The FISH-er that got away !!

Heyy fellow Fin-Addicts, hope you're well !!

Excuse me for repeating myself as I've posted most of this in the comments sections,however I put it all together here for those that might be interested and may have missed it!!

The only real reason I wanted Jeff Fisher was so that (in landing a Big-Name) the fans and media would get off of owner Steven Ross and General Manager Jeff Irelands back, and I wouldn't have had to concern myself with Fisher being chased out of town before being given an ample, legitimate, fair opportunity because he had "a name"!! I guess that reasoning is out the door, OHHH-WELL I suggested to everybody that landing someone that's absolutely better than Sparano wouldn't be a given, but most demanded his firing anyways!!

Mr.Fisher runs a conservatively boring ground and pound Offense which would have seriously minimized Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall's production,(or at least that's what he's been, up to this point)!! In chunk yardage plays for the 2011 season with Matt Moore being the QB of our Dolphins they finished ahead of the Saints with Drew Brees and second only to the Packers with Aaron Rodgers and all those weapons employed by those two elite teams !! Pretty Impressive Huh ?? We would have been denied that type of excitement for the rest of eternity if Fisher were to come here and revert our team back to that of (for the most part) Tony Sparano's 09/010 offensive attitude!! After only 3 yrs Sparano finally started to evolve in 2011 (and it took all he had in him to attempt such a feat), we'd of had to hope like hell that after 17 yrs of comfortable stubbornness Fisher would have been willing to evolve at least to the same extent of what Sparano attempted in order to keep pace with the rest of the league!!

Fisher would have also guaranteed a change of our beginning to jell Defense from a 3 - 4 to a 4-3 base alignment, (though our current D players for the most part) have the versatility to play either the 3-4 or 4-3, an obstacle as such would have cost our team another re-learning process which would have seriously minimized a momentum carry-over from 2011!!

The progress, made in finishing 6-3 would have been derailed to the extreme!! Personally I would have rather kept Sparano (Luv'd the guy, always been a fan) because he was starting to show the ability to evolve, and I didn't believe that longtime veteran Fisher would have been willing to do what we begged of Tony!! I was of the thought that Fisher would bring boring ball back into play for our Dolphins 8[ , and who knows what he would have done to the starting to become cohesive roster??

I wasn't excited whatsoever about Fisher (I was actually depressed during the days it was being suggested that he'll become a Dolphin), because with his 17 years experience, he wouldn't have been likely to go away from running the type of Offense that targeted all the strategies that chased Sparano out of Miami and to our number one rival, a (ground and pound, protect the Defense, playin not to lose) style of Offense!! Sparano started to evolve and we started playing explosive ball, but the fans impression of Tony had already crossed the point of no return..

But at least with Fisher the fans would have had their Big-Name and could have been bored to death in that accomplishment, and the heat would have been off the brass for a minute!! Not sayin that I don't like Fisher (cuz I do), he was actually my top choice (if TS had to go) until the NYG game and an 0 - 7 start when I noticed a change in the teams approach and personality in that loss!! Not sayin that he wouldn't have won, or that he'd of been bad for the organization, just that I was hoping to continue forward progress toward eventually being a go for the throat explosive type offense and team!! NOWWW I'm HAPPY to suggest, THAT WILL TAKE PLACE!!

There are still a bunch-a-gyz available that I'm personally very excited about!! I didn't require a big name, I'd prefer someone hungrier but not necessarily younger that hasn't already made a name for himself!! I really don't think we can go wrong as long as (not gonna blow-it-up) Brian Bowles :))), Winston Moss :)), and Mike Zimmer :) are the only D-minded possibilities along with all the O-minded possibilities, that being Joe Philbin :)))), Rob Chudzinski :)), and Pete Carmichael Jr :), all of whom would move full speed ahead on the current course from both sides of the ball !! Brian Billick is also out there, but he's been black-balled throughout the league for some unknown reasons, leaving him as a far less-desirable option..

I suggested all-along that I wouldn't be horrified with or without Fisher, especially if "without" meant we'd get Green Bays Joe Philbin and FA QB Matt Flynn!! (Seeing that we need TWO QBs) we might as well fill the spot of one with THE TOP YOUNG FA QB, ESPECIALLY with Philbin who's tutored him for 4 yrs!! Shoot with Philbin/Flynn, we'd have the longest tethered at the hip HC/QB duo we've had since Shula/Danny :) !!

I heard folks cryin all yr about how Sparano needs to quit "micro-managing" and allow his staff to do their jobs, and now some will suggest that our new Head-Coach has to have experience calling plays.. Well to that I'd suggest, We're hiring a Head Coach to oversee the process not a coordinator to call the plays, and without Fisher our current coordinators will likely remain in place anyway, so Philbin not calling the Packers plays is no big deal, though he is the one who draws-up the game plan while also being the head architect to such Packer plays!! Whoever comes here will really only need to oversee and correct our Red-Zone approach as far as "play-calling" goes, because we were actually pretty spectacular between the 20's for the last two years, and for the most part Head Coaches don't call play's these day's anyways!!

At this point,(as I had hoped all along), I think Ireland/Ross will stay with Brian DaBoll and Mike Nolan as coordinators (no-matter who the HC ends-up being)!! Kansas City Head Coach Romeo Crennel asked for permission to interview DaBoll for a lateral move to KC as their Offensive Coordinator , Ireland/Ross denied the request !! They also denied St.Louis an interview with Bowles as their potential Head Coach candidate!! All of which suggest to me that the brass prefers minimal detours to our current course!!

I'm personally down to (in order) Philbin, Bowles, Chudzinski, Carmichael Jr, new arrival to my personal wish list Winston Moss who's a Miami Hurricane Alum, ex-NFL player, GB Packer 3 - 4 Inside Linebacker Coach since 2006 who's also been their Assistant Head Coach since January 15, 2007, and projects whats said to be a similar aura to that of Pittsburgh Steeler Head Coach Mike Tomlin, and then there's Zimmer.. I'll be excited about any of the bunch because the 6 - 3 finish will be expanded upon, (ZERO STEPS BACKWARDS)!! Or at least that's how most should see it, seeing that most believed that Sparano would be sooo easyyy to replace in the first place!!

As Bonaposta J-P (one of our many contributors simply suggested), along with numerous others who suggested the same at least to some extent..
""I want a coach who doesn't change much... One who keeps Daboll and Nolan and Rizzi too. One who builds from what he already has. One who betters what's already in place, not one who's going to a "change everything" in the process. One who gives a chance to Ireland because he did quite well this season, believe it or not.""
I promised Ya'All that per-story I'd make mention of one individual that motivated me to write, while all of you have great views my stories are too long as it is to mention everyone :)!! So THANX to Bonaposta J-P (all the way from Belgium I believe) for the inspirational words!!

AWESOME (Onward and upward)!! We Can't afford another team rebuild and O/D scheme change, or site favorite RiverDog won't be around to witness the finality... He's only gonna live to be a hundred, and Fisher's boring style might not have transitioned back into the league till RdG was at least 101 !!
Soo Whatt, our hook was too Big for the Big-Named minnow of Big-Names Jeff Fisher, and he couldn't swallow it, hope he enjoys being a bottom feeder of the Mississippi!!

PHILBIN, Flynn, PHILBIN, Flynn, PHILBIN, Flynn, PHILBIN, Flynn !!!
AGAIN, that scenario would give us the longest tethered together Coach/QB combo (4yrs) we've had since Don Shula and Danny Marino :) !! While everyone continues sayin "keep grabbin QB's until you get it right", but then they wanna hyper-critique every up-and-comer, and suggest that "from their Lazy-Boy a certain someone isn't the right fit".. I don't get it!! So why not Flynn?? He's one QB that we might be able to grab in hopes of "gettin it right"!!

THANX for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view :) !!