2012 Free Agent Dolphin Shout Consensus Chart

Plyr/Pos  OL   WR   TE   RB   DLine   DB   QB
Beach               Flynn
BgBeau   Guard         PassRshr     
CanAm   Nicks         PLangford    Flynn
Collins  OLine     TE     DE     Flynn
Eddie12  VCarey         PLangford    Flynn
GadlFn   OL         DL   Safety   Flynn
Diane               Flynn
Jake             CB   
Jimmy   OLine             QB
JP-Bel   Guard     TE     DL   RNelson   
Jules           PassRshr     Peyton
Keith               Peyton
MattBar  OLine   RMeachem         DB   
MiaDlFn  CNicks   VJackson           
McBride              Flynn
Nathan               Peyton
NEFnFn               Flynn
Ohio             RNelson   
Otto   Guard   WR   DClark       DB   
Patrick  R-OL     TE     PassRshr     Flynn
Paul               Peyton
PhnDude              Peyton
Polly   DBell   RWayne   DClark     JMincey   RNelson   Flynn
Quin   Grubbs           RNelson   Peyton
Ref   OLine             Flynn
Rich   Guard     TE         
Rick               Flynn
Rob               Flynn
RvrdoG   Grubbs   LRobinson       PLangford    Peyton
Scott               Peyton
SgtFlex              Flynn
Shawn   Grubbs   RMeachem   JCarlson   MBush     RNelson   Flynn
Sqally       DClark         
TexDlFn  CNicks         DE   CB   Flynn
Thorny             CB   Henne:)
Tony           PassRshr     Peyton
13kv   CNicks     KDavis     MAnderson   RNelson   Flynn
SORRY to AnyOne I may have missed as well as Big-Rey, Hooterize, Indy, Louis Wilson, PhinFan86, Quadzilla, SteveO, Webb, and Wynn !! I looked at every entry over the last month, and couldn't find a player or position that you recommended for Free Agency!! Lots of great comments, but nothing that I could find written in stone relating to the above chart! Maybe along the way, I can find something from you all to contribute toward a similar Draft plan in April?? While I'll also be hoping not to leave a bunch of blanks in the draft issue, with every bodies cooperation, of course..

RiverdoG ""Once again a quick look back on some history since Ireland has been here sheds some light on what the Dolphins will do. Honestly I have no idea what they are thinking.

A.) A big splash is in order some where in FA.
B.) Where we have weaknesses on the team, they will be addressed before the draft. So we know we are weak at OG, OT, TE, DE, DB safety and nickel. do I need to mention QB ? Those positions will most likely be addressed, they aren't going into the draft from a point of weakness anywhere on the roster. At least that has not been there MO for the past few years.

Philbin could change the past history ( I hope he does at least a little ) and as always Boss Ross is a dimension that is unknown to me.""

BigRey "Not sure what is different or even bad about this period of time. If entertainment is what the end result is for most of us, I want more football content NOW!!!"

Beach Potato "Philbin Phins get Fynn franchise'...Say that 3 times..."

CanAM "The Dolphins won't be able to buy all this talent until they cut salaries and/or release overpriced players! As of 2011, Soliai alone is taking up over $12 million. Bell is costing $3.7 million. Brandon Marshall, $6.5 million. Fasano $1.9 million, Carey $2.5 million, Will Allen $1.5 million."

Eddieb12 "believe Miami should go with a West Coast offense then get a QB that is young enough to take you there. I don't believe anyone is thinking that we will go to the promise land this year with either option so how much does it benefit a team just to make it to the play offs with a 36 year old quarterback. It would mean a lot more to make it or get close with a younger guy with years of potential. I like Flynn but that is still up the the coaches, Philbin knows him better than anyone else so it should be his choice. This way we can re-sign some of our FA players that are committed to the Dolphins winning ways."

Indy "But, to MM in particular. I totally agree that this guy is getting shafted. The only qb on the market that is without a doubt better than him is a HEALTHY Manning. Flynn isn't even going to be tagged by the Packers. But let's get real - everyone arguing that this guy or that guy is better than MM is just stating an opinion. The stats say that only 11 guys IN THE WORLD (maybe a couple more with injuries) were better than MM at playing qb in the NFL last year, and none of those guys are on the market, be smart and a little classy and give MM a fair shake."

JP-Belg "Please stick with Moore for at least another season and stuff the team with talent at all positions other than QB. Make the jump next year eventually, if Moore fails. But I'm confident he doesn't fail. You know what? If I'm the Dolphins GM, I would maybe trade up in the draft. Not for RG3... for Blackmon! Or stay on 8th and draft pass rusher."

Miamidolfan "I would like to see the Fins get WR Vincent Jackson and OG Carl Nicks. We can't just keep waiting for something good to happen we have to make it happen. So I say why not GO FOR IT! Take a chance for a change. I hate it when these GM's make moves that will be just good and safe enough to keep them employed but the team stays mediocre for life. Average is the enemy of great. In this league you either want to be really good or really bad but never average because you'll stay that way forever and I'm sick of it already!"

Patrick "Now remember, I like to take a side in an argument and go all in with it. This was written in complete support of Matt Moore and I'm a little surprised at how many folks think Moore has earned the right to be the starter in Miami when they enter training camp. I believe that is exactly the plan with whomever they bring in except Peyton Manning, Manning will be anointed the chosen one the moment he is signed, if he is signed. If Flynn is signed, he will have to compete with Moore, but the reality is, Flynn will be getting paid about 5 times what Moore is making and the Dolphin management and Philbin will look pretty silly if they pay all that money for a player to ride the pine. In essence, it means unless the Dolphins draft a QB, Moore will not be given a fair chance to start. That is my point, if anyone thinks Moore will get a fair shake if the Dolphins sign a FA, you're fooling yourself."

Polly "OH I did hear Mario Manningham( the great SB catch ) might be available, A great addition if available."

Rick "Whatever they do, they should make Matt Moore feel welcome in Miami."

Rich "Give Matt Moore more protection and a good dump off target that can catch the ball.Draft a quarter back for the future."

RiverdoG "I would also think we are going to raid some of the players from Green Bay as the former staff did with all those Dallas players. I would imagine no one will like hearing that, I know I don't. There is a bit of a difference this time. If we do raid the Packers, we are at least getting players from a team that was in the playoffs. So that makes some sense to me, I can't say that about the Cowboys players.
So I wouldn't want players coming to us from teams like the Jags, Panthers, Chiefs, Colts, Titans, or the Vikings. All of those players would be off my list. We must change the mentality to a winning state of mind, one of the ways of doing that is to bring players in here from winning programs, but there are always exceptions and I will have to except what we do whether I like it or not."

Shawn "I agree that bringing Flynn and Tannehill would BE LOGICAL AND MAKE SENSE. These 2 QB'S would not come in as strangers to our system and we may be able to EXPECT SUCCESS from them."

Thorny "my only hope is that Philbin starts anew and does not get somebody else's throw aways. Look there is a draft for a reason, this team has talent and does need more but would you rather be a hungry young team or a lazy give me the money type team???"http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Wynn "I don't know why you people believe that the F word starts today. To me If Ireland lips are moving you have got to question what he is saying. I do understand why they have to put up smoke screens this time of the year and keep their plans close to the vest. But with Ireland it's a year round game.
Shula would not answer any questions about the draft or players until it happened the man is a class act.CAN ANYONE FIND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH."

Courtesy CanAM "Expert: a man who makes three correct guesses consecutively."
Laurence J. Peter

Heres the list ( one last time ) of the most preferred potential Dolphin Free Agent prospects.. Just "click here", http://www.dolphinshout.com/p/dolphins-cap-overview.html and scroll down through the comments section where every needed Positional player prospect is listed..

Franchise tagged list..

THANX for an Open-Minded read, and THANK-YOU-ALL for your contributions!! GOFINS!!