NFL Draft Combine

Heyy SHOUT-sters, and DOLPHIN-Addicts ;)

Well, the Draft Combine is upon us. Beginning Wednesday Morning Feb. 22-28, "More than 300 top prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft will be invited to participate at the combine in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. This event is a vital step in athletes achieving their NFL dreams. Follow this event on and NFL Network." ( Courtesy of )..

Below I've also included the entire combine positional and player scheduling link..

The televised week of inside-out examinations will include the swabbing of character, outright physical strength, speed, quickness, positional skills drills, strengths, weaknesses, intangibles, and the all important Wonderlic test.

The actual positional drills won't be televised until the 25th.
Saturday: Kickers, Offensive-Line, and Tight-Ends
Sunday: Running Backs, Quarterbacks, and Wide Receivers
Monday: Line-Backers, and Defensive Line
Tuesday: Defensive Backs

Here's the NFL Networks positional drills television schedule, while if you don't catch the initial viewing it'll all be run time and time again up until draft day.

And, I just have to hook'ya'up with the Big-O radio show today so that you won't miss his interview process beginning February 22nd on Wednesday afternoon.
There is also a local radio sports host that attends the combine up close and personal, and his daily show can be experienced via the Internet from anywhere in the world for anyone that might be interested. This particular radio show is an absolute necessity for wannabe draft gurus! The host, Orlando Alzugaray (Big-O), has been covering the combine on behalf of Dolphin fans for some thirteen years and knows all the ins and outs of making the process a knowledge gathering experience. He's also extraordinarily enlightened about practically every prospect, extremely hip to the Dolphins needs, and intensely pursues interviews with every prospect that might potentially become a Miami Dolphin.

He has also already covered the Shrine and Senior Bowls.. So if your so inclined you can go over the past conversations he's had with prospects from those particular evaluation periods with whoever might catch your attention!!

ALL GREAT STUFF. Listening to the radio show in its entirety is like a blog on audio because the fans are calling in all day offering their thoughts and scenario's on every issue we discuss via text in this format here at The SHOUT!!

I personally get almost as excited at this time of year about Free Agency and the Draft as I do come September because, "Hi, my name is Ken Nicholas and I have an addiction to Miami Dolphins football possibilities." I hope that some of this works as a football fix for you.

Give the NFL Network's week long televised process a daily looksie (especially on Saturday through Tuesday), and tune-in intently to the BIG O SHOW during the combine, which extremely narrows down the Miami Dolphins point of view (It's Truly Must Hear Radio For FIN Fan Draft Gurus)!!!

Here's another must view daily during the combine site for video's and interviews!!

THANX for an Open-Minded Read, and I hope you ENJOYYY the combine process :)!!
PLEASE let us know what you see and hear so we can gather a SHOUT game plan for the draft!! GOFINS : ) !!