Joe Philbin

I was talking with my Brother this week and we were discussing what we thought we could expect of Joe Philbin. With his help this is my thoughts on what we have as our Head Coach.

During his introduction interview with the Miami Press, he talked about Family. Now this is nothing new from a new hire. How ever I truly feel this is not Coach Philbin telling us what we to hear. A quick look at the Packers and I see a team that seems very close. When one of their players talks with the press you never hear them Poo-Poo the organization or a team mate.

In a recent interview Coach Philbin said about his coaching staff. " We need to all be on the same page, and have a united front. If we don't have that the players will also be divided " Now I have wondering mind, and began thinking why would he say something like that ? Well I think I have an idea about that. Could it be that there was a division in last years staff, and Coach Philbin was sending a message to the team and the fans that will not be the case this year. There will be no bickering in the locker room as there was last year, when a fire storm over flowed into the press between the offensive and the defensive players. Once again when I look at the Packers I didn't see that happening.

So when Coach Philbin talks about Family, he isn't just talking the talk.

I have included in this post all the links that Kenny worked on for the upcoming combine. I know he put allot of time into that post, and I wanted to make sure those links are kept in the forefront. NFL official site Player schedule NFL network schedule Big O podcast Dolphin radio Finsiders video