Voting Is Open For Dolphin Shout's Mascot

Voting is now open for the name of this adorable little girl. There are a lot of choices, so be sure to read them all before casting your vote.

You can vote for multiple names. Select the names that you like the most and submit them.

Here are the options for your official Dolphin Shout mascot:

Name Me
- Finette
- Shout-zie
- Ross
- Winner
- Mahi
- Taco
- Goldie
- Dazzel
- Dynasty
- Victory
- Marino
- Dolphie
- Snowflake
- Lit'l Bit
- Pugsly
- Flynn
- Bella
- Dolly
- Shula
- Me-ami
- Finkle
- Erin
- Flea Flicker

To vote just go to the poll on the right side of the page and submit your selection.

Thanks for stopping by, and the winning name will be announced after the poll closes on February 9 at 11:59 PM.

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