Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Really Isn't as Bad as Everyone Thinks

Now that everyone has had time to calm down a little after the news that Jeff Fisher decided to coach the Rams instead of our Miami Dolphins I would like to say something. I will probably have a lot of people who disagree with me, so I encourage you to post your responses below. Now here it goes:

Despite what a lot of Dolphins fans believe, Jeff Ireland is actually a good General Manager.

You don't hear that much nowadays do you?

But hear me out. Ireland has built an extremely talented team. Miami is a quarterback away from being a top NFL team, and that is a credit to Ireland.

Ireland has built a great defense with a lot of great pass rushers, solid linebackers, and talented young corners. Of the four teams left in the playoffs this season three of them (Giants, Ravens, and 49ers) have great defenses that they have relied heavily on. In an age where passing offenses are the norm it is actually defenses that have, for the most part, carried their teams to the championships, and the Dolphins have a top ten defense thanks to Ireland.

Ireland's only real mistake is not getting a true starting quarterback. One who, as Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel would say, is a killer. Ireland has gotten quarterbacks with good arms, good accuracy, and good size and height, but he hasn't brought in a quarterback with the most important attribute. The ability to do what is needed to do to win. The ability to go in for the kill. The ability to put together a drive when it is needed most and when the pressure is on. No quarterback Miami has is a killer in that sense (hopefully not in any other sense, either). Matt Moore looked like he might be a killer at first, but he doesn't look like it anymore. Moore is a good quarterback just like Chad Henne, but also like Henne, he isn't a good killer.

My hope this year is that Ireland is able to give us a quarterback who knows how to win no matter the situation. If the Dolphins can get that then they will be in the playoffs next year. It's as simple as that.

Now, I know how a lot of people hate Ireland. If you told every Dolphins fan on the planet that they could choose one player, coach, or personnel member to be removed from the team then 75-90% of them would say Ireland.

He just isn't a much liked person, and I understand. He almost never talks to the media or does interviews. He seems to always take in Dallas Cowboys rejects. He had that whole situation with Dez Bryant before the 2010 NFL Draft. He gives the impression that he doesn't care what the fans think, and that's because he doesn't. He only cares about building a good football team.

One thing I really like about Ireland is that he sticks to his guns. He doesn't deviate from the plan too much, and I like that.

So, you can hate on Jeff Ireland all you want, but he has actually built a really good team and I am confident that he will find us the quarterback that Miami needs this offseason.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.

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