The Bad, the Good, and the WHAT ???

Looking back at last year I saw a few things I didn't like, a few things I did like, and one What happened ?

The Bad

This is fairly obvious an 0 and 7 start and out of the playoffs by week 5. Wow was that disheartening. 2 Loses really frosted me one to Cleveland and the other to Denver. Man that Denver loss was one of the worst losses I have seen. Mostly because the FO people decided to honor the Gators National Championship, on the day Tebow was getting his first start of the year. I was ready to fire everyone in the organization for doing something I considered as DUMB.

The play on the field in one word was awful. The inside LB play was nonexsistint, the defensive backfield couldn't or wouldn't cover anyone. Brandon Marshall's play looked like Ted Ginn was back in town. Every mistake the team made seemed to cost us a TD. We have the Bronco's dead to rights and up 15 - 0, with a little over 3 minutes to play then proceed to give the game away on Tebow day. Can someone please supply me with a barf bag ?

The Good

Then things began to look a little better. We smashed KC 31 - 3, followed that up with a win against the Redskins and the Bills. Dallas squeaked out a win with a 4th quarter rally, and except for the Eagles game we played pretty well for the remainder of the season.

Matt Moore began to look like a QB that we have been missing for a few years. The offensive line which played dismal most of the year, began to create some movement for the running game. Because of that Reggie Bush was making an impact and the opposing defenses were looking for Reggie and freeing up the middle of the field. Miami finally had an offense that could attack.

The What ?

As I look back at the season it was like we played 2 seasons in 1. In the first season we had 7 straight losses. In the second season we were 6 wins and 3 losses. For the life of me I can't figure out how that happened.

During that losing streak I was thinking we just don't have the talent to compete. Yet that same talent turned things around in the final 9 games. In those 7 losses we lost by an average of 8.4 points a game. Really not that close in my opinion. The average winning margin in our 6 wins was 18.1 points a game.

Do you see where I'm going with this ? That is 2 different teams in 1 season. My Brother said we don't have the talent it's that simple. Really ? That lousy talent went 6 and 3 to finish the year, and they gave 2 very good teams all they wanted. So tell me. WHAT happened ???