Dolphin Shout 2012 NFL Draft Consensus Chart

Here is the final Dolphin Shout 2012 NFL Draft Consensus Chart. Thanks to everyone for your input.

1st Round 8th Pick (8th overall)Trade Down in 1st Round2nd Round 10th Pick (42nd overall)2B Through 1st Round Trade DownTwo 3rd Round Picks (72nd & 73rd)
BuckeyeOLB Courtney UpshawWR Michael FloydQB Brock OsweilerOT Mike AdamsWR Alshon Jeffery and Mohamed Sanu
FinZoneOffensive LinemanQB Brandon Weeden
GADolFanWR Michael FloydOL Cordy GlennQB Brock Osweiler
J BaruchQB Ryan TannehillWide ReceiverSafetyDefensive EndOffensive Lineman and Wide Receiver
JPBelgiumQB Ryan TannehillOLB Melvin IngramOLB Whitney MercilusWR Mohamed SanuOffensive Lineman and Tight End
JulesDE Quinton CoplesQB Brandon WeedenWR Rueben RandleQB Brock OsweilerOL Kosemele and OL M Schwartz
MckenzieWide ReceiverPass RusherGuardOutside Linebacker and Safety
M McBridePass RusherQB Brandon Weeden
NEFinFanQB Ryan TannehillWR Michael FloydWR Stephen HillILB Luke KuechlyWR Mohamed Sanu and OT Bobby Massie
PatrickDE Quinton CoplesSS Mark BarronQB Brandon WeedenWR Alshon Jeffery and TE Michael Egnew
PaulQB Ryan TannehillOT Riley ReiffWR Kendall WrightDE Nick PerryQB Kirk Cousins and Defensive Lineman
PhinthuluWR Michael FloydSS Mark BarronOL Marcel JonesOT Mitchell SchwartzQB Kirk Cousins and TE Ladarius Green
PollyOG David DecastroOLB Shea McClellinOT Zebrie Sanders and TE Michael Egnew
RiverdogWR Michael FloydQB Brock OsweilerOffensive LinemanDefensive End and Wide Receiver
ShawnOG David DecastroDE Nick PerryWR Stephen HillDE Jared CrickOT Zebrie Sanders and QB Russel Wilson
TXDolFanRT, RG, or DEWide Receiver
ThornyDE Quinton CoplesQB Ryan TannehillWide ReceiverQB Brock OsweilerOffensive Lineman and Tight End
13kvFinsQB Ryan TannehillOT Riley ReiffOLB Shea McClellinQB Brock OsweilerWR Mohamed Sanu and OT Zebrie Sanders

Should you miss on your first pick it's bound to mess with your entire draft. Therefore, if a name you chose shows up on our roster at any selection then a Dolphin Touchdown has been scored in your honor, and deserves an animated Fist Pump from all, because you've all contributed great scenario's !! GOOD LUCK to you ALL, and OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS : ) !!

According to the chart I've tabulated the following results at pick number eight: Though a vote of a position could be just about anybody, so I gave those selection's to the most likely BPA at the suggested position's of those selections, and ended-up with..

Five votes for QB Ryan Tannehill.
Four votes each for DE Quinton Coples and WR Michael Floyd.
Two votes for OT Riley Reiff with RG David DeCastro, and the Lone Ranger Courtney Upshaw has one..

BuckEye could have caused a tie with a his backup scenarios to OLB C Upshaw at eight/tradedown with (Coples/Floyd), but nooo, he had to be different ;) .. It just happened to fall the way it did, and I think it's pretty damn cool that we have a well rounded, open minded, balanced set of wishes at the SHOUT! Only half of the people that contributed to the Free Agency Chart took part in the Draft Chart.. I guess that took place due to frustration via a lack of acquisitions??

Quotes straight from your mouths to Jeff Irelands ears !!

Beach Potato, "Its like panning for Gold. Sometimes, you get a speck of Gold after discarding lots of sand and stones many times over and over. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes. Got to keep drafting. Or get one that's been a back-up for 3 or 4 years. Maybe the old 27 year old former baseball player is doable as a QB prospect. I haven't a clue. I am just waiting for Training camp to open and sit in the stands to watch some practices. Hearing grunts and groans, smelling the dust and sweat. Football season should be year round. I watched all of Grudens show and the one last night with the best 10 guys tells me it could be a crap shoot again for the Dolphins."

Buckeye, "As a 35 year FinFan, I can honestly say that I have no clue what direction we are leaning in the draft, for maybe the first time ever. I haven't always agreed with where we went but always had some sort of an idea what I thought they were thinking. We need to take the best pass rusher available if we stay at 8, spend 2nd round on WR and get OL in the 3rd/4th then start filling holes in later rounds. "IF" we could gain two first round picks #17 and #21 from Cincy, how can that be a bad thing? We WOULD be able to get two immediate starters instead of one. Not sure Cincy will be THAT trade partner, but if a tradedown opportunity arises it is something we should do to gain extra picks, because we need players. I love the concept behind it, just hope Cincinnati does as well, I would be tickled to trade down and gain extra picks!! I have us taking Upshaw or Coples if we stay at 8. The Upshaw kid is a beast and he would be a great pick for us."

TexDolFan, "I agree that if what we want is not there at 8 then trade down instead of reaching."

NEFinFan,"I think we should just hold on to the 8th spot myself. If Tannehill is off the board before 8, which seems to be the case since the dolphins have shown some strong interest in him. I would wait to the final minutes to see if that 8 spot could yield us more picks then just a 2nd rounder. I think if Philadelphia really wants it, they'll give up the farm to get the 8th pick. But I agree with most and that's lets keep 8 and get a pass rusher if Tannehill is not available"

NEFF, "I'm going out on a limb here to tell you what I think as far as the 1st two rounds at least. I went back and looked at the pick 8th senerio and what i've come up with is QB/WR (both needs of the team as is RT) but I say avoid 1st round o-line pick and go after either QB Tannehill or WR Blackmon with 3rd choice WR Floyd. With one of those selected that would shore up one of our concern spots. Now not picking a WR in the 1st round isn't a bad thing since the draft seems to be loaded with them."

John Baruch, "What nobody is talking about that is so evident is the about the glass being half full!! How Tannehill did so well at QB with such lil time, and has all the measurables. Stop worrying about the lack of college experience at the position, and embrace how well he did in such a short time. Imagine the potential with that, and that is something at #8 too hard to pass up. Then WR, SFY, DE, OL, WR, LB, and in the 7th LB."

JP/Belgium, "Well, Tannehill was impressive to say the least. The next Dan Marino? Who knows. Right now, I feel better if we take HIM at eight. I don't believe the Browns will gamble on him at four. But if the Phins want him, beware of a trade down after that impressive "Pro-Day" showing, Bills, KC waiting around the corner. Even Seattle! Man, aren't they confident in Flynn ??"

Paul, "Kalil is my favorite, but he'll be gone. DeCastro is a guard, and I think we'll want to get a tackle. So, my choice is Reiff. I could see them taking a DE/OLB like Melvin Ingram, though, which I wouldn't mind. As I studied Tannehill more and more, I began to see why he's projected to go so high. I do believe that Tannehill is an improvement over Moore after a year or two of development. The great part about Miami's situation is that they have a short-term starter (Moore or Garrard) while they can develop a long-term one (Tannehill)."

Polly, "I hope we take Guard Decastro(if we do not get Scott), or DE Coples in the 1st. Maybe Tannenhill will fall to the 2nd and then I would say take him. I know you are all going to get on me because we need a QB. OKay I get it but I would not waste that #1 pick on him."

Thorny, "We need to rebuild through the draft with quality players. Heck sign Tannehill, Osweiler, or Weeden for Qb get Coples, Get a TE and a WR then fill the voids but we need fresh young talent that come with cheap contracts if possible (not that a first rounder will be cheap). I think Tannehill would be a great fit as well, but you have to sit him awhile and with the inpatients of late I am not sure thats what most want. Personally I would love for Miami to get him and another Qb (Weeden) but there are way too many another needs to get both."

FinZone, "Although disappointed in this off season embarrassments, I think this regime can redeem themselves in the draft!!! I like the OL selection you have but I really like what I see in Oklahoma QB-Brandon Weeden, I've been watching alot of film on Brandon & he has good size & presence, a big arm & good mobility in the backfield...Also, he has nice touch on the shorter passes, he's very poised. better than Tannehill. -Sonny-

Patrick, "I'm a big Weeden fan.. Out of all the QBs including RG3 (maybe not Luck), Weeden looks to have the most potential to me. I know he's older, but I'd still take him over Tannehil. He played MLB for 5 years... I don't see a lot of wear coming from playing baseball. The problem with Weeden is, he will not make it until our 2nd round pick. That means we would have to do something to get to bottom of the 1st round, that's where I think he will go."

JP/Belgium, "Well Patrick, he's too old...When he'll eventually be able to start, he'll be? 30? At best?"

Rich9336, "Can someone tell Fan Tarkenton he was to short to play? He put the fear in every DC he played against.Bring on Kellen Moore He is a winner and will light a fire under their butts."

CanAm, "During his film session with Kellen Moore, Gruden marvels at a play where the receiver is not even within view of the camera behind the quarterback when Moore lets a pass fly over the middle."

Donald, "If you really want a good smart mobile quarterback with little financial risk Dolphins might want to spend a late round pick or free agent offer to Austin Davis of Southern Miss. He broke all of Favre's records while at USM and set some that Favre didn't have. If you look at the combine he did very well. Could get him for a song and pay off big."

Jules, "I'd like Austin Davis in the 5th, or 6th.. According to some experts, he is supposed to be like a 10 or 11 among the top prospects, while Weeden, comes out consistently as a 4, 5 or 6, depending whose opinion you are reading... Weeden, has a negative side, and that's age (28) as well as an old baseball injury. I also like WR Ty Hilton in the 4th."

13kvFINS, "A Davis is a "projected" 6th rounder, but is quickly moving up the charts.." Mike Mayock say's ""He's SOMETHING SPECIAL"" :) !!"

Quadzilla, "Keep drafting a quarterback... until you get it right!"

IvMcKenzie, "I definitely believe we need a proven play maker in the first round. No more quote, unquote, safe picks! Replacing a 3 year 100 yard receiver is no small feat, however, through the draft we can get it done. We need a big fast and physical receiver, a Mega-Tron, Andre Johnson type, with the sure hands of Larry Fritzgerald. Secondly, we need a pass rusher to compliment Wake. I do not think QB is a dire need for us. Please no bullets!!!!!! We need a Guard and OLB, and SS with Yeremiah Bell gone. We got tons of spots to plug, and too many to focus on the QB position. Moore is efficient, just surround him with weapons to help him win and let the D do their thang as well."

GaDolFan, "If he is still there at #8 we need to take Trent Richardson"

Patrick, "GA, I don't agree on several levels... Taking RBs high in the draft is a bad move nearly every time."

RiverdoG, "Wouldn't most of us agree that the majority of the players the Dolphins draft will be " projects ". There will only be a few players from this draft that are close to being NFL ready. The QB position more than any other is more about finding a guy that can work his way into being that one special QB all teams are searching for. So NFL teams look at more than what a QBs record was and more about foot work, accuracy, arm strength, awareness, deciphering, and mobility.

It's a simple question really, does Tannehill have those qualities ? If a QB doesn't have those qualities there is no need to worry about the intangibles that separate the Franchise QBs from all of the rest. His Collage record means very little, nor does it matter what school he comes from.

It seems to me that very few experts are doubting that Tannehill has those skills. Wouldn't that make him an early round draft pick ?"

13kvFINS, Poor Ireland can't win !! Half the world will say he blew it if he doesn't trade up and Tannehill gets picked before the Fins turn, Half the world will say he blew it if he does'nt take him at 8, half the world will say he blew it if he takes him at 8...

The only way the majority of the fanbase instantaneously ends-up somewhat happy with Ireland is if he can trade down and STILL land Tannehill .. That way the folks that wanted him at 8 if not earlier are happy, and the folks that think he's a reach at 8 are at least happy cuz we get an additional 2nd rounder while landing Tannehill at a more reasonable pick of value...

Problem is that if Tannehills at 8, (once the pick of him is actually Irelands call).. Ireland can't risk trading down and potentially missing-out totally on Tannehill (no matter how he honestly feels about him good or bad).. Unless Irelands not concerned about being run outta town ??

Poor guy can't please everybody, but if he lands Tannehill at 8, at least some will be sedated long enough for Ireland to regain his footing, because we will have finally made a bold move at the QB position in an choice of conviction towards finding our Franchise QB : ) !! Let-Alone being guaranteed of having ONE QB under contract at seasons end!!

AGAIN, Im fine with Osweiler, but he can't be guaranteed in the 2nd round either while if Ireland doesn't take Tannehill on Thursday night April 26th, the fans may collapse the stadium, and Franchise before the Fins Friday night 2nd round pick of possibly Osweiler..

For the sake of the franchise, I hope like heck that Ireland loves Tannehill, and lands him at 8 or in a (risky tradedown).. If not, he'll only be safe in South Florida 24 hrs later with 6-8 Osweiler by his side... Fingers Crossed!!

LongTimeFinFan, ""Dolphins have been my team since 1967 - too late to give up now!!!!.........Good luck Coaches, Fans, and Go Dolphins !!!!!!! ""

THANK'S for all your Open-Minded Reading's through this process, IT'S BEEN FUNNN :)!!