COMBINE REMINDER , and a quick followup : )

The televised week of inside-out examinations will include the swabbing of character, outright physical strength, speed, quickness, positional skills drills, strengths, weaknesses, intangibles, and the all important Wonderlic test.

The actual positional drills won't be televised until the 25th.
Saturday: Kickers, Offensive-Line, and Tight-Ends
Sunday: Running Backs, Quarterbacks, and Wide Receivers
Monday: Line-Backers, and Defensive Line
Tuesday: Defensive Backs

Here's the NFL Networks positional drills television schedule, while if you don't catch the initial viewing it'll all be run time and time again up until draft day.

(NFL Network all day) beginning at 9am to 2 pm, and then repeated between 2 - 7 pm!!
Here's Saturdays Combine OL, and TE Participants, (just click on the position),
while you can use these links for Sundays QB's and so forth thru Tuesday !!!

The alphabetically arranged "ANALYSIS" on players at posted links are pretty cool!!
Check-out Tackle Riley Reiff (one of our most likely options) on page two of the OL participants!! It probably won't post correctly here, so go check-it out for yourselves, VERYYY COOLL "EXPERT" ANALYSIS !! (Probably gone by our pick) !!!


You can track EVERY-FRICKEN-THING that takes place during the combine!! Heres the OL bench press results, If the link doesn't take you directly to OL bench press results, just click the ""Bar-Bells"", and Position !!

THANX for an Open-Minded Read, and I hope you ENJOYYY the combine process :)!!
PLEASE let us know what you see and hear so we can gather a SHOUT game plan for the draft!! GOFINS : ) !!