Foot in mouth.

No this has nothing to do with Rex Ryan.

I would guess by now most of you have seen or heard about what Brandon Marshall said about the Dolphins, or their QB after the Pro Bowl. If not, here is jest of what he said.

" Down in Miami, getting a feel for different quarterbacks, had three or four of them throughout my two years there,” Marshall said during a sideline interview. "Quarterbacks make it easier for me. These guys are putting it in the right places and I’m making plays. It’s easy right now. "

" Elite quarterbacks put [the ball] in the right spots "

These were direct quotes to a question posed to him about him catching 4 TD passes in the Pro Bowl as opposed to why he only caught 6 TD in the regular season.

While I find it refreshing that a player will say what is on his mind, I find myself wondering why he would say something like that to a National audience. Was he not thinking or is he just plain stupid ?

What ever the reason he split out of Hawaii early Sunday night saying he wanted to meet with new coach Philbin on Monday. His plans from what I heard were to leave the next day or so. I'm guessing that he needed to leave early once he realized how this must have looked to the team management and do some damage control. It was either that or he needed surgery to have is foot removed from his mouth.