Miami Dolphin 2012 Free-Agency Period (Offense Beyond QB))

Heyy SHOUT-sters, and ALL Fin-Addicts :) !!

CONGRATULATIONS to the New York Giants!!
Who's ready to move forward toward a 2012/13 MIAMI DOLPHIN CHAMPIONSHIP ??

Well it's that time of year again when we fans like to pretend that on a food-stamp budget we can treat ourselves to a buffet of Lobster, Steak, and all our taste-buds favorites.. More times than not a patron is lucky to land one brick of GubMent Cheese per year to melt upon their nachos, while two or more of the most talked about town, pleasantly propelling moisture to the mouth entries being attainable is an extreme rarity!!

Regardless of delayed, non-traditional and/or heavily Restricted 2010 & 2011 Free-Food Periods!! The Miami Dolphins have been able to nourish our suffering from malnutrition team with tasty starters the likes of WR Brandon Marshall with this recent years 1,214 yards, ILB Karlos Dansby, OLB/Pass rusher extraordinaire Cameron Wake, ILB Kevin Burnett, and QB Matt Moore among several others.. They were also able to sneak a highly sought after delicacy into their plastic-bag lined pocket with a refreshing portion of Tail-Back Reggie Bush in order to keep him from hitting the bidding-war of an open market in a bold tasting though affordable Pre-Free Agency trade with the New Orleans Saints!!(Bush accrued an amazing 1,086 rushing yards at a five yard average per-carry pace, 296 receiving yards and 7 TD's in basically half a season) which is approximately how long it took for us to pre-heat the oven!! All these moves took place in a highly-irregular, non-traditional, impersonal drive-thru format with General Manager Jeff Ireland at the wheel of the grade strand, and in charge of maneuvering between the barriers while counting his available change!! For the most part 2010's UN-restricted Free Agents were all rendered Restricted, and 2011's Free-Food appetizers were dished-out after the main course, all due to the CBA fiasco and subsequent lockout!!

Now that every thing is back to business as usual!! According to the 2011 season (Beyond QB), Our Miami Dolphins of 2012 would seem to be in the market for at least one Offensive Lineman due to a weak-link or two, while aging veteran Vernon Carey is himself due to become somewhat marketable be it for us or some-other team, and/or an inner-division rival.. I don't know about you but if given the chance, I'd take D'Brick Ferguson over VC in a micro-waved-second, (though the Jets will likely Franchise Ferguson)!! However, at this moment I have us going with "Can't Miss" eventual superstar Tackle Riley Reiff in the first round of the 2012 draft.. Therefore, one FA Lineman and/or simply retaining always reliable somewhere Vernon Carey might do the trick?? The Dolphins might also be scanning over the NFL's new favorite flavors in search of a Big-Play-making TE, while the Diva receivers could be stirred, smelt, or tasted via the desert, "whine", fine-wine, and coffee selection..

This particular 2012 Miami Dolphin Free Agency period offers a wide range of highly touted players at positions of great need.. Many players that will actually be looking forward to jumping in the basket of those doing the shopping, because of the new chefs, while those same hired hands have first hand knowledge in experimenting with several of these particular spices over the last four years or so!! Below is a narrowed-down briefly entailed menu of players I believe might help our situation at offensive positions of great need (Beyond QB)!! They aren't necessarily the top ranked guys at each position, just my personal preferred rankings of the guys that most fit what we might desire based on size, age, upside, ability, versatility, speed, and so on, In My Humble Opinion :) !!

QB/LOBster (comes with your choice of two side-dishes and there inclusions)
For the sake of gathering a "community" consensus towards a wide-ranged positional Free Agent Plan :)!! Lets pretend that each and every one of you already has the LOBster of your choice on your sizzling tray, and all you need are a few other affordable yet palatable garnishing that would define your free agency meal..

Offensive-Line, (served with a hearty stack of pancakes)

1) De'Brickashaw Ferguson (New York Jets) Starting Left Tackle, 28 , 6-6, 310
2) Carl Nicks (New Orleans Saints) Starting Left Guard, 26, 6-5, 343
3) Ben Grubbs (Baltimore Ravens) Starting Left Guard, 27, 6-3, 310
4) Barry Richardson (Kansas City Chiefs) Starting Right Tackle, 25, 6-6, 319
5) Jerad Gaither (San Diego Chargers) Starting Left Tackle, 25, 6-9, 340
6) Demetrius Bell (Buffalo Bills) Offensive Tackle, 28, 6-5, 311
7) Breno Giocomini (Seattle Seahawks) Starting Right Tackle, 26, 6-7, 318
8) Guy Whimper (Jacksonville Jaguars) Starting Right Tackle, 29, 6-5, 302
9) Jeremy Zutah (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Starting Left Guard, 26, 6-4, 308
10) Lydon Murtha RFA (Miami Dolphins) Right Tackle, 26, 6-7, 315
11) Vernon Carey (Miami Dolphins) Starting Right Guard, 30 , 6-5, 340
12) Geoff Hangartner (Carolina Panthers) Starting Right Guard, 29, 6-5, 301
13) Evan Mathis (Philadelphia Eagles) Starting Left Guard, 30, 6-5, 302
14) Max Starks (Pittsburgh Steelers) Starting Left Tackle, 30, 6-8, 345
15) Mike Brisiel (Houston Texans) Right Guard, 28, 6-5, 300

Wide-Receiver, (includes Fries, Desert, "Whine", and or Coffee)

1) Marques Colston(New Orleans Saints),28,6-4,225, 449 receptions, 6240 yrds, 48 TDs
2) Robert Meachem(New Orleans Saints),27,6-2,210, 141 receptions, 2269 yrds, 23TDs
3) Steve Johnson ( Buffalo Bills ), 25, 6-2, 210, 170 receptions, 2189 yrds, 19 TDs
4) Mario Manningham(New York Giants),25,6-0,185, 160 receptions, 2315 yrds, 18 TDs
5) Pierre Garcon (Indianapolis Colts),25, 6-0, 210, 188 receptions, 2519 yrds, 16 TDs
6) Wes Welker ( New England Patriots ), 30, 5-9, 185, 650 receptions, 7226 yrds, 32 TDs
7) DeShawn Jackson(Philadelphia Eagles), 25, 5-10, 175, 229 receptions, 4085 yrds, 21 TDs
8) Laurent Robinson (Dallas Cowboys), 26, 6-2, 194, 143 receptions, 1858 yrds, 15 TDs
9) Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs),27,6-2,221, 356 receptions, 4927 yrds, 36 TDs
10) Andre Caldwell (Cincinnati Bengals),26,6-0,190, 124 receptions, 1172 yrds, 6 TDs
11) Plaxico Burress (New York Jets), 34, 6-5, 232, 550 receptions, 8457 yrds, 63 TDs
12) Jericho Cotchery (Pittsburgh Steelers),29,6-1,200,374 receptions,4751 yrds, 20 TDs

Tight-End, (Miss-Match or mix and match to your taste)

1) Jermichael Finley (Green Bay Packers),24,6-4,247,137 receptions,1818 yrds,15 TDs Extremely likely that GB will find a way to keep him!!
2) Martellus Bennett (Dallas Cowboys), 24, 6-6, 270, 85 receptions, 846 yrds, 4 TDs
3) Scott Chandler (Buffalo Bills), 26, 6-7, 263, 39 receptions, 397 yrds, 6 TDs
4) Danial Fells (Denver Broncos), 28, 6-4, 252, 88 receptions, 1001 yrds, 8 TDs
5) Jacob Tamme (Indianapolis Colts), 26, 6-3, 236, 92 receptions, 855 yrds, 5 TDs
6) Kellen Davis (Chicago Bears), 26, 6-7, 267, 28 receptions, 300 yrds, 9 TDs
7) Leonard Pope (Kansas City Chiefs), 28, 6-8, 264,102 receptions, 973 yrds, 9 TDs
8) John Carlson (Seattle Seahawks), 28, 6-5, 251, 137 receptions, 1519 yrds, 13 TDs
9) Fred Davis (Washington Redskins),26, 6-4, 258, 131 receptions, 1648 yrds, 12 TDs (Four 2011 games missed due to league substance abuse policy, one violation away from 1 yr suspension)!!

Ionlyhavesomuchspaceonmyplateso,there's also the unmentioned least required yet potentially approachable Running-Back position (where residing are four young 2011 starters if not superstars), and remember there are hundreds of other very intriguing names to be had at the positions of most need!! While various free agent listings don't include some of the same names.. (D'Brick, G Olsen, M Lewis) Hmmm?? Maybe you have first hand knowledge of some unknown diamond in the ruff, or the exact free agent status of some name that may be in question (according to the listings provided)??

Barring the re-signing and/or franchise-tagging of said platters??
My Personal Surf & Turf tray would taste something like this..
"Yess Mammm I'm ready to order,to go along with my one-clawed crustacean I'd like"

Steak = Guard Carl Nicks ,with a possible second helping of RT's Barry Richardson or Breno Giocomini, (so that we'll have an option of choosing a skill player, pass rushing DE, or DB in 2012's draft)!!

A Melted brick of the "possibly available" imported spicy flavored Wisconsin cheese in Jermichael Finley would vault the entire cuisine to a rating of FOUR STARters!!

If not-yet quenched, I might consider an extra sideline dish of
Desert=4.39 speedy field-stretching WR Robert Meachem,though I Luv Gates..
Whine = Dwayne Bowe(not a desirable option with desert),or B.Marshall..
Fine Wine = Wes Welker (though not likely to leave the chill of New England)..
Cough-ee = Redzone flavored Plaxico Burress..
When wearing my stretchy pants, I really have a craving for Mario Manningham, and "should" Brandon Marshall be traded Marques Colston might quench the void..

A "community" consensus of this articles results will follow, as will a Defensive Free Agency menu, and "community" consensus plan, so give us your quotable suggestions!!

THANX for an Open-Minded Read of Just One Mans Taste!! Hope you Enjoy this kinda-feast as much as I do.. So who's hungry, what do your Big-Eyes have in mind to accompany your unnamed Lobster in quenching your belly's overall appetite, and why??

Here's three entire list of currently soon to be 2012 Free Agents via team by team, position by position, and/or top fifty (barring Franchise tags or the re-signing of by current teams)!! GOFINS!!