Miami Dolphin Brass Hangs Out on Top of Tannehill

Hey Dolphin Fans !!

On Thursday Ryan Tannehill held his personal "Pro Day" where prospects are provided (upon their own turf) the opportunity to impress potential suitors with their positional skills, and agility.. Tannehill was unable to play in the Senior Bowl, or participate at the combine due to a foot stress fracture, so besides all the film on him (being that of just barely two years as The Texas A&M Quarterback), this was his one chance to show his stuff in a one on one skills type challenge..

The Miami Dolphins were on hand, represented by GM Jeff Ireland, director of player personnel Brain Gaine, and new head coach Joe Philbin along with twenty-two other teams..

During the afternoon Tannehill workout in a toss and catch exhibition versus no defenders, he completed 65 of 68 passes while two of the incompletions were wide receiver drops.. Tannehill also ran a 4.62 forty yard dash, which sped the process of his reportedly attending a dinner engagement at the expense of Ross' checkbook..

The third ranked quarterback of the 2012 draft was the leading receiver of the Texas A&M Aggies over the first two and a half years of his college career, while during his mere two years as their quarterback he compiled a 62.5 completion percentage, accrued 5450 passing yards, 42 touchdowns, 21 interceptions, and a 134.2 quarterback rating with the Dolphins current offensive coordinator (Mike Sherman) as his head coach..

Sherman on Tannehill;
"Like all good quarterbacks he had great poise. Very confident in any system, west coast or not, Any quarterback has to be confident in his own skin and believe in himself. They always say that a great quarterback makes those around him better. I thought Favre did that. I think Aaron Rodgers does that. I think Tannehill does that as well." Sherman coached Favre, Rodgers, and Tannehill for extensive periods while playing a huge part in each individuals growth !!

For those that can't stand a fleet of foot quarterback because they're too likely to abandon the pass play.. Tannehill had only 372 rushing yards to go with 5 rushing Touchdowns in his 106 attempts over 25 games as quarterback, (basically 4 point something attempts per game at an average of 3.25 yards per carry).. Though he's likely the most accurate on the run potentially available quarterback prospect in the 2012 draft, so when he does use his feet he keeps his head up-field, and doesn't abandon the pass play!!

On Friday March 30th, the Miami Dolphin Brass will be attending the "Pro-Day" of Arizona State Quarterback Brock Osweiler, (my personal second round favorite potential Dolphin QB)..
"" BROCK "", just sounds like a QUARTERBACK ; ) !!



THANX for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view ; ) ,GOFINS !!

Ross and Ireland are on the Right Path

A look at Jeff Ireland’s first round picks with the Dolphins should give Miami fans some insight into where he will go with the 8th pick in the draft.  Ireland is historically conservative in the first round. While many believe a skill position player would be the proper course, the names Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Jared Odrick and Mike Pouncey, provoke only a modicum of splash.

Fans in Miami will make whatever uninspiring assessment they want from these names, but one thing is certain, Jeff Ireland doesn’t care. He cannot make his decisions based on ratings compiled by amateur draft nicks who inundate the sports talk shows with recycled scouting reports and mock draft boards for the sake of entertainment. That is what the draft has become, a prime time extravaganza.

Professionals like Ireland look at it completely differently; to them it is a planned execution of months and sometimes years of work from scouts all over the country. By staying conservative, Ireland has been able to parley his four 1st round picks into 5 starters. A GM will not last long if the players he picks in the first round do not start early in the NFL.

Many fans wonder why teams like NE have cap space and the Dolphins do not. The term “build through the draft” is often misconstrued to be synonymous with being a younger team. It is actually more about cap management. A rookie contract is always less than a player’s 2nd contract, if the player performs in the league. Teams that draft well and trade down to the 2nd round (Billichick) have a lower salary base because most of their contracts are rookie contracts.

These teams sign their star players, but as these players age and their performance begins to wane, they trade them for more draft picks before they become free agents. They continue to keep a lower payroll because most of their players are on rookie contracts. These teams are able to keep their playmakers because they aren’t stuck with 2nd contracts on marginal starters or back-ups. This is what it means to “build through the draft.”

The Dolphins have obviously made some errors in salary cap management. It stems back to the wildcat induced 11-5 season, which seduced Sparano and Parcells into thinking they were closer to the Promised Land than they truly were. Because of the illusion, they spent more on free agent 2nd contracts and less on rookie 1st contracts, even if those free agents were the Dolphins own players.

In 2009 for instance, Vernon Carey signed a six year, $42 million deal with $15 million guaranteed. That means the Dolphins spent $5 million for 3 years on a player who was a marginal starter. The Patriots would have traded Carey for draft picks prior to him becoming a free agent and drafted his replacement. This is an example to demonstrate how a team builds through the draft.

The change in strategy is apparent in the dealings with Kendall Langford. The Rams signed Langford to a 4-year $24 million contract with $12 million guaranteed. It was Langford’s 2nd contract and he was looking for his payday. Unlike Carey in 2009, the Dolphins did not pay the money for a marginal starter. Langford is a good player, but after 4 years, it was apparent Langford was never going to be a dominate force at DE.

The Dolphins made a mistake by not trading Langford last year for draft picks. That leads to the second half of the "build through the draft" equation, self-assessment of the roster and predictive analysis of a player’s potential. By correctly determining a player’s long-term success, a team can understand which players to trade, and when the time is right.

Not much has been heard from Richard Seymour since NE traded him to the Raiders for a 1st round pick. Seymour was in the final year of a contract that paid him $3.685 million when the Patriots traded him. Seymour then signed a 5-year $37.5 million deal with the Raiders. The Patriots traded a waning player with a high salary demand for a first round pick, this is how a team uses predictive analysis to build through the draft and maintain the salary cap.

The Green Bay Packers build almost exclusively through the draft and Joe Philbin has publicly stated his intention to do the same in Miami. Even a player like Brett Favre has to figure into the equation and Green Bay traded Favre for a 4th round pick to the Jets before he became a free agent.

When a team has not had much success in recent years, it is not easy for fans to be patient, but there is no easy solution. Teams that flounder year after year are a product of not understanding the personnel game, they pay out 2nd contracts and trade draft picks for players.

This may sound like an indictment of Jeff Ireland’s performance, but that is due to short-term thinking. Even if the Dolphins had every pick in the last 4 years, that would only equal 28 players and only 12 of them would have come in the 1st three rounds of the draft. This means that building through the draft is an agonizingly slow process that most fans do not have the patience for.

This is the reason teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh and New England remain at the top of the league year in and year out. They have an established organization, with an established plan and they stick to it. The protesters outside Dolphin headquarters in Davie have not thought through the ramifications of firing Jeff Ireland and going through the process of starting the organization all over again.

Stephen Ross has been called many things but in time, he will have justified his reasoning for the way he has built the Dolphins. He has more insight than many have given him credit for and by keeping Ireland, who has done a good job in the draft, he has shown that he is not a man who makes impetuous decisions. He sees the teams in this league that have been successful over time and he is emulating their formula.

The problem for Ross and Ireland was created over a 10-year period of one-player-away thinking that cannot be cured without another 10 years of making the proper decisions. In 10 years a team will draft about 70 players, which means it takes 10 years to build a team and during that time half of those players will have come up for a 2nd contract. When Ross says Rome was not built overnight, it is much truer than most fans understand.

A QB will cure a lot of ills they say, but organizations built from the draft, that trade marginal starters and aging players, then pay only the true stars, are the teams that have continued success in the NFL. It may not seem like it to many fans, but perhaps the Dolphins finally have it right, those fans will need patience but in the end, success will return to Miami.

Miami Dolphins Projected Positional Priority Prospect's at Pick #8

The NFL Draft returns to primetime in 2012 with the first round taking place Thursday, April 26, followed by the second and third rounds on Friday April 27. Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday, April 28. So, with the Miami Dolphins currently having four scheduled picks in the first three rounds let us start to consider what collegiate prospect our beloved team might consider should they actually make their first selection at number eight!!

At this moment;
It's well known by all that our Dolphins are in dire need of a reliable guarantee or two on the right-side of the O-Line.. Though seeing that they've managed to be retained without seeing much of the field, and because injury-prone players don't stick around very long with this regime, one has to consider that the versatile Right Tackle, Right Guard types of Lydon Murtha, Nate Garner, and John Jerry are worthy candidates, or posses incriminating photo's of someone in the hierarchy.. So, maybe the position isn't quite as weak as it appears from the outside, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors??

One position that there is no doubt about is the outside pass-rusher position opposite of Cameron Wake!! Whether it be addressed in going after that type of Defensive-End, Outside-Linebacker or both is of no matter, the fact is, that outside force requires instant attention!! Though, Randy Starks played the position brilliantly in 2009 with 7 sacks!! He was about to become a star DE until he became an experiment at Nose Tackle going into the 2010 season, and has been unable to regather the momentum he had established at DE, but is progressing back to 09 status with 4.5 sacks in 2011, while highly touted Jared Odrick is finally getting healthy in accruing 6 (part-time duty) sacks in 2011 as the dimmer-switch gradually turns clockwise!! Koa Misi is still a yet developed potential option at OLB pass rusher, but similar to the OLine position, I'd suggest we as fans would like at least ONE reliable guarantee at the Outside Pass-Rusher position opposite CWake as well as the Right OLine position in the 2012 draft!! Though AGAIN, maybe from the outside lookin-in, the position and/or position's aren't as dire as the casual fan might think ??

The vacated Wide Receiver position via two third round picks is another position that will be addressed at some point in the draft, and according to what I'm re-realizing upon writing this article.. The WR position might be of higher priority than I've suggested in the list below?? While also "at some point", we'll likely address the Defensive Back/Safety, Tight End, Interior DLine, and another position that audibles my mind.. Ohhh Yeaaa, a Quarterback of the future, preferably one of bionics, and science fiction type weaponry!!

So, here are the Projected, Positional, Priority, Prospects I came up with for OUR DOLPHINS first round pick at number EIGHT !!

1. OT Matt Kalil, USC Underclassman, 23, 6-7, 306 and the Top ranked Tackle has an overall prospect ranking of THREE.. The entire world says he's going to Minnesota at pick number three!!

2. DE/OLB Melvin Ingram, South Carolina, 23, 6-1, 264, 4.79 forty holds the distinct honor of being the Top Out-Side Line Backer with an overall ranking of NINE.. "Ingram might want to send a personal thank you note to Giants general manager Jerry Reese for the slew of teams who are spending extra hours breaking down his game film.. In a copycat league, the Giants have also drawn a blueprint for teams to look hard at athletes who can flat-out get after the passer. Get them in camp and figure out where to play them later.. Ingram fits that mold, a versatile athlete who can lineup outside either tackle, move to tackle on third down and rush the passer standing up inside or off the edge".. Consensus Mocks have him going once at number 6, twice at 7 and 13, with a single prediction to Miami at 8, and single selection's at 10 along with 16 totaling an average mock pick at 8.3 ..

3. OT Riley Reiff, Iowa Underclassman, 6-6, 300, is the second ranked Offensive Tackle, and is ranked at number EIGHT overall.. Possessing NFL size, sound technique and better athleticism than Bryan Bulaga (who became an NFL stud) that Reiff replaced at Iowa.. "Reiff is viewed by scouts as a pro-ready tackle capable of helping immediately at either left or right tackle".. The mock draft's give him two selection's at number seven, THREE at number eight to Miami, a couple at 11 to KC, and one at 19 equaling a 9.7 average mock..

4. DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina Sr., 6-6, 284, 4.78 forty, stands tall as the Top Defensive End, while being ranked number SEVEN overall.. Wherever teams project Coples, he is the most physically gifted defensive lineman in this draft - rated the top defensive end prospect by, and enjoyed a strong week at the Senior Bowl.. "I take pride in being versatile," he said. "It definitely has raised my stock in that it lets teams know that I can go inside or out, I'm definitely prepared for whatever defensive scheme that a team has.".. Mock consensus suggest he'll go at number 7 to the Jags, or 10 to Buffalo, but he also has projection's up to and including 14, while his total mock average is 9.2..

5. WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State Underclassman, 6-1, 207, 4.48 forty, is the Top Wide-Receiver prospect, and has an overall player ranking of FIVE.. "Blackmon's draft stock has been steadily on the rise for two years, and the two-time Biletnikoff Award winner has built a resume worthy of a top-10 pick in the 2012 draft".. Mock averages have him at picks 4 (two) and 6 (five), though he could potentially fall to the Dolphins at number 8 (one).. His mock average stands at 5.6 ..

6. OG David DeCastro, Stanford Underclassman, 6-5, 312 is this years number one ranked interior Offensive-Lineman, and holds an overall prospect rank of THIRTEEN.. "DeCastro isn't an elite athlete but he's rarely moved in pass protection and dominates as a run blocker with technical precision, toughness and intelligence. He's at his best on the move because of his nifty footwork and agility, pulling to lead in the running game, and plays every down with the intent to bury a defender. There's not a scheme in which DeCastro wouldn't fit and he would be an upgrade over the majority of current NFL guards." A first round lock, Steve Hutchinson-type with a 13.7 average mock selection..

7. RB Trent Richardson, Alabama Underclassman, 5-11, 228, 4.4's forty.. The Top Running Back candidate, and an overall player ranking of SIX.. "Put simply, only the likes of Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker have come into the mighty SEC and physically dominated opponents with a combination of size, speed and power like Richardson. A first-round pick with the potential to warrant a spot in the top 10. With the passing game becoming the preferred way to attack defenses in today's NFL, few teams are willing to invest a first-round pick in a running back. Richardson, however, is the type of talent that transcends scheme. As well-built as any player in the country, Richardson is an imposing target for tacklers and a bull to bring down. Fast enough to beat linebackers to the edge or pull away when he breaks free, Richardson is a one-man wrecking crew capable of making an immediate impact as a runner, receiver and kick returner." With his four predicted picks at number four, and four projection's at number five, his 4.4 mock average likely eliminates his availability to the Dolphins at pick eight..

8. WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, 22, 6-3, 224, 4.42 forty is projected as the second best Wide Receiver while being the SIXTEENTH ranked player overall.. "Route running: Needs to tighten up his routes, but has the quick feet and balance to cut or come back to the ball. Should excel in a West Coast or timing-type of offense. Lined up at every receiver position to take advantage of the best matchup. Solid threat on slants, shallow crosses and in the red zone.
After the catch: More of a bull than a cheetah. Will not outrun NFL defensive backs, but has more than enough speed to turn short passes into long gains when his quarterback leads him. Can make a quick inside move on an out route to get additional yardage, but won't outrun NFL defenders from a standstill. Looks best when plowing over corners one-on-one in space or carrying multiple defenders down the middle." Floyd's average mock selection is 16.6 ..

9. CB Morris Claiborne, LSU, 22, 5-11, 188, 4.45 forty (plays faster) while being the Top Corner Back with an overall player ranking at FOUR.. "Claiborne is regarded as the most natural corner in the draft, He may be more technically sound than Patrick Peterson" (also out of LSU) picked at 2011's number five, and an instant NFL star !! Claiborne is widely projected in the Top six of the 2012 draft with a 5.5 mock average, and likely the BPA (Best Player Available) if he's there at the Dolphins pick of eight.. I do believe that both Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith are scheduled to become Free Agent's in 2013, and that's why I included this potential superstar defensive back!! While other DB's will get mention in followup (mid to late first, second, and third round ) articles in hopes of gathering a three round SHOUT draft CHART..

10. OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford Underclassman, 6-6, 305, and being the third best projected Offensive Tackle is the EIGHTEENTH ranked overall player prospect.. "Not all scouts agree that Martin has the natural strength to be highly successful as a pro pass protector, but he did manage to get the job done in Stanford's pro-style offense. He seemed more comfortable as a run blocker, but that is not unusual. Some scouts believe that Stanford's zone blocking scheme helped Martin maximize his results and that he will need more strength to battle the behemoths he will encounter in the NFL." Martin's average mock spot is 15.7..

11. QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, 24, 6-4, 221, is the projected Top QB with an ELEVENTH overall ranking, and has an average mock pick at 10.1 while being projected to Miami at pick eight by 5 of the 8 sports writer mockers.. I personally like Tannehill A-LOT, and as suggested for several month's would like very much for him to become a Miami Dolphin, but I'm one of the opinion that a first round pick, especially a pick at number EIGHT, has to be an immediate contributor of impact!! I don't think it'd be wise to take Tannehill at number EIGHT, while I included him here for the sake of those that think he, or any Quarterback (enter your preference) is a must with 2012's first draft pick.. However; I do believe that taking-on a first round QB project becomes a viable option, if (in the case of Tannehill) one takes a QB that won't contribute for at least a couple of years in a "trade down" scenario, while acquiring other positional immediate contributor's of impact via additional early round picks!! P.S. ( most mocks suggest that if Tannehill makes it past us at EIGHT, there aren't any other teams that are likely to have QB interest until the first round pick of 25 or later)!!

Therefore, Ryan Tannehill will also be included in the next draft edition being that of a "trade down" into the mid-teens scenario, along with other QB prospects in all of the first three rounds, but feel free to choose whoever you like for your pick at EIGHT!!

WR Floyd, and OT Martin will likely make the next draft edition too, but I wanted to offer multiple option's at Pass Rusher, OLine, and Wide Receiver for pick number EIGHT!! AGAIN, if your pick at EIGHT didn't make this list ?? PLEASE BRING-IT TO THE TABLE, we welcome your knowledge :) !! I know I had a few more that I would have liked to include, though I think that only seven of the mentioned eleven are truly worthy of a pick at EIGHT, with those seven (not necessarily) being the top seven listed (no-matter the need) !!

The CBS provided bio's of the above mentioned prospects that you might lust over at the pick of number EIGHT, as well as their Astrological Signs, Favorite Colors, and Lucky Numbers can be found here, Simply by clicking your hot dates name!!

One Half of the noted mocks;

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view ;) !! GOOOOOAAAAHHH D O L P H I N S !!

Miami Dolphin Media Relations are Pathetic

Senior Vice President of Media Relations, Harvey Greene should be shopping his resume because Miami has a serious public relations issue that is brewing out of control. Jeff Ireland may come off as a prick, but Ireland should not be in the media at all, the job belongs to Harvey Greene. The Dolphins need to change their approach to media relations and the past week should be all they need to know how important that change is.

The Dolphins are caught in this media frenzy because of their inability to understand the power of silence. After all the words about upgrading the QB position, Miami is in the same situation it was prior to free agency. The truth is, it may not be a bad place, but by setting the fans up for higher expectations, they have set themselves up for the backlash.

Peyton Manning signed a 5-year deal with Denver for $95-million, that’s $19-million a year. The Dolphins did not even have enough cap space to sign Manning for a single year at the price he was asking. Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross had to know going in that Manning would be asking at least $15 million and that was more than Miami could afford without making drastic cuts.

A simple financial reality check would have been enough for the Dolphins to understand, Manning was out of their league. Manning and Tom Condon knew this going in and used Miami to exaggerate the price for Manning knowing full well the finances didn’t work. Ross and Ireland had no business setting up the fans for an expectation that was impractical and unrealistic.

Instead of coming out upfront and placing the onus on Manning’s camp by stating straight up, Miami would be a long shot because of financial constraints; they allowed the circus to roll. Manning was then able to say Miami was not a fit, when in reality, Manning was in it for the money and Miami couldn’t afford his inflated price. By stating their position early, they would have forced Manning to come out and say he wanted more money than Miami could afford and then Manning comes out looking greedy and the Dolphins walk away without inciting the fan base.

Matt Flynn started all of two games in his NFL career and yet his asking price was $8-million a year. No one knows whether Flynn will turn into the vaunted franchise QB everyone expects and yet his camp was asking Miami to break the bank on a hope that he would. Had Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross used the media to portray the situation as it was happening, Flynn’s camp would have had to lay their cards on the table.

Many NFL teams follow the antiquated Parcells model of creating an acrimonious, closed lipped relationship with the media and the media then strikes back by painting the team in whatever light the writer wants. When the team says nothing, the fans have only the jaded media for information and that information is colored by the relationship the team has with the media. Miami continues to come out looking bad because they have fostered a negative relationship with the people who inform the public.

Flynn was not worth the contract he got in Seattle and when the media should be harping on how Seattle was taken to the bank by a two-start NFL back up, they instead focus on the tight-lipped Dolphins. Miami was absolutely correct in its dealings with Flynn, but instead being savvy businessmen, they are goats who couldn’t sign Flynn because he chose Seattle. Miami made a decision based on what they thought was right, by saying nothing they allow the media to create its own sensational spin.

Alex Smith will be entering his 7th season after being the first pick in the 2005 draft. He had one good season in 2011. There is a reason the 49ers allowed Smith to become a free agent and got involved in the Manning sweepstakes, because they didn’t think he was a franchise QB. The media had spun the Dolphins as a desperate team, willing to sign a QB San Francisco had left on the FA market.

Again, Miami did the right thing by not offering Smith more than he was worth. Smith and Condon again used the media to spin the Dolphins as an unacceptable choice for Smith, all the while Condon knew where Manning was headed. By Miami not saying anything, the media listened to the only voice available and Miami came out looking the fool.

The bottom line is, Harvey Greene is either being forced into silence or is incapable of keeping the Dolphins out of a negative light. Unfortunately, that light shines directly on Jeff Ireland and he takes all the wrath of the media frenzied fans. It's clear when the media is using quotes from the likes of Joey Porter or Channing Crowder as fact, Miami has a serious PR problem.

The problem is, it may be too late for the Dolphins to repair the damage already done by their insistence on media silence. The approach has worked for Bill Belichick because he has won Super Bowls with Tom Brady, but with the explosion of information available instantly on ESPN, the web, smart phones and blogs the approach can no longer work.

Miami must adapt to changing times, not only in the NFL but also the world in general, they are getting a firsthand example of how important this is. It doesn’t mean Miami has to be completely open with the media, but it does mean the PR department has to do a better job of foreseeing the impact of their actions and gain advantages when their deals have the potential to shed a negative light on the team.

Harvey Green has been with the Dolphins for 21 years and in that time many things have changed in the world of media relations. It is a sad time for a man like Greene who has been with the Dolphins dating back to Don Shula, but it is obvious, Greene has either no voice in the organization or his personality is not dominant enough to effect change.

Many of the decisions made in Miami have been a cause and affect action due to the response from media fueled fans. This has to stop, at this point, Jeff Ireland, Stephen Ross and the rest of the Dolphin brass look like bumbling buffoons, all while making what are probably the best decisions for the team. It all points to media relations gone terribly wrong. Something has to change and it’s probably Harvey Greene.

Miami Dolphins Fans Need to Stop Being So Foolish

Hey You! Calm the *!@% Down
These past few days have been really hard to be a Miami Dolphins fan, but my reasons for suffering probably aren't the same reasons as yours.

In fact, there is really only one move that Jeff Ireland has made this offseason that I really disagree with, and that is cutting FS Yeremiah Bell. Not only did Ireland cut him a week into free agency (which would make it harder to find a team needing a starting safety), but he also cutting him just a few weeks after saying that he wouldn't and that he was irreplaceable. It was a cold move that resulted in the Dolphins losing a veteran who has been in Miami for his entire NFL career on bad terms. Releasing Bell was a heartless thing to do, and it was one thing that Jeff Ireland did that really made me not proud to be a Dolphins fan.

Aside from that terrible decision, I can't say I'm all that disappointed with this offseason so far.

I know that a lot of you probably just read that sentence with disbelief and even anger. Who does this Paul guy think he is that he can say that our offseason hasn't been a complete travesty? How can he be confident in a team that just signed a 34-year old quarterback after "missing" on a young free agent quarterback who had very strong connections to our current head coach? How can he say that we've had a good offseason (and yes that is what I'm implying) after we traded away our best wide receiver and have no legitimate number one option to throw to?

But you know what? I doubt that long questions like those popped into your head. Something simpler like "this guy's an idiot" is probably more likely, and look, I get it. We didn't get Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn. We traded Brandon Marshall for a good bit less than what we gave up for him. We cut our starting strong safety when we already have enough problems at free safety. The national media is taking shots at OUR Dolphins like it's going out of style.

Well you know what? I'm getting tired of it all. The Miami Dolphins are not the biggest losers of this year's free agency. I don't care how many articles that you read that say that they are. I don't care how many experts say that they made all the wrong moves. None of that matters, and you need to stop listening to that.

Do you remember last offseason when free agency opened and everyone thought that the Eagles were the big winners and it was Super Bowl or bust? What happened to them? They didn't even make the playoffs?

How about the San Francisco 49ers? No one really thought that it was a good idea to keep Alex Smith. How did that turn out for them? They made it to the NFC Championship game and were a botched punt return away from going to the Super Bowl.

Do you get what I'm saying? It isn't all doom and gloom for the Miami Dolphins. Who cares what everyone in the world seems to think? It means nothing when regular season actually starts up. Heck, it doesn't mean anything right now. It's just a bunch of talk. Quit your whining and hear me out.

First, I will get to the talk that matters most to practically everyone in the world: quarterback. David Garrard is not a bad signing. I don't care how old he is (kind of). He is a highly accurate quarterback who has a career passer rating of 85.8, 89 career touchdowns, and 54 career interceptions. And you know what? He might not even be the starter. He will be competing with Matt Moore for that spot. What Miami has now is two solid quarterbacks who will be working their absolute hardest to win the starting job. Complain all you want, but the Dolphins are better off at quarterback than they were last year.

So what if we didn't get Matt Flynn? Riverdog has said this many, many times over the past month or two. We will be able to tell a lot about Flynn by how hard the Dolphins pursue him. If Jeff Ireland wasn't willing to pay Matt Flynn top quarterback-type money, then it's because he and Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin didn't think that he was a top quarterback. Philbin obviously knows Flynn really well because he has coached him for the last four years. If he was really convinced that Matt Flynn could be a franchise quarterback, then Ireland wouldn't have minded paying more for him.

Just like last year with Kyle Orton, Flynn wanted franchise quarterback-type money (or close to it) and Ireland wasn't willing to do it because he didn't view him as a franchise quarterback. Ireland was right last offseason with Orton even amid the outrage by fans. Why have we decided to doubt him now? He is a superb talent evaluator, and we need to start trusting him more.

Did you really want more of this?
Now, on to the Brandon Marshall trade. I couldn't agree more with the decision to trade Marshall. Let me ask you something. When you look at a team like the Green Bay Packers or New Orleans Saints do you see any receivers that are unhappy when they don't get the ball? Do you ever see them in the news for anything other than football? No, and no. Brandon Marshall is not the type of receiver that would fit into the Packers offense, and therefore he is not the type of receiver that the Miami Dolphins want. Joe Philbin is going to build Miami's receiving corps the right way: through the draft. It's what he did in Green Bay. Why not let him do it here again? And, the Dolphins got two 3rd round draft picks. Why not use those two picks to draft wide receivers that are all about the team and not themselves?

And last, but absolutely not least, to this #OccupyDavie crap. This is the main reason for me giving this post the title that it has. Does anyone who supported that stupid little get-together realize that they are only reinforcing the thought that the Miami Dolphins have some of the worst fans in the league? I mean, what better way to prove that we are a terrible fan base then to start protesting the team with signs. Thankfully only about 20 people showed up, but it was still an awful idea.

Miami Dolphins fans need to start thinking more objectively about this team. Sure, we don't have a true franchise quarterback just yet, but we have two very good quarterbacks, a great defense, and a lot of potential on offense that will only be helped by our offensive-minded head coach. I will admit, I have been frustrated more than a few times this past week, but I have since calmed down and looked at what we have. Trust me, we aren't that bad off.

So stop this protesting crap. You are only making us all look worse. It helps absolutely nothing.

He's Baaack!
And one extra thing. Did everyone forget that we had a top 6 defense last year even after a terrible start to the season? Those players didn't just disappear as soon as the season ended. We re-signed Paul Soliai and added more depth to our secondary by signing Richard Marshall. Yes, we lost Yeremiah Bell, but even though it was a terrible move from a personal standpoint it wasn't a terrible move from a football standpoint. Bell did add veteran experience, but he was due a lot of money and wasn't good enough to deserve it (Pro Football Focus had him ranked 77th out of 87 qualifying safeties). Once again, I don't like cutting him in the way that they did, but it is an unfortunate part of the business of football.

Just be patient Dolphins fans. You're acting like the sky is falling, but actually we're better off than we were before. We have a better head coach who will get us the receivers that we need, a better group of quarterbacks, and a better offense. Just wait until the season. I guarantee you that every single expert and analyst out there will be eating their words. Who cares what the national media thinks? They have a limited perspective because they have to keep up with all 32 teams. They don't know what the Dolphins really have.

Just trust me. Jeff Ireland is more than capable of building a winning team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you enjoyed, and if you disagreed just let me know below. I will try my best to respond to you.

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Miami Dolphins Sign David Garrard

The Miami Dolphins have signed free agent QB David Garrard, according to Jay Glazer.

After missing out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn the Dolphins have finally found a quarterback. Unfortunately, Garrard probably isn't as good as Flynn will be and definitely not Manning.

I don't know quite what to think about the Garrard signing. He had a 90.8 passer rating in his last season (2010) with 23 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, and 2,734 passing yards. My initial reaction to the signing wasn't a very happy one, but after I've had a little time to think about it he isn't that bad of a signing. He is a pretty good quarterback with 10 years of experience.

I guess it's going to be him and Matt Moore competing for the starting spot. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think. Follow me on twitter @PaulDSmythe.

Miami Must Sign Smith or Watch the Exodus

Matt Flynn is now a Seahawk, Peyton Manning looks to be deciding on any team except the Dolphins, Kyle Orton couldn’t agree to a deal, even Chad Henne ran out the door as fast as his feet could carry him. Jim Harbaugh and Jeff fisher never took the Dolphins seriously and used Miami to leverage the teams they had already selected. It’s become obvious, Stephen Ross is more worried about his purse strings than fielding a winning team.

What could Ireland have said the Flynn, “you aren’t worth a NFL starter’s salary, because we don’t think you’re better than Matt Moore.” Something does not add up with the Dolphins losing Flynn to the Seahawks. Flynn will have to compete with Tarvaris Jackson and no team will ever tell a player he does not have to compete for a position. This all comes down to money and Ross is not willing to pay.

Ross talked a good game about beating any offer for Peyton Manning, but actions speak louder than words. Ross has a leash on Ireland and it’s probably in the form of, “make one more high-dollar mistake and you’re out of here.” Ireland has become afraid to pull the trigger because he is afraid to lose his job.

Even if the Dolphins try to sell Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden as the plan, it does not make sense. A rookie is not going to come in and start, it rarely happens and with the rookie cap there is no need to worry about spending money to develop a player. The strategy of developing players through the draft means there has to be a starter here while the player develops.

Miami is going to tell us Flynn was not the guy and Joe Philbin should know that better than anyone else should. Why bring Flynn to Miami if Philbin already knew he was not the guy? No, this purely about the dollars, unless Ross can bring in a celebrity QB like Manning, he is not willing to pay the price to make his team better.

Alex Smith will not come any cheaper than Flynn and they cannot seriously be thinking David Garrard, who incidentally turned them down last year, is the answer. Garrard couldn’t make it in Jacksonville. They will look very foolish when their low-balling tactics leave them without a QB as it did last year.

It comes down to one simple fact, Stephen Ross is more concerned about making money from the Dolphins than field a winning product. Every QB and agent knows Miami will not pay the value of the position and the trips to Dolphin camp are maneuvers designed to raise the price another franchise is willing to pay. Flynn had already been to Seattle, they made an offer and he came to Miami to force them to sweeten the deal. Flynn did not want to play for the Dolphins.

Telling Peyton Manning, 36 years old, coming off injury to name his price sends out the signal Miami is desperate. No player wants to work for a desperate team, they want to know a team has a plan. Miami clearly has no plan. The only two players Miami could possibly have planned for are Manning and Flynn, they could not have foreseen Alex Smith coming on the market and certainly, David Garrard is not a plan.

The QB is the value position in the NFL. Belichick understands this and continually has multiple first round picks because he develops players and then trades them at a high value. Ryan Mallett may never step on the field in New England, but Belichick will get more than he paid for Mallett. The frugality forces the Dolphins into desperation offers that turn players away.

The only thing Miami can do now is backpedal and tell the fans they had intended to draft a QB all along or pay Alex Smith and say he is a better option than Flynn. Smith may well be a better option and for once, the Dolphins could get lucky, but more likely, San Francisco is going to raise the offer and Miami will have been used yet again. At number eight in the draft, who could the Dolphins have planned for, Ryan Tannehill?

Flynn came on the market because a team that knows how to build through the draft, couldn’t pay two starting salaries. Green Bay already had Aaron Rodgers when they not only drafted Flynn in the seventh round but also drafted Brian Brohm in the second. The Dolphins will say they are looking at the draft, but the only candidate that might be viable at number eight is Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill could very likely never make it to number eight in the draft. Tannehill has started 19 games at Texas A&M, the Ireland (Parcells) formula dictates a QB have at least 30 starts in college. How does Tannehill fit into that plan? He doesn’t, because Miami does not have a plan. The Dolphins are a rudderless ship with a cheap, desperate owner who is in the league to make money.

Are Miami fans going to be told Matt Moore is the plan? If Matt Moore was ever the plan, then everything the Dolphins have done this off-season must be having an enormous negative effect on his confidence. No, Moore is not the plan, Moore is a fall back option. The plan was to sign Peyton Manning and that was because Ross thought Manning could fill the seats and hence Ross’ pockets.

Ross can hide behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz, pulling the strings of his puppets but the truth is becoming obvious, Ross is all about the money. There is only one hope for redemption and that is to sign Alex Smith, whether that was thought of two weeks ago is doubtful, but not signing Smith will have massive repercussions among Miami fans.

The voice will be heard loud and clear when the tally of season ticket holders dwindles to nothing. Miami fans have suffered long enough with poor ownership and a front office that has not drafted a first round QB in 28 years and not brought in a viable free agent since Dan Marino retired.

The jury is out Mr. Ross, fail to sign Smith and watch the exodus of fans from Joe Robbie Stadium. The ball is in your court, fumble again and pay the price. 

Ross is a Laughing Stock in Miami

Peyton Manning using Stephen Ross to test the market has become all too familiar to the Miami Dolphins owner. His courtship with Jim Harbaugh left him looking foolish by leaving Tony Sparano a lame duck and the subsequent performance by the Dolphins showed how well that worked out.
After being left at the altar by Jeff Fisher, Ross Settled with Joe Philbin and threw all his cards on the table offering Manning the keys to the franchise. Manning, sensing the desperation, quickly distanced himself from the Dolphins leaving alternative Matt Flynn to wonder why he should jump into a situation where he clearly is not the priority.
Ross has become the meddling owner he swore he would not become. It should have been obvious when he sold tiny pieces of the franchise to celebrities so they could grace his sky boxes with Hollywood glitter. Has there been enough disappointment for Ross to get out of the kitchen and allow his football people to do their jobs?
Ross interjecting himself in the decision making process has lost him two coaches, a QB in Peyton Manning and now, he could run Flynn away as well. It’s clear, NFL people have not accepted Ross into the inner circle and no matter how much money he throws around, they sense an owner who is in it for the glamour.
Players give their heart and soul to a game that leaves their bodies broken when they hobble away. Coaches spend 16 hours a day only to be fired when a Super Bowl victory is not in the cards. Old school owners know and respect the sacrifice of players and coaches, but rich guys like Ross, treat the NFL like the biggest toy in the garage.
Ross needs to step away. He has done nothing but drive away the very people he is trying to hire. Whatever goes on in those meetings is not helping the Dolphins and has now made them a complete laughingstock as the rejection slips continue to pile up.
Go back to New York Ross and let these guys do their job before Matt Flynn goes running off to Seattle and the Dolphins become a bigger joke than you have already made them.

Dolphins Re-Sign DT Paul Solia and add CB Richard Marshall

Heyyy Miami Dolphin FANS, Here's an uplifting bit of news!!

The Miami Dolphins signed CB Richard Marshall! He was the second ranked corner back on my CB article behind only Ladarius Webb who was franchised at the last minute. Richard Marshall had the highest Cornerback ranking on the list with the help of his Safety abilities.

Richard Marshall, ( LCB Cardinals 3-4 ), Age: 27, 5-11, 198, 4.42 forty.
2006 second rounder out of "Fresno State" Marshall has seventeen interceptions, seven sacks, three Forced Fumbles, seven fumble recoveries, and two touchdowns for his career.. He had three interceptions in 11 passes defensed, and two sacks contributed in 2011.. "He has also been an effective player at the free safety position".

Also AWESOME to re-sign Paul Soliai at a top quality Defensive Tackle rate (which is what he is in a 4 - 3 Defense), rather than franchising him at an Elite QB rate!! Finally not letting a solid guy that's about to become elite at his position get away before blossoming !!


If so inclined, Here's the Free Agent Corner Back Article..

We are !! Family

There has been allot of chatter about Brandon Marshall being traded. Actually it shouldn't surprise us. Take a short look back on Joe Philbin's press conference the day he came here. Do you remember what he said ? Here is a reminder. He talked about his Family and the Dolphin Family, and how he thought they are similar. He mentioned that the Dolphins will be about Family. In a Family unit what one person in the Family does, effects everyone in that Family.

It appears with the trade of Marshall Joe Philbin wasn't kidding us. He meant what he said about the team being a Family. He wasn't about to let Brandon Marshall tear that unit apart any longer. So he put an end to it, sending a message to the entire team to either get on board, or you will be gone. No one is above the team, not even the 10th rated wide receiver in the league.

After 2 years of Brandon demanding the ball and throwing his QBs under the bus. The Dolphins and Philbin had seen enough. There are many in the media that feel his latest run in with the law over a melee in a night club had much to do with the trade of Marshall. I'm sure that incident didn't help matters and may have been the final nail in the coffin. I don't think that was the case at all. This trade was talked about at the combine between the Bears and the Dolphins. It was well thought out, and it wasn't a knee jerk reaction on the Dolphins part.

I can see much of what Philbin learned in Green Bay coming to fruition here in Miami. Of the 53 players on the Packers team, they have an astounding number of home grown players drafted by there team. I believe that number is 45. Knowing that, you can see why Miami has made very few FA acquisitions at this time. How many FAs has the Packer signed so far ? I can't think of a single one off hand. Do you see a pattern ? Family and build from within, that is what we are seeing before our very eyes.

Brandon Marshall Traded to the Chicago Bears

The Miami Dolphins have agreed to trade Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two 3rd-round draft picks, per Jay Glazer.

I know that a good number of you will agree with this move, but I have to say that I am very angry that they did this. This is a bad move, especially because of what they got for him. We need a number one receiver, and I feel like Marshall is better than any other receiver on the market.

So now Miami has a need for a receiver. We will likely be hearing about them signing one soon. Vincent Jackson, maybe? Brandon Lloyd? Reggie Wayne?

Honestly though, Marshall will probably be happy with this move. He gets to play with Jay Cutler again, who he has a great history with.

We will see. I am keeping this short. We will have more news likely coming soon.

Miami Dolphin Salary Cap Questions!! Answers ??

Heyyy Miami Dolphin FANS : ) !!

Sooo, the 2012 NFL Salary Cap has been set at 120.6 Million per team, with the total of 120.6 million times thirty-two being the actual cap number of real concern for most teams in regard to the 2012 season..

However.. Due to Washington, and Dallas front loading 2010 contracts, they have been penalized cap space against them toward 2012 with the Redskins having Thirty-Six Million taken off of their books, along with the Boyz penalty being Ten Million!! That Forty-Six million gets evenly distributed between twenty-eight NFL teams (including the Dolphins), suggesting that ( off the top of my head ) Miami will be rewarded an additional one and a half million plus towards the 2012 set cap for abiding by the rules of 2010, and 2011 season's.. For some reason unknown to me , the Saint's and Raider's aren't affected one way or the other, Hence; only twenty-eight teams divide that forty-six million!!

Sooo, according to my less than stellar calculation skills!! The Miami Dolphins could be able to approach the 123 million total range of cap in 2012 without being penalized toward 2013..

The current Miami Dolphin Cap space available stands at 11,816,017 million!! Pre-Penalization of The Boyz/Skins equating to an additional 1.6 million at Jeff Ireland's disposal!!

""However, each team can borrow $5 million from future funds within a two year period to increase their spending limit. BUT, they can only take $3 million the first season, and $2 million the next. The Miami Dolphins used the $3 million allowance in 2011, and will likely use the remaining $2 million this year.

The bottom line is the Dolphins have approximately $$ 11,816,017 to spend BEFORE borrowing another $2 million. That brings us to an estimated budget of 13.8 million the Dolphins have to use before restructuring contracts, or cutting players.""OKelly

Therefore, right now we have 13.8 as well as the 1.6 million via Dallas and Washington resulting in nearly 15.5 million dollars available!!
Before restructuring contracts, or cutting OVERPAID, and/or players who no longer fit which should get us near my long-time diagnosed approximate 20 million available towards Free Agency : ) !!

Now I'm no capologist, but this is how I'm interpreting all I've read..
Am I entirely wrong, or somewhere in the ball park??
What do you gather upon this information??

THANX for an Open-Minded Read, as we look forward to you angle of view ;)!! GOFINS!!

2012 Free Agent Dolphin Shout Consensus Chart

Plyr/Pos  OL   WR   TE   RB   DLine   DB   QB
Beach               Flynn
BgBeau   Guard         PassRshr     
CanAm   Nicks         PLangford    Flynn
Collins  OLine     TE     DE     Flynn
Eddie12  VCarey         PLangford    Flynn
GadlFn   OL         DL   Safety   Flynn
Diane               Flynn
Jake             CB   
Jimmy   OLine             QB
JP-Bel   Guard     TE     DL   RNelson   
Jules           PassRshr     Peyton
Keith               Peyton
MattBar  OLine   RMeachem         DB   
MiaDlFn  CNicks   VJackson           
McBride              Flynn
Nathan               Peyton
NEFnFn               Flynn
Ohio             RNelson   
Otto   Guard   WR   DClark       DB   
Patrick  R-OL     TE     PassRshr     Flynn
Paul               Peyton
PhnDude              Peyton
Polly   DBell   RWayne   DClark     JMincey   RNelson   Flynn
Quin   Grubbs           RNelson   Peyton
Ref   OLine             Flynn
Rich   Guard     TE         
Rick               Flynn
Rob               Flynn
RvrdoG   Grubbs   LRobinson       PLangford    Peyton
Scott               Peyton
SgtFlex              Flynn
Shawn   Grubbs   RMeachem   JCarlson   MBush     RNelson   Flynn
Sqally       DClark         
TexDlFn  CNicks         DE   CB   Flynn
Thorny             CB   Henne:)
Tony           PassRshr     Peyton
13kv   CNicks     KDavis     MAnderson   RNelson   Flynn
SORRY to AnyOne I may have missed as well as Big-Rey, Hooterize, Indy, Louis Wilson, PhinFan86, Quadzilla, SteveO, Webb, and Wynn !! I looked at every entry over the last month, and couldn't find a player or position that you recommended for Free Agency!! Lots of great comments, but nothing that I could find written in stone relating to the above chart! Maybe along the way, I can find something from you all to contribute toward a similar Draft plan in April?? While I'll also be hoping not to leave a bunch of blanks in the draft issue, with every bodies cooperation, of course..

RiverdoG ""Once again a quick look back on some history since Ireland has been here sheds some light on what the Dolphins will do. Honestly I have no idea what they are thinking.

A.) A big splash is in order some where in FA.
B.) Where we have weaknesses on the team, they will be addressed before the draft. So we know we are weak at OG, OT, TE, DE, DB safety and nickel. do I need to mention QB ? Those positions will most likely be addressed, they aren't going into the draft from a point of weakness anywhere on the roster. At least that has not been there MO for the past few years.

Philbin could change the past history ( I hope he does at least a little ) and as always Boss Ross is a dimension that is unknown to me.""

BigRey "Not sure what is different or even bad about this period of time. If entertainment is what the end result is for most of us, I want more football content NOW!!!"

Beach Potato "Philbin Phins get Fynn franchise'...Say that 3 times..."

CanAM "The Dolphins won't be able to buy all this talent until they cut salaries and/or release overpriced players! As of 2011, Soliai alone is taking up over $12 million. Bell is costing $3.7 million. Brandon Marshall, $6.5 million. Fasano $1.9 million, Carey $2.5 million, Will Allen $1.5 million."

Eddieb12 "believe Miami should go with a West Coast offense then get a QB that is young enough to take you there. I don't believe anyone is thinking that we will go to the promise land this year with either option so how much does it benefit a team just to make it to the play offs with a 36 year old quarterback. It would mean a lot more to make it or get close with a younger guy with years of potential. I like Flynn but that is still up the the coaches, Philbin knows him better than anyone else so it should be his choice. This way we can re-sign some of our FA players that are committed to the Dolphins winning ways."

Indy "But, to MM in particular. I totally agree that this guy is getting shafted. The only qb on the market that is without a doubt better than him is a HEALTHY Manning. Flynn isn't even going to be tagged by the Packers. But let's get real - everyone arguing that this guy or that guy is better than MM is just stating an opinion. The stats say that only 11 guys IN THE WORLD (maybe a couple more with injuries) were better than MM at playing qb in the NFL last year, and none of those guys are on the market, be smart and a little classy and give MM a fair shake."

JP-Belg "Please stick with Moore for at least another season and stuff the team with talent at all positions other than QB. Make the jump next year eventually, if Moore fails. But I'm confident he doesn't fail. You know what? If I'm the Dolphins GM, I would maybe trade up in the draft. Not for RG3... for Blackmon! Or stay on 8th and draft pass rusher."

Miamidolfan "I would like to see the Fins get WR Vincent Jackson and OG Carl Nicks. We can't just keep waiting for something good to happen we have to make it happen. So I say why not GO FOR IT! Take a chance for a change. I hate it when these GM's make moves that will be just good and safe enough to keep them employed but the team stays mediocre for life. Average is the enemy of great. In this league you either want to be really good or really bad but never average because you'll stay that way forever and I'm sick of it already!"

Patrick "Now remember, I like to take a side in an argument and go all in with it. This was written in complete support of Matt Moore and I'm a little surprised at how many folks think Moore has earned the right to be the starter in Miami when they enter training camp. I believe that is exactly the plan with whomever they bring in except Peyton Manning, Manning will be anointed the chosen one the moment he is signed, if he is signed. If Flynn is signed, he will have to compete with Moore, but the reality is, Flynn will be getting paid about 5 times what Moore is making and the Dolphin management and Philbin will look pretty silly if they pay all that money for a player to ride the pine. In essence, it means unless the Dolphins draft a QB, Moore will not be given a fair chance to start. That is my point, if anyone thinks Moore will get a fair shake if the Dolphins sign a FA, you're fooling yourself."

Polly "OH I did hear Mario Manningham( the great SB catch ) might be available, A great addition if available."

Rick "Whatever they do, they should make Matt Moore feel welcome in Miami."

Rich "Give Matt Moore more protection and a good dump off target that can catch the ball.Draft a quarter back for the future."

RiverdoG "I would also think we are going to raid some of the players from Green Bay as the former staff did with all those Dallas players. I would imagine no one will like hearing that, I know I don't. There is a bit of a difference this time. If we do raid the Packers, we are at least getting players from a team that was in the playoffs. So that makes some sense to me, I can't say that about the Cowboys players.
So I wouldn't want players coming to us from teams like the Jags, Panthers, Chiefs, Colts, Titans, or the Vikings. All of those players would be off my list. We must change the mentality to a winning state of mind, one of the ways of doing that is to bring players in here from winning programs, but there are always exceptions and I will have to except what we do whether I like it or not."

Shawn "I agree that bringing Flynn and Tannehill would BE LOGICAL AND MAKE SENSE. These 2 QB'S would not come in as strangers to our system and we may be able to EXPECT SUCCESS from them."

Thorny "my only hope is that Philbin starts anew and does not get somebody else's throw aways. Look there is a draft for a reason, this team has talent and does need more but would you rather be a hungry young team or a lazy give me the money type team???"

Wynn "I don't know why you people believe that the F word starts today. To me If Ireland lips are moving you have got to question what he is saying. I do understand why they have to put up smoke screens this time of the year and keep their plans close to the vest. But with Ireland it's a year round game.
Shula would not answer any questions about the draft or players until it happened the man is a class act.CAN ANYONE FIND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH."

Courtesy CanAM "Expert: a man who makes three correct guesses consecutively."
Laurence J. Peter

Heres the list ( one last time ) of the most preferred potential Dolphin Free Agent prospects.. Just "click here", and scroll down through the comments section where every needed Positional player prospect is listed..

Franchise tagged list..

THANX for an Open-Minded read, and THANK-YOU-ALL for your contributions!! GOFINS!!