Manning is a Mistake in Miami

Here we are again, trying to make up for all the bad choices this team has made over the last 20 years with one player. The perennial teams in this league, the Steelers, the Patriots, the Ravens, and the Giants are all sitting back laughing as the Dolphins continue down the path of self-destruction leading to the bottom of the NFL.

The past is littered with Peyton Manning stories, Montana to the Chiefs, Favre to the Jets and the Vikings, Unitas to the Chargers, the list goes on and on and the outcome is always the same. Teams trying to revive one last hurrah from a player, past his prime with injury issues, ending up with nothing more than years of misery. It is already apparent the Dolphins will mortgage the future in a fool’s game for the present.

Soliai is gone, Lankford is gone, Carey is gone, all to free up space for one player that gives hope and sells tickets. Stephen Ross of all people should know that hope is not a plan, Manning cannot revive the Dolphins and planning on it is foolish. The very team that let Manning go, knows the reality, the Colts stopped being competitive because they spent a fourth of their salary cap on one player and became one dimensional. Without Manning, they were the worst team in the NFL.

The same QB who is 9-10 in playoff games, all of the sudden is a savior, but it’s only lust. She may be the hottest girl on the planet but the beauty is skin deep. All those records happened in another time, in another place, it won’t happen again, it never does. The Manning sweepstakes will reach up to $20 million and it’s just a con game to get butts in the seats for a short-term gain.

Ross is in it for the money, he doesn’t look at the Dolphins the way a Joe Robbie would have. If it wasn’t about money he would be looking at tomorrow instead of going all in for an illusion today. Every regime that has come and gone since Shula and Robbie have forgotten that football is a team game formed by a group of players that created a bond with blood and sweat.

This not baseball where a couple pitchers can transform a team, or a few hitters can make a difference, because football requires coordination on every play from every player. There are no batters at the plate facing a single pitcher. It is not basketball where one or two dominate players can make a five man team a contender. This game requires twenty-two players working together in coordination for a common goal.

A QB is the main player on the stage, but very great team is built around a young QB, just like the Colts were built around a young Peyton Manning or the Dolphins were built around a young Dan Marino. Every great team started exactly the same with very few exceptions and yet here we are thinking this could be something different. It is not and it will never be.

It has nothing do with the abilities of Peyton Manning, it has everything to do with what  has transpired in this league since its inception. Great teams are built around a young QB and a core of complimentary players. The Dolphins do not compliment Peyton Manning, the Dolphins were built for five years to be a run first team. Brandon Marshall can talk all the smack he wants but he can drop Manning’s passes as easily as he dropped Henne’s and Moore’s.

Every dollar the Dolphins have under the cap is now designated for Manning’s pocket. Where does the money for Reggie Wayne come from? What about the right side of the offensive line that has just been released to free agency and wasn’t very good to begin with? What about Taylor retiring, Soliai and Lankford gone, leaving only four of the starting front seven?

The thought of bringing Manning here in the midst of this turnover makes absolutely no sense and is a recipe for disaster. Is it foolish to think one 35-year-old injured QB can make up for all these deficiencies? Is it stupid to throw water on an oil fire? Maybe dreams do come true, but not in real life.

Jeff Ireland can exonerate himself when this doesn’t work by saying Manning was Ross’ idea. Joe Philbin will get painted as the fall guy and the beat goes on, another ten years of wondering why this team never makes it back to the top of the NFL.

It’s simple really, Santa Claus is not real, little Bo Peep never had any sheep and the turtle never wins the race, because fairytales don’t come true in real life. Only hard work and a dedication to building a future from the ground up makes winners… Trying to find a short cut only works in fairytales and Peyton Manning may as well ride in on a sleigh with Donner and Blitzen and Comet and Cupid… Even if the names are Wayne and Saturday, Manning still won’t fit down the chimney, in real life.