Miami Dolphins Projected Positional Priority Prospect's at Pick #8

The NFL Draft returns to primetime in 2012 with the first round taking place Thursday, April 26, followed by the second and third rounds on Friday April 27. Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday, April 28. So, with the Miami Dolphins currently having four scheduled picks in the first three rounds let us start to consider what collegiate prospect our beloved team might consider should they actually make their first selection at number eight!!

At this moment;
It's well known by all that our Dolphins are in dire need of a reliable guarantee or two on the right-side of the O-Line.. Though seeing that they've managed to be retained without seeing much of the field, and because injury-prone players don't stick around very long with this regime, one has to consider that the versatile Right Tackle, Right Guard types of Lydon Murtha, Nate Garner, and John Jerry are worthy candidates, or posses incriminating photo's of someone in the hierarchy.. So, maybe the position isn't quite as weak as it appears from the outside, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors??

One position that there is no doubt about is the outside pass-rusher position opposite of Cameron Wake!! Whether it be addressed in going after that type of Defensive-End, Outside-Linebacker or both is of no matter, the fact is, that outside force requires instant attention!! Though, Randy Starks played the position brilliantly in 2009 with 7 sacks!! He was about to become a star DE until he became an experiment at Nose Tackle going into the 2010 season, and has been unable to regather the momentum he had established at DE, but is progressing back to 09 status with 4.5 sacks in 2011, while highly touted Jared Odrick is finally getting healthy in accruing 6 (part-time duty) sacks in 2011 as the dimmer-switch gradually turns clockwise!! Koa Misi is still a yet developed potential option at OLB pass rusher, but similar to the OLine position, I'd suggest we as fans would like at least ONE reliable guarantee at the Outside Pass-Rusher position opposite CWake as well as the Right OLine position in the 2012 draft!! Though AGAIN, maybe from the outside lookin-in, the position and/or position's aren't as dire as the casual fan might think ??

The vacated Wide Receiver position via two third round picks is another position that will be addressed at some point in the draft, and according to what I'm re-realizing upon writing this article.. The WR position might be of higher priority than I've suggested in the list below?? While also "at some point", we'll likely address the Defensive Back/Safety, Tight End, Interior DLine, and another position that audibles my mind.. Ohhh Yeaaa, a Quarterback of the future, preferably one of bionics, and science fiction type weaponry!!

So, here are the Projected, Positional, Priority, Prospects I came up with for OUR DOLPHINS first round pick at number EIGHT !!

1. OT Matt Kalil, USC Underclassman, 23, 6-7, 306 and the Top ranked Tackle has an overall prospect ranking of THREE.. The entire world says he's going to Minnesota at pick number three!!

2. DE/OLB Melvin Ingram, South Carolina, 23, 6-1, 264, 4.79 forty holds the distinct honor of being the Top Out-Side Line Backer with an overall ranking of NINE.. "Ingram might want to send a personal thank you note to Giants general manager Jerry Reese for the slew of teams who are spending extra hours breaking down his game film.. In a copycat league, the Giants have also drawn a blueprint for teams to look hard at athletes who can flat-out get after the passer. Get them in camp and figure out where to play them later.. Ingram fits that mold, a versatile athlete who can lineup outside either tackle, move to tackle on third down and rush the passer standing up inside or off the edge".. Consensus Mocks have him going once at number 6, twice at 7 and 13, with a single prediction to Miami at 8, and single selection's at 10 along with 16 totaling an average mock pick at 8.3 ..

3. OT Riley Reiff, Iowa Underclassman, 6-6, 300, is the second ranked Offensive Tackle, and is ranked at number EIGHT overall.. Possessing NFL size, sound technique and better athleticism than Bryan Bulaga (who became an NFL stud) that Reiff replaced at Iowa.. "Reiff is viewed by scouts as a pro-ready tackle capable of helping immediately at either left or right tackle".. The mock draft's give him two selection's at number seven, THREE at number eight to Miami, a couple at 11 to KC, and one at 19 equaling a 9.7 average mock..

4. DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina Sr., 6-6, 284, 4.78 forty, stands tall as the Top Defensive End, while being ranked number SEVEN overall.. Wherever teams project Coples, he is the most physically gifted defensive lineman in this draft - rated the top defensive end prospect by, and enjoyed a strong week at the Senior Bowl.. "I take pride in being versatile," he said. "It definitely has raised my stock in that it lets teams know that I can go inside or out, I'm definitely prepared for whatever defensive scheme that a team has.".. Mock consensus suggest he'll go at number 7 to the Jags, or 10 to Buffalo, but he also has projection's up to and including 14, while his total mock average is 9.2..

5. WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State Underclassman, 6-1, 207, 4.48 forty, is the Top Wide-Receiver prospect, and has an overall player ranking of FIVE.. "Blackmon's draft stock has been steadily on the rise for two years, and the two-time Biletnikoff Award winner has built a resume worthy of a top-10 pick in the 2012 draft".. Mock averages have him at picks 4 (two) and 6 (five), though he could potentially fall to the Dolphins at number 8 (one).. His mock average stands at 5.6 ..

6. OG David DeCastro, Stanford Underclassman, 6-5, 312 is this years number one ranked interior Offensive-Lineman, and holds an overall prospect rank of THIRTEEN.. "DeCastro isn't an elite athlete but he's rarely moved in pass protection and dominates as a run blocker with technical precision, toughness and intelligence. He's at his best on the move because of his nifty footwork and agility, pulling to lead in the running game, and plays every down with the intent to bury a defender. There's not a scheme in which DeCastro wouldn't fit and he would be an upgrade over the majority of current NFL guards." A first round lock, Steve Hutchinson-type with a 13.7 average mock selection..

7. RB Trent Richardson, Alabama Underclassman, 5-11, 228, 4.4's forty.. The Top Running Back candidate, and an overall player ranking of SIX.. "Put simply, only the likes of Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker have come into the mighty SEC and physically dominated opponents with a combination of size, speed and power like Richardson. A first-round pick with the potential to warrant a spot in the top 10. With the passing game becoming the preferred way to attack defenses in today's NFL, few teams are willing to invest a first-round pick in a running back. Richardson, however, is the type of talent that transcends scheme. As well-built as any player in the country, Richardson is an imposing target for tacklers and a bull to bring down. Fast enough to beat linebackers to the edge or pull away when he breaks free, Richardson is a one-man wrecking crew capable of making an immediate impact as a runner, receiver and kick returner." With his four predicted picks at number four, and four projection's at number five, his 4.4 mock average likely eliminates his availability to the Dolphins at pick eight..

8. WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, 22, 6-3, 224, 4.42 forty is projected as the second best Wide Receiver while being the SIXTEENTH ranked player overall.. "Route running: Needs to tighten up his routes, but has the quick feet and balance to cut or come back to the ball. Should excel in a West Coast or timing-type of offense. Lined up at every receiver position to take advantage of the best matchup. Solid threat on slants, shallow crosses and in the red zone.
After the catch: More of a bull than a cheetah. Will not outrun NFL defensive backs, but has more than enough speed to turn short passes into long gains when his quarterback leads him. Can make a quick inside move on an out route to get additional yardage, but won't outrun NFL defenders from a standstill. Looks best when plowing over corners one-on-one in space or carrying multiple defenders down the middle." Floyd's average mock selection is 16.6 ..

9. CB Morris Claiborne, LSU, 22, 5-11, 188, 4.45 forty (plays faster) while being the Top Corner Back with an overall player ranking at FOUR.. "Claiborne is regarded as the most natural corner in the draft, He may be more technically sound than Patrick Peterson" (also out of LSU) picked at 2011's number five, and an instant NFL star !! Claiborne is widely projected in the Top six of the 2012 draft with a 5.5 mock average, and likely the BPA (Best Player Available) if he's there at the Dolphins pick of eight.. I do believe that both Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith are scheduled to become Free Agent's in 2013, and that's why I included this potential superstar defensive back!! While other DB's will get mention in followup (mid to late first, second, and third round ) articles in hopes of gathering a three round SHOUT draft CHART..

10. OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford Underclassman, 6-6, 305, and being the third best projected Offensive Tackle is the EIGHTEENTH ranked overall player prospect.. "Not all scouts agree that Martin has the natural strength to be highly successful as a pro pass protector, but he did manage to get the job done in Stanford's pro-style offense. He seemed more comfortable as a run blocker, but that is not unusual. Some scouts believe that Stanford's zone blocking scheme helped Martin maximize his results and that he will need more strength to battle the behemoths he will encounter in the NFL." Martin's average mock spot is 15.7..

11. QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, 24, 6-4, 221, is the projected Top QB with an ELEVENTH overall ranking, and has an average mock pick at 10.1 while being projected to Miami at pick eight by 5 of the 8 sports writer mockers.. I personally like Tannehill A-LOT, and as suggested for several month's would like very much for him to become a Miami Dolphin, but I'm one of the opinion that a first round pick, especially a pick at number EIGHT, has to be an immediate contributor of impact!! I don't think it'd be wise to take Tannehill at number EIGHT, while I included him here for the sake of those that think he, or any Quarterback (enter your preference) is a must with 2012's first draft pick.. However; I do believe that taking-on a first round QB project becomes a viable option, if (in the case of Tannehill) one takes a QB that won't contribute for at least a couple of years in a "trade down" scenario, while acquiring other positional immediate contributor's of impact via additional early round picks!! P.S. ( most mocks suggest that if Tannehill makes it past us at EIGHT, there aren't any other teams that are likely to have QB interest until the first round pick of 25 or later)!!

Therefore, Ryan Tannehill will also be included in the next draft edition being that of a "trade down" into the mid-teens scenario, along with other QB prospects in all of the first three rounds, but feel free to choose whoever you like for your pick at EIGHT!!

WR Floyd, and OT Martin will likely make the next draft edition too, but I wanted to offer multiple option's at Pass Rusher, OLine, and Wide Receiver for pick number EIGHT!! AGAIN, if your pick at EIGHT didn't make this list ?? PLEASE BRING-IT TO THE TABLE, we welcome your knowledge :) !! I know I had a few more that I would have liked to include, though I think that only seven of the mentioned eleven are truly worthy of a pick at EIGHT, with those seven (not necessarily) being the top seven listed (no-matter the need) !!

The CBS provided bio's of the above mentioned prospects that you might lust over at the pick of number EIGHT, as well as their Astrological Signs, Favorite Colors, and Lucky Numbers can be found here, Simply by clicking your hot dates name!!

One Half of the noted mocks;

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view ;) !! GOOOOOAAAAHHH D O L P H I N S !!