Miami Dolphin fans QB Choice is...

I would like to thank everyone for their excellent input! The results of the poll indicate Flynn as the popular choice, although I’m sure KV voted from 4 different computers!

Matt Flynn……………..……31 (40%)
Matt Moore…………….….. 16 (21%)
Peyton Manning….……... 14 (18%)
RG3…………....………...….. 7 (9%)
Andrew Luck…….………... 5 (6%)
Chad Henne……………….. 2 (2%)
Ryan Tannehill……………. 1 (1%)

Riverdog made a very profound statement when he said, “We will know what Philbin thinks of Flynn very early in March. If Miami doesn't make a pitch for him right away, Philbin doesn't think that much of him.” This is absolutely true and gives Miami a distinct advantage in knowing the worth of Flynn. If Philbin thinks he is the guy, he will be a Dolphin, because there is no one in the NFL who knows Matt Flynn better than Joe Philbin.

“Everyone states Flynn hasn't proven/played enough to be considered... Well lets see now, GIII hasn't even stepped in an NFL locker room & everyone's willing to jump on the GIII hype.” (Finzone) The draft is like Christmas to NFL fans, all the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and everyone of them is perfect until the season starts. Fans love draft choices because of the unknown, once the box is unwrapped and turns out to be good or bad doesn’t matter as much as the promise under the tree.

Larryrife said, “if Flynn is a bust he sets you back a lot less then RG3 would. By trading away your picks, you are losing out on a lot of potentially great players.” I agree with Larry and so does Rick, “At least Peyton or Flynn will be free agents and would cost a ton of money but no picks.” Matt Burr’s thoughts are conservative but make a lot of sense, “get Flynn and use our pick to sure up the other side of the line so we can have two great tackles and a great center.” KV’s thinking like a GM with, “I'm nabbing Flynn (in early March) just in case the deal for RG3 (in late April) doesn't come together!!”

Thorny said, “Manning, I love this guy, but too old, too risky, and seriously one great hit from a wheel chair. I really can't see this being a good option at all.” Paul chimed in with, “would prefer Manning, then Flynn, then RG3. I honestly think RG3 is overrated, but I would be all right if they get him.” I removed Manning in the last article due to Thorny’s concerns, but there are many fans thinking he would be good option. Dolfan Jesse said, “Peyton Manning turns the Dolphins into an instant playoff contender. By the time Peyton retires, maybe in 3-4 years (granted no more surgeries), the Tom Brady era will also be coming to an end and it will loosen up the competition within the division.”

Previously I made it clear, Manning is a great QB, aside from the unease about his injury potential, I don’t think Miami would be at the top of his wish list. As a free agent, Manning will have his choice of where he wants to play. He’s made millions in his career and has endorsements worth millions more, money is a secondary priority. Should his brother win the Super Bowl next weekend, Peyton is going to have one thing on his mind, getting back to the dance.

Miami’s roster is geared toward a possession passing game, but with Reggie Bush, the Dolphins have an excellent option coming out of the backfield. The much maligned offensive line was built for the running game. And finally, the defensive line is designed to stop the run first and pass rush second. Defensively Miami does not fit a quick scoring offense. Mike Sherman grew up in a West Coast system and though Manning could probably adapt to his weapons, there are other teams, like the Jets (in close proximity to his brother) that are better options and I think he will choose one of those.

I think Thorny says it all, “Moore, what can I say, I would much rather have Moore as the Qb for this team starting 2012. Look he played lights out once he started to gel with the team and the offense took on a totally different dynamic. Wow, I thought Moore was a chump he prove ME WRONG BIG TIME.” Polly agrees with Thorny, “I feel Moore deserves a chance, with good coaching and training camp, I think he will be a QB that can lead the team. They really rallied with him under center.”

Sgt Flex brings up a great point, “I say keep Matt Moore for a chance, but remember what happened to him in Carolina, and why Dallas let him go in the first place?” I need to remind Sgt that Carolina poached Moore off Dallas’ practice squad. There is no denying Moore showed a lot of potential, after a rough start, he made the most of his opportunity. He is under contract for 2012 and he will be in the mix, it is completely up to him whether he wins the job in Miami.

Several folks on this blog know, I predicted Miami would sign Moore prior to last season. The reason was because Ireland brought him in at Dallas and was very unhappy when Carolina poached him. For me, it was because of exactly what Thorny saw, when the guy is given an opportunity, he makes the most of it. Many QBs washout after suffering adversity, Moore just keeps coming back. I like him a lot and whatever happens with the other QBs, Moore makes me feel Miami will better in 2012. As Hooterize said, “Flynn has one good game and he's a godsend? I hated the getting of Matt Moore last year but he's earned my respect and a chance to compete.”

The thought here is Andrew Luck will never make it to Miami. There is probably some outrageous scenario that could make it happen, but I don’t see the Dolphins trading away the future for Luck, even if they feel he is worth it, they won’t do it. That means RG3 is the only option for our 1st pick. I know there is a lot of Tannehill talk and I’ll get to that in a bit, but I don’t see Tannehill at 8/9 in this draft.

Roeblount had this to say, “RG3 is one of this guys who has a high ceiling and because he is so smart he will be able to pickup the offense. He's impressed the likes of Dan Marino, Kim Bokamper, Troy Drayton, Kordell Stewart and Trent Dilfer. So what does that say about the kid, a lot.” RG3 has great potential but I have to agree with Eddie Boswell when he said, “there are at least two other teams that need quarterbacks that are ahead of Miami in the draft so my first pick is Matt Flynn. You get a good prospect as a franchise QB and you don't have to sacrifice a draft pick or a number of them to get a potential franchise QB.”

Canamdolphin agrees with this train of thought, “Flynn in free agency and the 3rd-ranked QB in the draft. Let Moore and Flynn compete and let the rookie watch and learn. Shore up the right side of the O-line through free agency or the draft. Find the best players available.” And then I also like Sgt Flex’s thinking, “get a new safety in the second and then grab Kellen Moore after that. He is a proven winner.”

Jimmy sums up the problem with Tannehill, “why have I heard a lot of excitement about Tannehill? I don't think there is any way he will get out of the first round with so many teams looking for a QB this year (and so few good ones available). I don't see any way of the dolphins getting him unless they take him at 8/9 (quite a reach) and they would most likely have to trade up into the 1st rounds to get him later on if not at 8/9. I realize he played with Sherman and everything. With all the talk about not wanting another 2nd round QB, why the fuss about Tannehill?”

I would not be surprised to see Kellen Moore as a later round pick. For those folks who mentioned Pat Devlin, I’m sorry to say Devlin is a project, he has some skills, but he does not have the confidence needed in the NFL. He left the University of Pittsburgh because he could not beat out Tyler Palko. I don’t think many folks would call Palko a franchise QB, Devlin will be a journeyman backup. Maybe he needs a chance, but I hope it comes somewhere else because if we see Devlin under center, it will mean things have gone terribly wrong in Miami.

Philbin came in with a plan and I’m certain that plan includes Matt Flynn competing with Matt Moore, so KV’s, “FlyMM” is Miami’s QB plan for 2012. In the end, I have to go back to Riverdog’s quote, “We will know what Philbin thinks of Flynn very early in March. If Miami doesn't make a pitch for him right away, Philbin doesn't think that much of him.” If Philbin has the conviction in Flynn all the rest of the talk is wasted because Philbin will do what it takes to get Flynn. Knowing Stephen Ross wants to bring this team back to prominence I’m certain one of his questions to potential coaches was, “what will you do about the QB situation?”

I’m not going out on a limb by predicting Philbin told Ross, “Flynn is the QB Miami has been looking for,” and with Flynn, Philbin will bring the Lombardi trophy back to Miami!

NOTE: To the folks whose comments I did not use… Dolphinshout will do this again and I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions! I tried to correct typos, but I may have missed some…