America Bleeds Aqua and Orange

As a writer on Dolphinshout, I always find it gratifying and interesting to see what we write reaches across this great country and helps keep our fellow fanatics informed in a comfortable place filled with their own. This article goes out to you folks, because it’s your comments and commitment to the Dolphins that motivates us to do what we do. Sites like this don’t pull in money, they are here purely for our enjoyment and the passion we have for the Miami Dolphins. Dolphin blood runs deep!

From Hawaii, where Finzone has, “been a dedicated fan since 72 & wish I lived in Florida, then I'd watch the games live. However, we host the Pro-Bowl & actually see/meet the players while they practice & walk around Waikiki.” When the man wants to leave a place like Hawaii to be closer to his favorite team, Dolphin blood runs deep!

In SoCal, we find Thorny, whose opinions I always look forward to. He “was born in Los Angeles Ca. I live North of LA about an hour or so. I became a Dolphin fan back in the seventies. Being a fan of Miami is hard these days. Since being a fan, I was able to enjoy watching numerous wins. But now with this team in the position it is, I have to admit, frustrating. All in All I will never stop being a Dolphin fan.” Dolphin blood runs deep.

Tony Nicoletti is “Now isolated up in the North East corner of Oregon. I don't think they ever heard of such a mammal as the Dolphin up here. This is why I enjoy this site so much. It keeps me in touch with our favorite team and I get to hear some unique insight from the fans themselves.” Yep, way out west from Hawaii, to SoCal, to North East Oregon, The Dolphins leave their mark on fans, some have immigrated there and some have found the team along the way.

abc18, who “grew up 1 block from Orange Bowl and went to MHS. Thanks to my father, have been a fan since inception in 1966.” He “now lives in Denver Broncos territory (ugh). Have been & will always be a Dophin fanatic!” This is awesome, even saintly Tim Tebow cannot change the color of Dolphin blood! Sorry Timmy, blood is thicker than holy water!

The middle of the country is well represented with Jake, “been a Dolphin's fan since they started. Live southwest of Dodge City Kansas.” To gadofan who, “adopted the Phins their 1st year in '66 as 7 year old growing up in Iowa, everyone up there follows the Packers or Vikings, I was in 7th heaven when Zonk mowed over the Vikes in the '73 SB.” Kansas and Iowa, in the breadbasket, who would think the Dolphins could reach the folks in the heartland, Dolphin blood runs deep.

A little further south finds TXDOLFAN, “been with the Dolphins since franchise awarded and was proud to be in the Orange Bowl for their first exhibition game (Chiefs won 55-0 or 55-6). Live in Texas today. Work for Government Contractors. Proud to say that, along with others on this site, that my love for our team has never wavered, God bless our team!” Now that’s some Dolphin love!

How about those folks up in West Virginia, Herdfan, “was born in WV and with the exception of living 2 yrs in Missouri, I have lived here all my life. The Dolphins acquired me when they signed Chad Pennington.” She, “can't explain it, but there was something about that team, that year, the turnaround, the excitement, whatever you want to call it, and I was hooked. I'm a Dolphin fan now.” Herd was certainly I nice free agent acquisition, thanks Chad Pennington! Big Man D also joins us from WV, but he was, “born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale,” and has, “lived in West Virginia for 16 years. Got to tell you that there are a lot of fins fans up here. Here's to the 2012-13 season... Maybe that will be our year!!!! GO FINS!!!!!!!!” Dolphin blood, thick stuff!

In the Northeast where I grew up in PA, there are not a lot of Fin fans, we’re all a bunch of rebels! Jimmy, “was born here in Maine and have been here for 23 years. It's tough being a Dolphins fan in Pats country, especially the last 8 years or so. My dad is a big Dolphins fan, so that is what I grew up with and I followed in his footsteps.” Deep goes the Dolphin blood, Shawn was, “born and raised in Hartford CT. Was a Steelers fan until 1981 when I watched a Dolphins game over my Uncle's house and made the switch. Deal with a lot of Pats and Giants fans, I am a Dolphins fan all day everyday.”

Polly Ann Murray, is somewhat of a matriarch to all of us at Dolphinshout! You can feel the warmth of good home cooking and fresh flowers when Polly joins us from, “Jamestown NY,” she “saw my 1st football game in 1966 of course it was the Dolphins. My friend told me this was Bills country and knowing how contrary I was, I said I should be a Dolphin fan. I have been a diehard fan ever since.”  Edge, “grew up in the Buffalo NY area. First game I ever went to was Buffalo vs. Miami in 1984 Marino's 2nd year. Been hooked ever since. Love busting chops on my home town Bills fans.” Talk about aqua blooded rebels, yea Polly and Edge bleed with us on Sunday!

A slide down the East Coast and we find Paul who brings us this great site from Charleston, South Carolina. Stuck between Georgia and North Carolina, Paul wanted nothing to do with the Falcons or the Panthers, this young man knows what it’s like to bleed aqua blood in enemy territory and he wears the colors proud. He keeps us all connected and allows writers like me the opportunity to reach all of you. Paul is the man!

Dolphin blood runs deep all across America and brings us all the way back to Florida, were passion for the Fins transcends the boundaries created by the NFL where television rights inhibit folks like Beach Potato, Who lives, “beachside in Brevard County! Lots of fellow Phinfans around here and lots of Dolphin tags on the back of many cars and trucks. My SSR is painted Aqua!” (Tator, my sister lives in Satellite Beach and I visit often.) In Brevard County, the NFL, in its infinite wisdom, decided if they declared the area Jaguar country the fans would adapt. What the NFL created was an unbridled loathing for all things Jaguar, Dolphin blood runs deep!

To Indian River and Saint Lucie Counties where, Riverdog and 13kvFINS found themselves 4 miles apart, “we met in person for the first time yesterday.” Both of these two grew up in the Miami area, where KV, was ‘Born and raised in Miami Beach,” and RgD, “moved away from that area in 1974.” They are stuck in Jaguar territory as well, but it certainly doesn’t stop them from writing about their favorite team, right here on Dolphinshout! You know what color they bleed!

Rich9336, “was born in Fl.(west coast area). Never heard of the Dolphins until I returned from a 13 month tour to Asia I 1967.Watched my first AFL game in Cal. Came home and have been a Phins fan since, 22 years as a season ticket holder. I bleed AQUA AND ORANGE.” I’m on the West coast as well, here in sleepy New Port Richey, but I went to High School west of Fort Lauderdale at Plantation High and the Dolphins are still a serious passion.

Our Dolphinshout tour across America leads us back to Miami where iam305jules, “lives in Miami where I have lived for almost half a century. I have lived away for brief periods of less than a year each, but have always felt the need to come back home.” It is a little bit of a shame so many of us have roots in South Florida and several even went to the same High School, but life and work have changed the entire landscape of America. Not many folks remain where they were born.

It leaves us with one special commonality we can share on a site like Dolphinshout. It gives us a chance to reach each other when that would never have been possible and it’s my pleasure to know all of you enjoy the Dolphins and the writing as much as we do sharing it with you. For all of those who bleed aqua and orange, thank you for your patronage and I look forward to all of your comments on Dolphinshout!