In the Land of Smoke and Mirrors

With the start of the Combine comes a new season. So let the lying begin. If you are the type of person like am then you must hate the dishonesty that comes at this time of year.

As bad as the lying has been so far this year it is about to get worse. Starting this week on Monday the F word will begin to show up. The F word I am talking about is the Franchise tag. The Franchise period runs from Feb. 27th thru March 5th. As most of you know Paul Soliai would be the most logical choice for the Dolphins to place the franchise tag on. But this isn't about the franchise tag.

The end of the franchise period will end the lying for some of the players, but it will start the true deception all NFL fans are familiar with. As bad as the lies have been between Peyton Manning and the Colts that is but a tip of the iceberg that is about to come.

The Dolphins are already in the Smoke and Mirror deceptive mode. Just this past week we have heard Jeff Ireland talk about getting an explosive TE, and the Peyton Manning talk has been front page news for quite some time. Yet we are still at the beginning of the BS time of year.

So over the next few months up until the last draft choices are signed and sealed we will be talking about all the rumors that we hear. We are going to do our best to verify what the Dolphins are saying, but to be honest it will be nearly impossible to do that. There simply is to much lying going on to verify anything we may hear.

We will also be adding our own two cents into the mix, as you have seen Patrick do with his post about Sam Bradford a day ago.

Harry Potter has nothing on the Miami Dolphins.