Miami Dolphin Salary Cap Questions!! Answers ??

Heyyy Miami Dolphin FANS : ) !!

Sooo, the 2012 NFL Salary Cap has been set at 120.6 Million per team, with the total of 120.6 million times thirty-two being the actual cap number of real concern for most teams in regard to the 2012 season..

However.. Due to Washington, and Dallas front loading 2010 contracts, they have been penalized cap space against them toward 2012 with the Redskins having Thirty-Six Million taken off of their books, along with the Boyz penalty being Ten Million!! That Forty-Six million gets evenly distributed between twenty-eight NFL teams (including the Dolphins), suggesting that ( off the top of my head ) Miami will be rewarded an additional one and a half million plus towards the 2012 set cap for abiding by the rules of 2010, and 2011 season's.. For some reason unknown to me , the Saint's and Raider's aren't affected one way or the other, Hence; only twenty-eight teams divide that forty-six million!!

Sooo, according to my less than stellar calculation skills!! The Miami Dolphins could be able to approach the 123 million total range of cap in 2012 without being penalized toward 2013..

The current Miami Dolphin Cap space available stands at 11,816,017 million!! Pre-Penalization of The Boyz/Skins equating to an additional 1.6 million at Jeff Ireland's disposal!!

""However, each team can borrow $5 million from future funds within a two year period to increase their spending limit. BUT, they can only take $3 million the first season, and $2 million the next. The Miami Dolphins used the $3 million allowance in 2011, and will likely use the remaining $2 million this year.

The bottom line is the Dolphins have approximately $$ 11,816,017 to spend BEFORE borrowing another $2 million. That brings us to an estimated budget of 13.8 million the Dolphins have to use before restructuring contracts, or cutting players.""OKelly

Therefore, right now we have 13.8 as well as the 1.6 million via Dallas and Washington resulting in nearly 15.5 million dollars available!!
Before restructuring contracts, or cutting OVERPAID, and/or players who no longer fit which should get us near my long-time diagnosed approximate 20 million available towards Free Agency : ) !!

Now I'm no capologist, but this is how I'm interpreting all I've read..
Am I entirely wrong, or somewhere in the ball park??
What do you gather upon this information??

THANX for an Open-Minded Read, as we look forward to you angle of view ;)!! GOFINS!!