to fit his system. This approach motivated these players because others could not see what Walsh saw and by providing the opportunity, they rose to the highest levels. Walsh led the 49ers to 3 SB victories but his impact on the game reverberates through the NFL as many modern coaches use his system approach and West Coast Offense to build franchises to this day.

Three different men, with three distinctly different philosophies, all rose to the top of a profession that has washed out thousands of others who were not up to the task. While it is monumentally unfair to compare Todd Bowles, Mike McCoy or Joe Philbin to these great coaches, any search for a coach must include the criteria that made these men special. Is one of these three capable of being an exceptional motivator? Is one capable of adapting a team to the talents on his roster? Is one capable of creating a system and identifying the talent to make it work?

It is interesting that each of these 3 choices fits one of the philosophies, Bowles could be a Lombardi type coach, who motivates players; McCoy can adapt an offense to a player like Tim Tebow and Philbin is a West Coast system guy. The question is, is any one of them special, can any one be the next great coach Stephen Ross is looking for?

Looking at the Miami Dolphin Roster is decisive in answering this question. Can the Dolphins get to the next level by pure motivation, the answer is probably no. The reason is that motivation like Lombardi is built from the ground up. The message gets lost on players who were not brought up through a system that begins with hard work as the premise. Because of this, Todd Bowles should be eliminated from the equation.

Can the Dolphins get there by a coach adapting to the talent on the roster. The answer to this question lies in the players on the Dolphins. Adapting to talent means there is a special player to adapt a system around. Unfortunately Miami has no single Tim Tebow like player worthy of building a team round. Because of this, Mike McCoy should be eliminated.

Can the Dolphins be adapted to a system like the West Coast Offense and the answer is… Yes. Brian Daboll was able to take the Dolphin offense and use the players in a West Coast system to succeed in the final 9 games of the season. This means the team has the offensive players to fit the system. Joe Philbin intimately understands this system and has the greatest opportunity of success of the 3 men vying for the position.

By looking at the 3 men in the coaching search and using an historic approach of comparing them to 3 great coaches and then matching them to the Miami Dolphin roster, the choice of a coach becomes obvious. There is no telling whether the Dolphin brain trust would use such an approach and without being in the interview room, there is no way of knowing the whether any of these men are worthy, but by using the available data, Joe Philbin rises to the top of the equation.

The Miami Dolphins will select a coach soon and the choice here is Joe Philbin.

A QB Will Bring a Genius Coach to Miami

The Dolphins have trimmed the list to 3 according to several news reports, but it won’t really matter without a franchise QB. Jeff Fisher turned down the Dolphins because there was no Sam Bradford and no draft pick high enough to acquire Andrew Luck or RG3. The NFL coaching carousel keeps turning and the survivors can thank the players behind center for their good fortune.

Consider, after the 2008 season, 9 coaches lost their jobs.

In Cleveland, Romeo Crennel lost his job and Eric Mangini was hired, without a QB Mangini was gone and Crennel is now in KC.

In Denver, Mike Shanahan lost his job and Josh McDaniels was hired, McDaniels was fired and Shanahan ended up in Washington.

In Detroit, Rod Marinelli was fired and Jim Schwartz was hired, Schwartz drafted Stafford and he survives.

In Indianapolis, Tony Dungy retired, Jim Caldwell was given the job by default but was fired when Payton Manning missed the entire 2011 season.

In KC, Herm Edwards was fired and replaced by Todd Haley. Matt Cassell couldn’t stay healthy and Haley was fired.

In New York, Eric Mangini was fired and the Jets hired Rex Ryan. Ryan drafted Sanchez and manages to survive.

In Saint Louis, Jim Haslett was fired and Steve Spagnuolo was hired only to be fired when Sam Bradford couldn’t stay healthy.

In Seattle, Mike Holmgren resigned and Jim Mora was hired only to be fired when Matt Hasslebeck couldn’t stay healthy.

In Tampa Bay, Jon Gruden was fired and Raheem Morris was hired only to be fired when Josh Freeman couldn't duplicate his early success.

There are 15-fired coaches on that list from 2009 and all have one wart in common, they lacked a franchise QB. Of the 15 mentioned only 4 are head coaches today. Crennel and Shanahan are now with different teams, which means of those 15 coaches only Jim Schwartz and Rex Ryan have survived 3 years! Schwartz drafted Matt Stafford and Ryan drafted Sanchez.

Payton, Tomlin, Coughlin, Belichick, are no more genius than those 15 coaches are, but they have the QB. Even San Francisco and Baltimore with the great Harbaugh brothers have 1st round QBs in the fold. It is ridiculous to remain on the foolish carousel when the coach is not the main ingredient.

It means firing Tony Sparano was a waste of time because Sparano could have been any one of those 15. It means that every time a team fires its coaching staff without the QB in place it sets itself back another 3 years. Each coordinator change, scheme change or system change leads to player turnover that ultimately leads to continued losing.

All a man like Jeff Fisher has to do is study the list above and it’s clear why he’s in Saint Louis. All Stephen Ross has to do is study the list and make it perfectly clear to Jeff Ireland what needs to happen if Miami is going to be contending any time soon. Find a franchise QB!

Many times, we hear the mantra, “we should not mortgage our future for the uncertain.” What future? What realistic future does any coach or GM have if they do not have a QB? All the coaching in the world will not turn Matt Moore into Tom Brady, no offensive tackle in the league ever throws the football, and no defense can shutout every opponent every week.

The onus is on Ross as well, because he has invested a billion dollars in a business that will live or die based on getting fans in the seats. The fans come when a team competes. The team competes when it has a QB. There is no future without that player and hence not getting the player is what will mortgage the future. Every year that passes without hope further depresses the fan base and finally the team dissolves, or moves on to another city.

Throw away the thought of a coach making a huge impact, throw away the thought of mortgaging the future; only one priority should be paramount, find a QB.

The Dolphins don’t need another coach Mr. Ross. They don’t need a GM or a Czar.

The Miami Dolphins will return when a QB returns.

Fisher Was Not a Fit in Miami

Stephen Ross made the decision that will define his ownership, he chose Jeff Ireland over Jeff Fisher. The decision was based on organizational chain of command and structural hierarchy more than power, but it will look on the outside, as though Jeff Ireland won a power struggle. Systems in the NFL can work both ways, some have coaches with the final say and some have GMs with the final say. By firing Tony Sparano and retaining Ireland, Ross had already made the decision on the direction of the organization.

It is apparent there was discomfort with Fisher’s demands and it may come down to some of the players Fisher drafted with the Titans. Fisher was willing to look past the character issues with players like Albert Haynesworth, Pacman Jones and Vince Young and it led to his demise in Tennessee. For Fisher, it was the thought that his career would ride on the players he selected and he did not want those players dictated to him by a GM.

Bill Parcells was the football Czar in Miami and relegated Huizenga and Ross to sideline roles in the team’s office at Joe Robbie Stadium. Parcells quit because he knew Stephen Ross was not going to remain a silent partner in his billion-dollar investment. Parcells left the Dolphins as a disconnected team with the business offices split from the football operations. Ross knew he needed to fix this and Fisher’s demands would essentially take the team back to the Parcells’ structure.

On the surface it looks like the Dolphins lost out on the coach, but in the larger picture Miami made the right decision and it will prove out when Fisher fails in Saint Louis. There is simply not enough time in the day to perform the duties of coach and personnel director. Both positions need to be autonomous while completely cooperative. There must be trust from both sides of the equation, the coach must have complete control of the team and the personnel man must have complete control of the roster.

The coach defines his needs and depends on the personnel people to evaluate and select those players. When the coach asks for final say on personnel, the culture of trust is broken in a cooperative organization. Ross is a businessman and success in business depends on a clearly defined hierarchy where decisions are made within the structure of the organization.

The Parcellsian structure took ownership out of the equation. Wayne Huizenga had failed with Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Nick Saban and Cam Cameron and decided to hand over the organization to Bill Parcells. Stephen Ross was not part of those failures and is not willing to have a coach acting in the role of Czar. It may seem from the outside, Ireland made the power play responsible for Fisher’s decision to choose Saint Louis, but Ross decided the structure was more important than the coach.

Fisher interviewed with the Dolphins in a position of power. Ross said, “I will not be outbid,” for his services, but something must have given Ross an uneasy feeling with Fisher. If Ross had felt a true conviction with Fisher, Fisher would now be coaching the Dolphins regardless of Ireland’s position with the team. Perhaps Ross felt the same arrogance on Fisher’s part as he did in the presence of Bill Parcells and billionaires are not inclined to take a backseat with their toys.

In the end, the structure won out over the coach. In the short term, the Dolphins may suffer, but in the end, the team will benefit from the entirety being more important than the man. Miami will select a coach who will work together with Ireland and Ross and build a team with continuity within the structure. The big Fish didn’t shake the hook, the big Fish was released, like a giant tarpon, fun to fight, but too many bones for the table.

The FISH-er that got away !!

Heyy fellow Fin-Addicts, hope you're well !!

Excuse me for repeating myself as I've posted most of this in the comments sections,however I put it all together here for those that might be interested and may have missed it!!

The only real reason I wanted Jeff Fisher was so that (in landing a Big-Name) the fans and media would get off of owner Steven Ross and General Manager Jeff Irelands back, and I wouldn't have had to concern myself with Fisher being chased out of town before being given an ample, legitimate, fair opportunity because he had "a name"!! I guess that reasoning is out the door, OHHH-WELL I suggested to everybody that landing someone that's absolutely better than Sparano wouldn't be a given, but most demanded his firing anyways!!

Mr.Fisher runs a conservatively boring ground and pound Offense which would have seriously minimized Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall's production,(or at least that's what he's been, up to this point)!! In chunk yardage plays for the 2011 season with Matt Moore being the QB of our Dolphins they finished ahead of the Saints with Drew Brees and second only to the Packers with Aaron Rodgers and all those weapons employed by those two elite teams !! Pretty Impressive Huh ?? We would have been denied that type of excitement for the rest of eternity if Fisher were to come here and revert our team back to that of (for the most part) Tony Sparano's 09/010 offensive attitude!! After only 3 yrs Sparano finally started to evolve in 2011 (and it took all he had in him to attempt such a feat), we'd of had to hope like hell that after 17 yrs of comfortable stubbornness Fisher would have been willing to evolve at least to the same extent of what Sparano attempted in order to keep pace with the rest of the league!!

Fisher would have also guaranteed a change of our beginning to jell Defense from a 3 - 4 to a 4-3 base alignment, (though our current D players for the most part) have the versatility to play either the 3-4 or 4-3, an obstacle as such would have cost our team another re-learning process which would have seriously minimized a momentum carry-over from 2011!!

The progress, made in finishing 6-3 would have been derailed to the extreme!! Personally I would have rather kept Sparano (Luv'd the guy, always been a fan) because he was starting to show the ability to evolve, and I didn't believe that longtime veteran Fisher would have been willing to do what we begged of Tony!! I was of the thought that Fisher would bring boring ball back into play for our Dolphins 8[ , and who knows what he would have done to the starting to become cohesive roster??

I wasn't excited whatsoever about Fisher (I was actually depressed during the days it was being suggested that he'll become a Dolphin), because with his 17 years experience, he wouldn't have been likely to go away from running the type of Offense that targeted all the strategies that chased Sparano out of Miami and to our number one rival, a (ground and pound, protect the Defense, playin not to lose) style of Offense!! Sparano started to evolve and we started playing explosive ball, but the fans impression of Tony had already crossed the point of no return..

But at least with Fisher the fans would have had their Big-Name and could have been bored to death in that accomplishment, and the heat would have been off the brass for a minute!! Not sayin that I don't like Fisher (cuz I do), he was actually my top choice (if TS had to go) until the NYG game and an 0 - 7 start when I noticed a change in the teams approach and personality in that loss!! Not sayin that he wouldn't have won, or that he'd of been bad for the organization, just that I was hoping to continue forward progress toward eventually being a go for the throat explosive type offense and team!! NOWWW I'm HAPPY to suggest, THAT WILL TAKE PLACE!!

There are still a bunch-a-gyz available that I'm personally very excited about!! I didn't require a big name, I'd prefer someone hungrier but not necessarily younger that hasn't already made a name for himself!! I really don't think we can go wrong as long as (not gonna blow-it-up) Brian Bowles :))), Winston Moss :)), and Mike Zimmer :) are the only D-minded possibilities along with all the O-minded possibilities, that being Joe Philbin :)))), Rob Chudzinski :)), and Pete Carmichael Jr :), all of whom would move full speed ahead on the current course from both sides of the ball !! Brian Billick is also out there, but he's been black-balled throughout the league for some unknown reasons, leaving him as a far less-desirable option..

I suggested all-along that I wouldn't be horrified with or without Fisher, especially if "without" meant we'd get Green Bays Joe Philbin and FA QB Matt Flynn!! (Seeing that we need TWO QBs) we might as well fill the spot of one with THE TOP YOUNG FA QB, ESPECIALLY with Philbin who's tutored him for 4 yrs!! Shoot with Philbin/Flynn, we'd have the longest tethered at the hip HC/QB duo we've had since Shula/Danny :) !!

I heard folks cryin all yr about how Sparano needs to quit "micro-managing" and allow his staff to do their jobs, and now some will suggest that our new Head-Coach has to have experience calling plays.. Well to that I'd suggest, We're hiring a Head Coach to oversee the process not a coordinator to call the plays, and without Fisher our current coordinators will likely remain in place anyway, so Philbin not calling the Packers plays is no big deal, though he is the one who draws-up the game plan while also being the head architect to such Packer plays!! Whoever comes here will really only need to oversee and correct our Red-Zone approach as far as "play-calling" goes, because we were actually pretty spectacular between the 20's for the last two years, and for the most part Head Coaches don't call play's these day's anyways!!

At this point,(as I had hoped all along), I think Ireland/Ross will stay with Brian DaBoll and Mike Nolan as coordinators (no-matter who the HC ends-up being)!! Kansas City Head Coach Romeo Crennel asked for permission to interview DaBoll for a lateral move to KC as their Offensive Coordinator , Ireland/Ross denied the request !! They also denied St.Louis an interview with Bowles as their potential Head Coach candidate!! All of which suggest to me that the brass prefers minimal detours to our current course!!

I'm personally down to (in order) Philbin, Bowles, Chudzinski, Carmichael Jr, new arrival to my personal wish list Winston Moss who's a Miami Hurricane Alum, ex-NFL player, GB Packer 3 - 4 Inside Linebacker Coach since 2006 who's also been their Assistant Head Coach since January 15, 2007, and projects whats said to be a similar aura to that of Pittsburgh Steeler Head Coach Mike Tomlin, and then there's Zimmer.. I'll be excited about any of the bunch because the 6 - 3 finish will be expanded upon, (ZERO STEPS BACKWARDS)!! Or at least that's how most should see it, seeing that most believed that Sparano would be sooo easyyy to replace in the first place!!

As Bonaposta J-P (one of our many contributors simply suggested), along with numerous others who suggested the same at least to some extent..
""I want a coach who doesn't change much... One who keeps Daboll and Nolan and Rizzi too. One who builds from what he already has. One who betters what's already in place, not one who's going to a "change everything" in the process. One who gives a chance to Ireland because he did quite well this season, believe it or not.""
I promised Ya'All that per-story I'd make mention of one individual that motivated me to write, while all of you have great views my stories are too long as it is to mention everyone :)!! So THANX to Bonaposta J-P (all the way from Belgium I believe) for the inspirational words!!

AWESOME (Onward and upward)!! We Can't afford another team rebuild and O/D scheme change, or site favorite RiverDog won't be around to witness the finality... He's only gonna live to be a hundred, and Fisher's boring style might not have transitioned back into the league till RdG was at least 101 !!
Soo Whatt, our hook was too Big for the Big-Named minnow of Big-Names Jeff Fisher, and he couldn't swallow it, hope he enjoys being a bottom feeder of the Mississippi!!

PHILBIN, Flynn, PHILBIN, Flynn, PHILBIN, Flynn, PHILBIN, Flynn !!!
AGAIN, that scenario would give us the longest tethered together Coach/QB combo (4yrs) we've had since Don Shula and Danny Marino :) !! While everyone continues sayin "keep grabbin QB's until you get it right", but then they wanna hyper-critique every up-and-comer, and suggest that "from their Lazy-Boy a certain someone isn't the right fit".. I don't get it!! So why not Flynn?? He's one QB that we might be able to grab in hopes of "gettin it right"!!

THANX for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view :) !!

Jeff Fisher Passes Up On Miami Dolphins To Coach The St. Louis Rams

Jeff Fisher is going to coach the St. Louis Rams instead of the Miami Dolphins next season, per Adam Schefter of ESPN. This news comes after about a week of waiting for Fisher to finally decide between the Rams and Dolphins.

I was, and still am, undecided on Fisher. He has been coaching for a long time, but he never won a Super Bowl and never really struck me as a winning coach.

We'll see who the Dolphins go after now. Let me know what you think, and if you haven't already heard, we are looking for names for Dolphin Shout's new official mascot. Just click here for more info.

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Please suggest your favorite names in the comments section. When we have built up a list of choices, Paul will create a poll and we will vote on the winning name. Obviously this is a distraction to keep us from talking about Jeff Fisher before he makes a decision. I’m looking forward to your suggestions.

Build a Coach !!!

There are many different thoughts on what we would like in a new head coach. Here is your chance to build your own version on what you like to see. Included in this, the entire front office is yours to change or keep the same. Please don't say sell the owner. We all know that is not going to happen.

I'm not that interested in a name you would like to see here. If you would like to mention a name then be my guest. So tell me what do you want to see.

Jeff Ireland's Acorn Coaching Strategy

The whole process of selecting a coach in Miami breaks down once Jeff Fisher is out of the mix…

What’s the big deal with being honest about the role of Carl Peterson? Who really cares if he’s Ross’ buddy, or a consultant, who cares? The only reason it comes under scrutiny is the secrecy surrounding it turning the coaching search into a three stooges sideshow. Is Ross going to make the decision, is Peterson leading the interview process, what exactly is Ireland’s role? Larry is bouncing off Curly, who is running into Moe (feel free to substitute names).

The Miami coaching search has taken on the feel of standing under the old oak tree waiting for an acorn to drop. It has the reeking stench of Jeff Ireland taking the scattergun approach to searching for a coach. Do the Dolphins want to become offensive, defensive or special team oriented? Does anyone at Dolphin central have any idea what they want in a coach and if so, it certainly is not coming off that way.

The front office brings in:

Dave Toub, a special teams coach from the Bears – with Devin Hester they better be special.

Joe Philbin, OC from Green Bay – Mike McCarthy calls the plays.

Mike Mularkey, OC from Atlanta – an offense that has under-performed and wasted a franchise level QB.

Mike Zimmer, DC from Cincinnati – Ireland’s buddy whose defense was run over by the Texans.

It’s like a dog chasing its tail in circles trying to figure out why it can never catch that annoying itchy thing.

Three straight years, Matty Ice has taken Atlanta to the playoffs and three straight years the Falcons have been unceremoniously bounced back to reality. The Miami brain trust is widely criticized for drafting Jake Long over Matt Ryan and leaving the Dolphins without a franchise QB. Ryan has not proved to be elite as many had touted. The reason Ryan’s career hasn’t taken off is due to poor coaching. The Falcon offense is a slow moving, uncreative mix of power running and 5 yard passes that has underwhelmed and led to playoff failure. Mularkey held the same offensive coordinator position in Miami during the Saban era and not much has changed. On paper and during the regular season, the offense looks good and the Falcons win enough to get in the playoffs, but once they encounter a playoff defense, the offense collapses like a house of cards.

Here’s an offense that drafted Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White, acquired Tony Gonzales and Michael Turner in free agency and comes off the tracks in every playoff game. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the disconnect is, it’s coaching! Miami is considering a man for head-coach, who should be fired at his present position. This opens the Dolphin decision makers up for some serious questions.

Who is Dave Toub? The Bears special teams are perennially ranked in the top of the league but might that have something to do with Devin Hester. Hester has returned 12 punts and 5 kickoffs for touchdowns in his career, maybe it’s like Bill Belichick becoming a genius after Tom Brady fell in his lap. John Harbaugh has done great since being hired in Baltimore and he was a special teams coach. The Ravens haven’t won a Super Bowl with Harbaugh and he took over a team that had already won one before he got there. Toub may be a great coach but there are not going to be many fans driving from Palm Beach on the hope that he is.

Joe Philbin may be a good coach as well but his title of offensive coordinator is mostly superficial with Mike McCarthy calling the plays in Green Bay. His work with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers is a feather in his cap and cannot be ignored, but the job seems larger than Philbin. Again, there is the acorn feeling like the name was pulled out of 13kvFINS’ backside. He’s sure to light a fire under Dolphin fans everywhere. Philbin could be one of the better candidates, but there had better be some very strong conviction if he comes to Miami or Jeff Ireland will be following him out the door on the Miami coaching carousel.

Mike Zimmer is riding on the Ireland to Dallas short-bus as the defensive coordinator there during Ireland’s time. Zimmer has had some quality defenses but the Dallas connection will send Miami Dolphin fans into a frenzy of negativity. Another acorn littering the ground hoping the squirrels don’t find him before his roots take hold. Can Zimmer put together a coaching staff to lead Matt Moore and the Miami offense to the next step? It is difficult to predict how a coach like Zimmer will perform at the next level. His relationship with Ireland gives him an advantage over the others listed here but is that really an advantage in Miami’s coaching search?

The days after Don Shula when coaches like Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and Bill Parcells coveted the position are waning fast. The Dolphins have lost their luster and the fans have become bitter in the remembrance of yore that has not visited here since the Orange Bowl was demolished. Only a fresh young face with the vision of a modern offense and a relentless defense can flush the memories of Shula and Marino, and ignite the city of Miami.

Where are those hungry young men like Jay Gruden on this list? Even Brian Daboll would be a better option than Mike Mularkey, Joe Philbin or Mike Zimmer. It comes back down to the acorns and Jeff Ireland being more worried about his comfort level and position of power than bringing in strong candidates. Ross placed all his eggs in the Jeff Fisher basket and allowed Ireland to go off in his own direction. Should that basket come up empty, Larry, Curly and Moe will be left bonking each other on head as the search continues.

The acorn approach didn’t work well with players and it will work even less with coaches. Ross said he wanted to get back to the days when Marino was flinging the rock and football was exciting in Miami. These candidates do not inspire because there is no plan of attack. If the Dolphins want to be high flying, make a plan. If the Dolphins want to be a defensive monster, make a plan. Scratching around looking for acorns will only lead to another 4 years of frustration. Look for a leader of men, if he scares you with the force of his passion, if he commands respect by his presence, if he stares you down and brings fear, he’s the guy.

Leave the acorns for the squirrels...

The Bad, the Good, and the WHAT ???

Looking back at last year I saw a few things I didn't like, a few things I did like, and one What happened ?

The Bad

This is fairly obvious an 0 and 7 start and out of the playoffs by week 5. Wow was that disheartening. 2 Loses really frosted me one to Cleveland and the other to Denver. Man that Denver loss was one of the worst losses I have seen. Mostly because the FO people decided to honor the Gators National Championship, on the day Tebow was getting his first start of the year. I was ready to fire everyone in the organization for doing something I considered as DUMB.

The play on the field in one word was awful. The inside LB play was nonexsistint, the defensive backfield couldn't or wouldn't cover anyone. Brandon Marshall's play looked like Ted Ginn was back in town. Every mistake the team made seemed to cost us a TD. We have the Bronco's dead to rights and up 15 - 0, with a little over 3 minutes to play then proceed to give the game away on Tebow day. Can someone please supply me with a barf bag ?

The Good

Then things began to look a little better. We smashed KC 31 - 3, followed that up with a win against the Redskins and the Bills. Dallas squeaked out a win with a 4th quarter rally, and except for the Eagles game we played pretty well for the remainder of the season.

Matt Moore began to look like a QB that we have been missing for a few years. The offensive line which played dismal most of the year, began to create some movement for the running game. Because of that Reggie Bush was making an impact and the opposing defenses were looking for Reggie and freeing up the middle of the field. Miami finally had an offense that could attack.

The What ?

As I look back at the season it was like we played 2 seasons in 1. In the first season we had 7 straight losses. In the second season we were 6 wins and 3 losses. For the life of me I can't figure out how that happened.

During that losing streak I was thinking we just don't have the talent to compete. Yet that same talent turned things around in the final 9 games. In those 7 losses we lost by an average of 8.4 points a game. Really not that close in my opinion. The average winning margin in our 6 wins was 18.1 points a game.

Do you see where I'm going with this ? That is 2 different teams in 1 season. My Brother said we don't have the talent it's that simple. Really ? That lousy talent went 6 and 3 to finish the year, and they gave 2 very good teams all they wanted. So tell me. WHAT happened ???

The Dolphins are Ready for Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher will make a huge mistake if he chooses not to accept the head-coaching job in Miami. The position is easily the best opening in the NFL. Fisher will have an excellent opportunity to build on his legacy with the Dolphins, if he focuses on the 6-3 ending, not the 0-7 start that led to Tony Sparano’s departure. Miami is a team poised to step into the playoff picture with just a couple tweaks and a few missing pieces.

The scorn has switched to the ownership and front office since Sparano moved out of the picture. The media in Miami is content as long as there is discontent, and the wrath progresses through the organization from one victim to another. The bottom line for the Fisher is to remain neutral with the Miami media and look at what the owner, front office, present coaches and players have to offer.

The Owner and Front Office

Ross did not go out on a limb and spend on FAs last season, but has shown a willingness to open his wallet when there is conviction on a special player. This was true in the Brandon Marshall trade; Ross did not bat an eye at Marshall’s contract demands. It was also true with the FA signing of Karlos Dansby. Under Huizenga, Miami overspent on failed FAs and Ross was not going to add high dollar players, like Gibril Wilson unless Ireland was willing to stake his reputation on them. With Ireland held accountable, the FAs busts did not continue.

Money is not the object with Ross, he is more concerned with conviction and whether he is convinced, the addition will make the Dolphins a better football team. These are indications Ross has the right mind-frame to be a good owner. He doesn’t throw good money at bad decisions, but he is willing to spend on the players or coaches he thinks will help his team. For Fisher, these are welcome traits.

Ross does not give the impression he is meddlesome. He is passionate about winning but knows he is not a football man. Carl Peterson, criticized for his clandestine affiliation with the team only proves Ross knows when he needs help in an area out of his expertise. As long as the personalities do not clash, there can never enough good football people around. Unlike Bud Adams who forced his hand on Fisher, Ross has offered as much help as he needs and is willing to pay for it.

The QB Situation

Many reports deride the QB situation in Miami as a weakness Fisher will walk into. Sam Bradford may have the pedigree but Saint Luis has the 2nd pick in the draft for a reason. Having used the pick on Bradford the Rams should be looking for the other ingredients that could make them a winning football team, instead Fisher will have to decide whether to use the pick on another QB. In Miami, Matt Moore went 6-6 without the benefit of an off-season or reps as the starter prior to stepping in.

Miami may need to address the QB situation, but the team is in better hands right now with Matt Moore than Saint Luis is with Bradford. Fisher can focus more on the roster as a whole and make the decision on what position could best help Moore be successful while the Rams still don’t know about Bradford. The Dolphins could even resign Chad Henne as a back up and still draft a QB for the future, later in the draft. Tampa Bay has Josh Freeman and though the kid showed promise, the whole team gave up on him and their coach. That did not happen with Moore in Miami. While the other teams in search of a coach are heading down, Miami is heading up.

The Offense

Brian Daboll had no off-season to implement his offense, but unlike the Bucs for example, the unit continued to grow as the season progressed. There is a lot of talent on the Miami offense; Marshall, Bess and Fasano are an outstanding core of receivers. Reggie Bush came on and proved that he can be an every-down back in the NFL. 2nd round pick Daniel Thomas never got untracked after an early injury but the potential was evident. Jake Long and Mike Pouncey will be great players for years to come. Just a couple pieces and this is a very solid unit.

The Defense

Like the rest of the team, Mike Nolan’s defense started very slow but finished strong. The defensive line is outstanding, once Dansby and Burnett found their stride, the front seven started rolling down hill. Jason Taylor will be missed, but Misi played well and Cameron Wake is a beast. The secondary is solid with two young corners that have nowhere to go but up. Bell played strong and the young safeties started to come around. Like the offense, with a few additions this unit has the chance to go prime time.

Special Teams

The special teams was the best fielded by the Dolphins in many years once Ireland stopped the acorn carousel. Clay and Gates were a couple of steps from taking several kickoff returns to the house, not to mention their play as they learned the offense. Bess is as steady a punt returner as there is in the league. All of that with two of the leagues best kickers.

Draft Position and Free Agency

At number 8 or 9 in the draft, Miami is poised to add another impact player, especially with the QB derby ready to explode in front of them. Miami did not trade away any picks in this draft and are loaded, picking in the 9th position throughout. This means Miami can make an excellent run at a couple explosive free agents.

Mr. Fisher, if ever a table was set for a playoff run this is the team it will come from. From the front office, to the coaches, to the players, Miami is ready to roar into the 2012 season. Not taking this position would be the mistake of a lifetime. The fans and media will welcome you like the second coming of Don Shula. Languishing in formidable places like Saint Luis, Tampa or Jacksonville seems rather foolish when all the cards are on the table. Miami is ready for a run Mr. Fisher and you’re the lucky guy who can make it happen.

Here’s the pen, sign on the dotted line.


To Our Host & Hero PAUL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) !

I quit celebrating Birthdays,so b/4 you know it you'll catch-up and be as old as me & I'm fricken old (so smile as often as possible)!! Keep-Up the GREAT WORK, and THANX for giving us a couch to lie on ;) !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL, but don't you dare-ever abandon us,LOL :)

The Miami Dolphin QB Enigma

The feel-good victory against the rival Jets gave Miami Dolphin fans a reason to smile at the end of another less then mediocre season that left more questions than answers. There are indications the QB situation may be in better hands with Matt Moore as Chad Henne tests the free agent market, but the book on Moore remains incomplete. With the dismissal of Tony Sparano, Miami opens another off-season in search of a head coach as the cycle of instability persists. Until Miami is able to find that illusive franchise QB, the calliope music will continue on the coaching carousel.

A brief review demonstrates how the symbiotic coach - QB relationship leads to a continuous search for both in Miami.

Wannstedt – Fiedler, Feeley, Rosenfels
Jay Fiedler was a game manager for a bruising power running team that featured Ricky Williams at his NFL best. When Ricky unexpectedly quit after a failed drug test in 2004, Wannstedt’s resignation soon followed. Williams’ 775 carries in two seasons under Wannstedt made up for Fiedler’s impotence, once Ricky left the building, Fiedler could not carry the team.

Saban – Frerotte, Culpepper, Harrington
Saint Nick knew the importance of the QB position in the NFL, but he made a critical mistake in choosing Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. The error chased Saban back to the college ranks and left Miami in complete disarray.

Cameron – Green, Lemon, Beck
Poor Cam never had a chance; the 2007 season was already falling apart when Trent Green went down with a concussion in week 5 and never played another down in the NFL. Lemon and Beck were over-matched as only a last minute score against the Ravens kept Miami from ending the season winless. Cameron was fired when Bill Parcells took the reigns.

Sparano – Pennington, Henne, Moore
Sparano was probably undone by the Wildcat offense that produced an 11-5 season but proved untenable in the NFL. With a shot at choosing franchise QB Matt Ryan, Parcells went with OT Jake Long. Chad Henne was chosen late in the 2nd round and free agent Chad Pennington came from the Jets. Pennington’s injury history came back to haunt him and Sparano was stuck with a rookie QB who could never quite make the leap to affective starter in the NFL.

4 coaches and 12 QBs later, leadership still does not seem to understand the importance of a 1st round QB not drafted in 29 years. The rookie salary cap has changed the NFL landscape forever. Consider these numbers…

Mark Sanchez--------------$14.75 million dollars
Sam Bradford--------------$12.6 million dollars
Matt Stafford---------------$12 million dollars
Matt Ryan------------------$11.25 million dollars
Cam Newton---------------$4 million dollars
Tim Tebow----------------$4 million dollars
Blaine Gabbert------------$3 million dollars
Jake Locker----------------$2.3 million dollars
Christian Ponder----------$1.85 million dollars

The rookie cap has cut QB salaries to a 3rd of their previous value, which will allow teams to draft rookie QBs even if they picked one the season before. Teams that would normally not draft another QB will be jumping in early and often. Teams in the middle of the draft will be left out in the cold or will be forced to mortgage the future in order to move up in the draft.

Navigating these new waters will be key to how a team like Miami shapes its future. Drafting and carrying multiple QBs will no longer drain precious salary cap space and will lead teams to approaching the draft much differently than in years past. For Miami, it creates a landmine, because if the Dolphins choose to move up and get in position to draft Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin they will have to spend as many as 3 1st round picks.

Given that number as an indication of the value, teams drafting high would be foolish not to select the QBs and force other teams into a bidding war, even if they have a promising QB under contract. It has never been more important to be a loser in the NFL. The value of a franchise QB has shifted from a salary cap hit, to a draft day bonanza.

The NFL head coaching profession just got a lot harder. A good coach without a franchise QB can win 8 or more games, but rarely win consistently to keep his job. It’s no secret, since the rules have been softened to produce higher scoring games, a franchise QB is the difference between winning and losing. The next coach in Miami will be at the mercy of a front office that has not respected the value of the most pivotal position on the football field.

Matt Moore has potential and could turn out to be special, but negating the QB position with Chad Henne sent Tony Sparano packing and negating it again will leave the next coach in a similar position. Matt Flynn played one great game for Green Bay and won a national championship with LSU, he should be the premium of the free agent QBs on the market this year. Miami must realize, high profile coaches know they will only be as good as the man behind the center.

It’s a story that hasn’t changed since Dan Marino retired and won’t change until the QB dilemma has been solved regardless of who the coach is. The coach is no longer the main driving force in the NFL, it is the QB, solve the QB problem and a genius will suddenly be coaching the Dolphins. The price will be high, but the empty seats in the stadium are the price of neglect. Miami has no choice but to take the hit and pay the price or continue and slow slide into the basement of the NFL.


If'Ya can't appreciate him for being the most productive Dolphin Defensive player of all time!! You GOTTA APPRECIATE the HUMBLE PASSION he displayed in his retirement speeches :) !!

LOVE YOU JASON TAYLOR, You're the GREATEST, You will be missed!!
THANK YOU for all the times you made me hit my head on the ceiling fan :)!!,0,


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